Once Upon a Time is Over :(

I can never write this post without being a little bit sad 😦 Once Upon a Time will always remind me of my early days of blogging. When I participated in the very first Once Upon a Time…hard to believe that was 5 years ago!! But in those five years, I’ve made so many amazing friends…and it mostly started with this challenge. Carl was one of the few friends I had made before the first time this challenge was hosted but he introduced me to a whole world of amazing people…some of those, people I now consider my very best friends.

I’m getting a bit off subject here, but blogging really has brought me so much. To think of what this challenge symbolizes is pretty damn amazing. Once upon a time…..the way so many great stories start. And it really has made the story of my life a much happier one. Because of this challenge, I had a whole new world opened up to me. Not just in the amazing books I’ve read because of it, but because of the people I met and how they’ve affected me. I’ve come to know myself much better because of some of those people. I found a place I’m truly comfortable being myself. I’ve gotten to travel. I’ve learned so much. I’ve expanded my horizons.  And ultimately, I’ve met a special someone who I fell head over heels for. So thanks for all of that, Carl.

But back to the subject at hand! This was probably the worst I’ve ever done for Once Upon a Time…but it doesn’t make the books I read any less good! Here’s what I read:

1. Light Boxes by Shane Jones
2. Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm and Daniel Egneus
3. Black Juice by Margo Lanagan
4. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
5. The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
6. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
7. Celluloid by Dave McKean

And it’s HARD to pick a favorite from that list!! But I’m going to tie it with A Monster Calls and The Fox Woman. Both are a couple of new favorites. And I think I found a new author to be in love with in Sarah Addison Allen as well 🙂 Can’t complain about any of that!

So I’ll see you all again for the next Once Upon a Time challenge and make even more new friends then 🙂 And until then, I’ll continue to enjoy the friendships I’ve made with you all!


8 Responses

  1. oops, I forgot A Monster Calls off my list. Oh, well…

    I am grateful to the challenges, too, for meeting lots of great people. I have participated in everyone of Carl’s challenges and discovered lots of great books and people as a result. Glad to see you blogging semi-regularly, Chris!

  2. (here! here! hooray for the BLOG!)

    I too remember the first OUaT.. I did not join because I found you all after it had begun but reading all the reviews I went nuts!!!! That’s when I met YOU..shortly after you were “reborn” as my son! :o) (easiest birth I ever had!)
    I too love having so many people that “i know by name and can talk with now!”.. I not only inherited a son but a Sis over in England too!!! My family has grown! And this was the year I got to meet one of the bloggers in person.. Kelly from My Gallery of Worlds!

    And of course there is Carl. (begin jaws theme).. who sneakily came into our lives and did his magic so that we now can’t stop buying books!!!!

    gosh.. i feel like I am writing a cast of characters for a book! lol lol

    Glad you had a good OUaT Chris!! but then, it’s hard for us not to.. no matter how many or how few books we read..we always have fun!

  3. A nice list of books, Chris. Congrats. Seven sounds pretty good to me.

    Yeah… I sometimes wonder what I did before I joined the bookbloggers on Blogger. I was scared as hell when I did my first post and had no idea if anyone would ever comment. Luckily they did and now I have a sister in Florida that I never even knew I had! LOL. And that was down to a RIP challenge I think, my first proper challenge, and Pat popped in to comment and say ‘hi’. The rest is history and all down to Carl. And I’m so happy for you Chris, that blogging also led to your finding someone very special indeed. A lovely story. 🙂

  4. I really liked Garden Spells and look forward to reading The Sugar Queen. Must get A Monster Calls for my husband and check out some of the others you read.

    Blogging is awesome and I’ve met some great people too (your good self included of course). Even when I disappear for a while it’s lovely to find everyone still around when I get back.

  5. Sounds like more people’s OuaT challenge was surprising this year. Still, it sounds like you’ve read some terrific books, Chris!

    I’m glad blogging led you to so many wonderful people too! And I’m feeling particularly tongue-tied and weird today, so I’m going to hush whilst my feet are still miles away from my mouth. ^-~

    Here’s to a wonderful time next time! ^-^

  6. Yeah yeah yeah about books…when are you going to tell more about the special someone you fell head over heels for? 🙂

    And, to put teasing aside, I do want to read The Fox Woman. xo

  7. You’ll always be the first one I think of whenever I think of this challenge because you were one of the founding members, one of the first to dive in and embrace it and you took my dream, which was that people would embrace a sense of community, and you just ran with it. You and that core group of bloggers who became friends, and all those who continue to form relationships from this challenge, make me so happy that I found my way into the book blogging community.

    Glad you enjoyed the books you chose this year. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get on the ball during the challenge and finally read Sarah Addison Allen myself. The good news is that I can still snag them when I want to.

    Thanks for being a part of the challenge and for being one of its principle ambassadors.

  8. I’ve been hearing about The Fox Woman for a little while now. Sarah Addison Allen is fun, isn’t she? 7 books is still a good number, Chris. I don’t think I did much better, and I started out with such high hopes for this year’s challenge too! At least we got some new fantasy read and enjoyed.

    You are so special, Chris, such a fun person to get to know. Whomever you have met who is special, I hope they appreciate how wonderful you really are!

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