The Bleeding Dusk by Colleen Gleason

I’ve been waiting patiently since early December to review this one, and now that there are only 2 more weeks until it’s released, I think it’s safe to release the review! Fans of Colleen’s first two books in the Gardella Vampire Chronicles will not be disappointed with The Bleeding Dusk…not at all! It hit me with this book that the term “Chronicles” aptly describes this series. It’s like one big work, with this middle book being the peak…well, so it seems.

There is quite a bit revealed in this book and I don’t want to go too much into plot intricacies as this is the third book in a series, but it’s good! It’s dark, and ominous. It picks up where Rises the Night left off and opens with Max in Lilith’s (queen vampire) lair. We then join Victoria, our heroine, in Rome where a carnival is taking place. Amidst the carnival, she has a chance encounter (or not so chance) with Beauregard, Sebastian’s grandfather…a vampire. We soon learn of Akvan, a demon trying to break through the Door of the Alchemists to gain secrets that will restore him to his full power which would prove to be terrible for Rome and humanity in general. All of these stories intertwine as Victoria is faced with some of her toughest decisions yet. Who can she trust? Where does her heart lie? She is unsure as always of Max and she can never be sure where Sebastian’s allegiances lie. On top of this, she is now Illa Gardella – head of the venators and is faced with a huge task. There’s tons of weight on her shoulders in this one but she must find a way to balance it all.

Like I said in my review for Rises the Night, I really feel that Colleen grows as an author with each book that she writes. I loved the setting for this book. It was dark with a hint of melancholy and mystery throughout and I feel like it really echoed what Victoria must have felt as she went through all of this. This book slowed down a little bit more at the beginning and really took the time to build up the story. Relationships were explained and explored thoroughly and it made all the difference in the latter half of the book.

The finale of this book is every bit as heart pounding as “that scene” in Rises the Night. Just wait. There are questions answered that you never knew you had! I really just can’t imagine what else Colleen could possibly have in store for us with the last two books, but while you’re waiting for those unasked questions to be answered, pick this one up on February 5th and enjoy it as much as I did!


Rises The Night by Colleen Gleason

Prepare yourself for one of the best rides of the year with this book. Rises The Night, the second novel in Colleen Gleason’s Gardella Vampire Chronicles series is phenomenal! I hate to say that I was surprised by this book, because that typically has a negative connotation, but this book was even better than the first…and I loved the first!

Everything is grander in this book. The scenery is more epic, the battles are bigger, the passion is more intense, the bites are bloodier, the plots are more complex, and the emotions are heavy. This book had my heart pounding at times and Colleen goes places that you think are off limits. This book really becomes a suspense/thriller at times.

I’m hooked on this series and I’m thrilled that we’re promised three more books. I’m just upset that now we have to wait until February for The Bleeding Dusk, the third installment.

Rises the Night takes place a year after the events of The Rest Falls Away. An ancient evil has been discovered and brings our heroine to the city of Rome in the early 19th century where she once again must use her skills as a Venator, a vampire killer, to protect humanity. Sebastian fans will be pleased with this book as he gets much more time in the pages of this one.

As I said before about The Rest Falls Away, Rises the Night is one of the best books I’ve read this year. So much fun and a ride that anyone can enjoy. I’m hooked on this series and don’t want to see it end any time soon. Colleen Gleason is a fresh voice in the horror genre (I’d rather call it horror than paranormal romance as a guy 😉 and one that I look forward to reading for a long time to come. Extremely well written, always surprising, heart stopping at times, and always suspenseful. Give me more!

Bodies Are Good Again And Other Things…

I’m feeling so much better today and the problems of the past week seem to have remedied themselves. Thanks for all of the well wishes. Funny how things work themselves out in times of panic. I was down playing my problem a little bit yesterday and it was worrying me more than I shared, but alas, I am well, and all is good in my temple.

Enough mushy stuff…Fun stuff! I got the best present of the year so far in the mail today! Little Pink arrived in the mail and she blew me away. Lisa Snellings-Clark continues to amaze me with her creations. I was imagining something just a little bigger than a little red and slightly more detailed, but nothing like this. It is absolutely amazing. It’s my favorite piece of hers that I own next to my Harlequin named Lucient. Here is her picture. As soon as I find a better place to display her, I’ll take a better picture. For now, she’s cluttered amongst some Buddhas:
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings since January of this year and since then I’ve been introduced to some amazing artists and authors. Carl’s a great blogger and shares his passion of the fantastic with other fans out there and has always done a great job of doing so. Well lately, his posts have become even more impressive! Now we’re getting interviews with the authors and artists! First it was a wonderful interview with Colleen Gleason and today’s Friday Favorites post brings an interview with an amazing artist by the name of Jason Walker. Jason’s art put me at a loss for words. His paintings are so lifelike, so much emotion put into the faces of his subjects. His painting remind me of the sculptor Ron Mueck who is known for his lifelike sculptures. Truly inspiring. He’s done work recently on a stop-motion short film called Madame Tutli Putli which looks incredible! His job included transposing human eyes over the eyes of a puppet for the film. Wow! Can’t wait to see this. You must read Carl’s post. It’s great.

Charles Vess has posted on the opening of the Stardust Rising exhibition at the William King Regional Arts Center and I’m acting like a big baby and crying about it screaming “I wanna go.” It looks amazing. Included is 35 of his original paintings. Some of the new paintings. Neil’s original manuscript, a reproduction of Charles’ workspace, the original sculpture of Yvaine that will be produced by DC Comics later in the year, and so much more. It looks incredible and I would give anything to be able to go. If I had a little bit of extra money, I would jump on a plane so quick and be there immediately. Pop over to his blog and read up on it. Great post with wonderful pictures!.

Amy Reads has posted a very fun post this week for all of you fanboys and fangirls out there. It’s 50 Things I Love About Superhero Comics. Amy’s blog is great 🙂 She’s always writing about her love of comics, tv, and pop-culture and puts a wonderfully intelligent twist on it. Always a joy to read.

If you STILL haven’t bought Colleen Gleason’s new book after all of the advertising I’ve done for it this week, well here’s even more reason to do so. Through her blog, she’s posted a link to a Border’s coupon to get $1 off the book that’s only $6.99 to begin with! So go get it already! It’s great!

And FINALLY, I read that Sean Connery announced that he will not return to play Indy’s dad for Indiana Jones 4. He’s just enjoying retirement too much. I read this at This is an awesome site that I visit daily. It started as a Babylon 5 fansite and has now expanded to a Sci-fi/fantasy new site. It has updated news every day along with dvd release news, tv schedules for the day, comic news, magazine news, etc., etc. I suggest adding it to your bookmarks.

Ok, that’s all…I promise.

Getting Settled Back In

Today’s been a day of playing catch-up…settling back in to normal life. I think I’ve about caught up on everyone’s blogs. If I haven’t, I’m getting there, I promise. Lord, you people write too much! 🙂

Lets see. I’ve gotten most of my thank you notes done today and mailed off which feels good. I hate that feeling of things left unfinished. Vice-versa, I love the feeling of checking things off of a list, so…check!

Had to go to the post office to get some stamps and while I was there I got a sheet of the oh-so-cool Star Wars stamps. I’m in love! If you haven’t bought a sheet yet, I highly recommend that you go get some while they’re available. They’re every geek’s dream.

While at the coffee shop writing thank you notes, I also decided to start on my Tiny Story for Carl’s contest. This is going to be fun, but much more challenging than I thought. I have the idea. I’ve got the first line and the last line written and just those two lines constitute 20 words of the 100 word story. I’m in trouble. I would love to share it with everyone when I’m done, but I realized that I can’t because one of the judges is Colleen Gleason and she occasionally stops by over here. Oh well..when the contest is over!

Speaking of Colleen, just a reminder to everyone that the new book, Rises the Night, comes out on June 5th! Very soon. I’m so excited about that one and it looks like there’s going to be yet another “bonus read” added to the Once Upon a Time Challenge. I really need to start plowing through A Game of Thrones. I’ve barely read any of it. Maybe 130 pages on the plane. I got no reading done at all during vacation. At this rate I’ll never finish the challenge. I’m loving what I’ve read of it so far though. Favorite character so far is Jon. We’ll see if he remains a favorite. I’m enjoying Martin’s writing a lot more than I thought I would.

One last thing. Nattie is a blogger who is hosting the Newberry Challenge. She’s such a sweet person and before I went on vacation she was complaining of feeling bad. When I got back I was catching up on her blog and saw that she was diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy. Please keep her in your thoughts. She’s an amazingly strong person with an awe inspiring attitude and I wish her all the best.

The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason

Wow! What a fun read. The Rest Falls Away is one of the most refreshing books I’ve read in a long time. Newcomer Colleen Gleason offers so much to her readers. I haven’t read a page turner like this in ages. Last night I breezed through 180 pages of this book which is an accomplishment in itself in these time constrained days. I just couldn’t put it down.

The Rest Falls Away is the first book in the promising Gardella Vampire Chronicles. It’s classified as a paranormal romance. Now, I never thought that I would read a romance novel, but everyone was giving this book rave reviews. And now I see why. Don’t be afraid of this on, men! It’s not what I thought a romance novel would be. Sure there’s a few steamy scenes in the novel (which are very well written), but it’s a romance in the traditional form of the word. And a beautiful one.

This book had me at hello. It starts off with a bang in the prologue and just doesn’t let go. It’s smart, sexy, heart pounding, romantic, and horrifying all in the same breath. I found myself smiling at times when reading this book and clutching my chest at other times.

It is the story of Victoria Gardella Grantworth, the next chosen venator. A venator is a vampire killer or slayer, whichever term you prefer. Victoria is celebrating her coming out in two ways. First, she is making her debut onto the dating scene and second, she is making her debut as a new venator. On the night of her coming out ball, Victoria makes her first kill as the stake slides into a vampires chest and a “poof” is heard. She also meets the man of her dreams that night, The Marquess of Rockley, Phillip.

Victoria is a wonderful character. Colleen is able to make her very human to the reader. She is frail but strong, tough hearted but a hopeless romantic, smart and strong headed yet her heart melts at times. The reader can feel her struggle between the two lives that she must live and try to keep seperate…her life as a vampire killer and her life as a lover. What a classic character that I very much look forward to following in this series.

All of her characters are brilliant. There is Max, another venator that is Victoria’s partner in crime and protector at times. Max and Victoria seem to constantly get on each other’s nerves, yet there’s a love there. Looking forward to how these characters progress. There is the old, wise Aunt Eustacia who teaches Victoria everything she needs to know about being a venator. There is the oh so slimy Sebastian who we really don’t know what to think of. Very mysterious character. And then there is Lilith, the centuries old vampire that is so elegant and chic, yet so mysteriously horrible.

Gleason’s writing is brilliant. One feels that they are reading a vampire novel written by Jane Austen. The story is set in 19th century London and has plenty of balls, horse drawn buggies, old mansions, and eccentric aunts drinking tea. Her writing is a pleasure to read and flows easily and perfectly.

Gleason has come onto the scene with a blaze and I can’t wait to see what is to come with the second installment, Rises the Night which debuts in June. Colleen has a wonderful blog with updates on the series and some wonderful insights into her thought process.

I’m counting this as a bonus read for the Once Upon A Time Challenge. It seems to fit well into this one. Here’s hoping for many more books to come from her for many more future challenges.

Working With Adults And A Couple Of New Books

I got to work on the adult psychiatric unit for a little while today and it was a pretty good experience. I find that working with adults is very different from working with adolescents. It’s easier to talk with most adults on the psychiatric unit. Most of them are there because they want the help whereas the adolescents are there because their parents, the hospital, or the law made them go. I found it more rewarding in an immediate sort of way with the adults. I can actually do therapeutic work with them and see their interest and their desire to change. I can see their hurt, their pain, their addictions, their feelings of loss. With adolescents, alot of that is hidden by anger. Adolescents are rewarding as well, but certainly not immediately. It’s rewarding to see how they come in and (hopefully) how much better they’ve gotten when it’s time for them to leave. It was quite a good experience over there, though I must say that I was happy to get back to my adolescents. I just have fun with those guys and gals.

Got two new books in the mail today! Always a great thing to see in the mailbox. The first was a book that I bought so that I could understand childhood trauma a little bit better. We see alot of trauma on our unit. The book is called Too Scared To Cry and is written by Lenore Terr. It’s a really great book and a big eye opener to trauma. The basis of the book is from a mass kidnapping in the 70’s. 26 children were kidnapped and buried alive and they all survived. Lenore Terr interviewed them and examined how that affected the rest of their lives. She also examines other forms of trauma such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

The other book that I got was Colleen Gleason’s The Rest Falls Away and I’m really excited about this one. It came signed to me with a few bookmarks for her next book. It’s been called a Jane Austen meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of book. It’s a romance with vampires. How cool is that? She’s still giving away a few more copies on her blog up until April 15th. That’s how I won mine. Check it out.

Sleepiness is winning over the gym tonight. There’s seems to be just no energy left in my body. So I’ll play in blogland for a little while and then just kick back and watch some tv for a little while. Sounds like a plan.

Feeling Good on a Friday and Web Wanderings

So in yesterday’s post, I vented about sexual abuse because of a patient at the hospital right now. Well, this morning, I’m looking through the paper and see that the guy who did this to my patient was arrested on 3 counts of child sexual abuse! I was so happy to see that this man will be behind bars, but still wish I could take all of that pain away from my patient. For some things, there is no true justice, but at least this is something.

So that was a good thing and so was going to the gym. I finally made it back. But come to think of it, it really wasn’t that long since I’ve been….just 2 days. I like to be hard on myself about things though.

On to web wanderings!

Quixotical has posted a wonderful review of Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman. This book has been waiting patiently on my shelf to be read. It’s being neglected by challenges, though in hindsight it would have fit perfectly into the fantasy challenge. Quixotical has been posting these wonderful little pictures of poppets with books for the fantasy challenge and I hope that the pictures continue throughout.

Up next is my favorite Friday Favorites of Carl V.’s yet. It’s focus is Charles Vess, that wonderful, magical artist. Vess has done work on Gaiman’s Sandman and Stardust, Clarke’s The Ladies of Grace Aldieu, many comics and graphic novels, and the list just goes on and on. I like Carl’s comparison, he’s very much today’s Arthur Rackham. Like Rackham, Vess is able to perfectly capture magic at it’s purest in every painting or drawing he does. Thanks to Carl, I discovered that Vess has a comprehensive artbook coming out in August that I’m totally psyched about!

The Friends of English Magic blog has a wonderful interview with Jane Goldman all about the Stardust movie. It silenced many of my fears but confirmed one of them. Some fears are silenced because she said that everything we as fans loved about the book, the whole feeling of the book, is still there. What made me upset is that she said Yvaine had to be introduced really early in the movie unlike the book. I’m scared that this confirms that no time is spent setting up who Tristran is and where he comes from. Please be in there! She also mentions a “making of Stardust” book that will be released around the time of the movie as well as a visual companion book. Boy am I going to be poor come August!

Finally, their are two new editions to the blogroll. The first is Bookfoolery and Babble. This blog is fantastic! The author takes amazing photographs which are all over her blog and she has great taste in books and offers wonderful reviews. I enjoy her blog very much and hope that others can as well. The second addition is Colleen Gleason’s blog. Colleen is an author who wrote The Rest Falls Away, a book that has had so many rave reviews and one that I must get around to reading. In fact, she’s giving away 15 copies in a raffle of sorts through her blog. She touches on all sorts of subjects on her blog and her posts are always fun to read.