What I'm Reading In June: A Vlog

I’m a dumb ass…I’m reading Ship Breaker with Debi, Kelly, Heather and ANA!!! I swear my brain is not working this week….I’m surprised I remembered at all who I was reading with :/

Oh…and I remembered the book I couldn’t think of by Foer…Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close…yes, must read that too.


18 Responses

  1. I love some of the covers, especially the one for Birds. I’m tackling mount tbr – I must try and get it done some in the next 6 months. Oh, and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness which I’ve just ordered *Squeeeeeeeee*

  2. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is amazing!! You should definitely read that one FOR SURE!

  3. Some ambitious goals there. Good luck! I have no idea what I am going to read in June. Ship Breaker, but you know that all ready. Although, I don’t have my copy yet… Hopefully it will be a good reading month all around!

  4. well i know you can read Bird and the graphic novels fast enough …I think I’d attempt the GRR Martin book last lol.. oh, you read more then one at a time, I forgot.. never mind! lol
    Love seeing you on the screen!!! (I bet Matt does too :o) )

  5. Good luck to you!! It’s good to see another vlog from you. πŸ™‚

  6. Ship Breaker is such a great book! I think you’ll really like it.

  7. Looks like a great reading month ahead for you. (Shipbreaker is excellent) πŸ™‚

  8. Chris I adore how you sound. πŸ˜€

    Also, glad you’re feeling better.

  9. Is it silly that I’m crying now? Yes, I guess it is, but tough shit. This made me miss you more than ever. 😦

    Okay, but about those books–holy crap, but you’ve got a lot of good stuff lined up! I’m about halfway through Ship Breaker now–good stuff! In fact, I wasn’t supposed to let myself read it today until I finished this book I’m reading about the plague for school, but I just couldn’t help myself. πŸ˜‰ Rich and I are about to go out for coffee at the bookstore–I hope they’ve got the second Stuff of Legend, as you just totally reminded me of how much I loved that book. And Max will be a very happy little lad if I come home with it as well. πŸ™‚

    Btw, expect a long-overdue email in the morning. πŸ˜€ Love you!

  10. I LOVED Bird. Like, adored it. I hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much. πŸ™‚

  11. Ohhh I’ve been wanted to read Ship Breaker for awhile, I hope you enjoy it. I also like that television show, so I’ll have to check out the books. Feel better πŸ™‚

  12. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is an amazing book! I think you’re going to love it. Bird is another great read. Good luck on all of your reading. Remember to have a ton of fun in June too! πŸ˜‰

  13. Sorry you’ve been feeling crappy. Ship Breaker has been on my radar for a while but I don’t think I’ve put it on my wish list. I’ll have to check on that. The cover of Birds is gorgeous! I hope you love the two I recommended. I haven’t actually finished Sailing Alone Around the Room. I’m having a really weird year in that I can’t seem to focus on much of anything, so I keep putting aside books I’m actually *enjoying*. How bizarre is that? But, I’ll finish it. Billy Collins is awesome. Have fun reading!

  14. wow, I’m so behind on blog-reading… this was fun to see you “in person”. What a list! Have fun. I also loved your last few posts but I’m frankly too tired to comment on all of them… so many great books for me to check into. I’ll try to stay more updated!

  15. Geez, Chris! I’m keeping a running tally of stuff I need to comment on as I watch your vlog!

    How Whatever the Ordinary – Sorry, title just left me. AWESOME collection and I’m afraid a student accidentally (or maybe intentionally) lifted it from me. Ugg!!!

    Sailing Alone Around the Room – One of my all-time fave, maybe THE all-time fave, poetry books.

    Garden Spells – You know how I feel about Sarah Addison Allen. Super-fab. Garden Spells is still my favorite.

    Rock on!

  16. It sounds like you’ve got some wonderfully exciting books lined up for you this month! (Though I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so crappy and I hope you’re feeling better now!) Enjoy your books and good luck with your ambitious plan! *sends healing and good reading vibes*

  17. If I could make my font any bigger I totally would. YOU MUST READ EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


  18. Eating Animals is what made me completely cut out eggs and drastically limit my dairy intake (I had been eating vegan before but given up when I found out I was gluten intolerant). Food Matters is a good once if you don’t want to be completely vegetarian/vegan but just want to cut back on animal products; looks at it from environmental standpoint and didn’t cause me to burst into tears on every page. πŸ˜‰

    I’m happy to share some of my fave recipes if you need some inspiration! (Of course, all of mine are GF too…)

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