Saturday Farmer's Market 4/23/11

Yep, it’s time for a gardening update…and lest you fear I’ve gone away from tumblr completely with the gardening updates, worry not :p I’ll have posts over there too because there is SO MUCH going on in the garden right now!! It’s turning into a freaking jungle. I’m seriously getting intimidated by this garden, lol. But I love it so much.

1. I have my first little baby pomegranate on my pomegranate bush. Isn’t it cute? It’s loaded with flowers right now, but a lot of them just fall off without making a pomegranate. This is the only one to make fruit so far.

2. These are my calla lilies popping up! I’m so excited about them. They should be a deep royal purple color when I actually get lilies. I got these for Matt because they’re his favorite flower.

3. I’m still adding more things to my garden :p Today I added some oregano to the potted herbs. I’ve been having fun drying out herbs and saving them in these awesome little glass jars that I got.

4. My eggplant is LOADED with flowers and one is turning into an eggplant! I love eggplant so much. Can’t wait til these produce!

5. We’re going to have more zucchini than I know what to do with. Here’s two of the four that are already on the plant with lots more to come!

6. This is the garden! I know!! It’s growing like crazy…it’s seriously becoming a jungle. I think it’s so pretty though with the cucumber trellising up. The tomatoes are just unbelievable! They’re so huge. And this is all organic!! No miracle gro…no chemicals at all.

7. The basil is just unstoppable. I’ve picked a really good amount off it twice already. Enough to fill a paper lunch bag to dry and then enough to make a pint of pesto. And this is what it still looks like! Well it doesn’t quite look like this anymore :p After taking this picture, I picked off almost all of the leaves because it was starting to make seed heads, which I pinched off. But there are still leaves on it. The basil I picked filled half of a full size paper grocery bag!

8. My first little bell pepper is appearing, but there are SO MANY right behind this one.

9. I’m loving my watermelon 🙂 It’s climbing like crazy all over the lawn behind the garden. And it has tons of little flowers on it already! I can’t wait to have little watermelons 😀

10. The oranges are starting to get bigger! I worry about my little satsuma tree because it doesn’t look all that great and the leaves are sort of yellowish..more green than yellow, but still. But hey, it’s still making oranges! And it’s only it’s second year!

11. I have NO idea what this plant is, lol. I have my crazy flower garden that probably has about 100 different kinds of seeds in it, lol. Well this is part of a larger bush of flowers that is popping up. The leaves almost look like cosmos, but that sure doesn’t look like a cosmo. Anyone have any idea what it is? It’s pretty!

12. And finally, the star of the garden…tomatoes. O.M.G. We’re going to have SO MANY tomatoes!!!! I was hunting through the plants and just kept finding more and more and more clusters like this. SO excited 😀

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  2. well the unknown plant.. could it be a flowering asparagus???? Not sure myself but the “plant” sorta looks like one that flowers.

    you have a fantastic green thumb Chris!! ” Everything is coming up roses ! ” :o)

    soon you will have to set up a roadside stand!!

  3. Your garden looks great. I still have not planted anything yet. I’m told that is okay because the winter has been so wet and cold this year. Here’s hoping that’s true.

  4. I love seeing the pics of your garden. Doesn’t it make you feel rich, to have so much growing bounty in the backyard? I just used some of my basil pesto from last year yesterday (we freeze it and add the cheese when cooking) but never have dried any yet. If you let a few flower stalks go to seed, you can keep your own seed to grow next year… I’ve done that for three years now!

  5. These look so amazing Chris.

    I didn’t know pomegranates grew on bushes. I’ve only ever seen them as towering trees.

    Having a place with room to garden is a must for my move after grad school. I miss my garden.

  6. Beautiful!!! I’m so behind this year. Haven’t planted a thing. Ugg!

  7. Impressive! Where are you? Am I right in thinking New Orleans? Amazing… all our little babies are just starting to sprout up — I hope to be where you are in a month or so!

  8. Here’s the only ‘problem’ with growing such beautiful vegetables: at one point, you have to eat them, right? Why can’t we just grow chocolate in our gardens? Or, coffee? Or, as long as I’m dreaming, books? XOXO

  9. I’m loving all that green! Your mosaic of garden images makes me want to skip work and sit outside with a good book and huge salad. Ah, I wish…

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