An Awesome Bad Bloggers!

I only brought in four books since the last bad bloggers post, but they are fantastic books!!! LOOK!

1. Sweet Tooth Vol. 3 – As always, Debi gets the blame for introducing this incredibly awesome, dystopian graphic novel series to me! Can’t wait to dig into the next volume!! Point for Debs. (Bought it)

2. Home to Woefield by Susan Juby – Nancy made me get this one…she made it sound incredibly awesome, so I had to request it. And I’m so excited to read it now!!! Point to Nance. (Paperback Swap)

3. Canning For A New Generation by Liana Krissoff – This book is too cool for school. Seriously….it is SO awesome and it makes me want to can something every day. The recipes in it are absolutely mouth watering and it’s beautifully presented. Hooray!! (Bought it)

4. American Gods Tenth Anniversary Author’s Preferred Text by Neil Gaiman – So all other reading has now come to a halt and been replaced by this…my very favorite book ever with ALL THE NEW THINGS added to it. Like 12,000 new words!! I’ve never been so excited to reread something before. (Bought it)


3 Responses

  1. OMG, you’re contagious! I have to try canning now 😀

  2. I swear, everything I read your Bad Bloggers post I want to write more reviews for a chance to get on here. 🙂 I don’t think anyone can bet Ana’s great taste in books.

  3. I think I’m gong to have to buy AMERICAN GODS too. 12,000 more words! Pretty hardcovery goodness! I am powerless to resist.

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