The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook

This book is absolutely a thing of beauty. It’s the brainchild of those fabulous Beekman boys, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, accompanied by gorgeous photos by Sandy Gluck. I’m not much of a cookbook fan…not that I don’t LOVE to cook (and eat, of course), but I usually get totally overwhelmed by all of the choices that a cookbook offers. Not so with this book. The recipes are as warm and inviting as the design of the book is.

I bought this book because, frankly…I have a total crush on the Beekman boys…particularly cute little Josh and his amazing vegetable garden XD. I also love the aspirations behind their line of books, housewares, linens and foodstuffs – to create things of an heirloom quality that can be passed down for generations. Seriously…I want EVERYTHING on their website,…particularly the amazing fruit spoons and that picnic blanket which I just think is gorgeous.

The cookbook follows in the tradition of their other goods…it’s an heirloom product. It’s bound beautifully, has some of the most gorgeous food photography I’ve ever seen, has space to add your own recipes from the family and is filled with timeless recipes that aren’t likely to ever go out of style. Many of the recipes do have a modern twist to them, but nothing that makes it anything but a classic.

I’ve already bookmarked probably about 50 recipes and I plan on trying one a week from the cookbook starting with Dandelion Salad with Slab Bacon, Croutons, and Hot Bacon dressing. Mostly all of the recipes use exclusively things that you can harvest from your own garden or farm or find on a neighbor’s garden or farm. Well…living in New Orleans, I’m stuck with what I grow in my own backyard garden and will have to go to Whole Foods for the rest :p But all of the ingredients are fresh, for the most part, not packaged things.

The book has numerous vegetarian options as well and for those meat lovers, there are PLENTY of mouth watering choices to devour. I seriously can’t wait to make their baked ham, meatloaf burgers and roasted pork loin recipes. They all sound amazing…what am I talking about…everything in here sounds amazing! Except for the recipes with eggs :/ I was kind of fearful when I saw the first recipe was for deviled eggs, lol. I really despise eggs…except for in cakes. Anything you put in a cake I will basically eat :p

If you buy one cookbook this year, I’d make it this one. It’s definitely a thing that can be passed on through the generations and it’s filled with recipes that are separated by season that can keep the table happy year round. Love it!


6 Responses

  1. This is the second review I’ve seen of this cookbook. I’m convinced that I must buy this one. On my list for Saturday shopping.

  2. Thank you so much for introducing me to the Beekman Boys and their “empire” of wonder! Maybe one day we can get you to try some recipes with eggs 😉 I, for one, can not wait to try some of these dishes! Especially those that will include what you grow in the garden. I demand at least one dish when we are down visiting in November. Ha.

  3. It *is* a gorgeous book! And practical, the recipes aren’t fussy at all. Like you, I’ve bookmarked a lot of the pages already.

    I hope you enjoy cooking with it.

  4. i once loved to cook.. once.. actually not cook… bake. but I did love cookbooks at one time, I am glad to see this rubbed off on my own son ..heh. lol.

    glad your cholestrol levels are good..boy how I miss bacon! (and italian sausage, and beef and… )

  5. I can not afford how much I love their stuff…lol I hope you’ll review those dishes 😀

  6. Hmm….I think I’ll go put this on my Christmas wishlist! 😀

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