Overdue Bad Bloggers (the towering pile edition)

So I got to the point that I had SO many books that I finally got rid of some…85 of them to be exact :p Which of course left JUST enough room to add the books that have been piling up to the shelves. this is a major chore for me because I alphabetize all of my books by author…so when you have 80 books that need to go onto the shelves, it takes a while and a lot of moving and probably a pain killer for your back after :p But the shelves finally look neat again!!! Yay!! I’m starting to purge books that I know I’ll never read. Too many books have been on my shelf for WAY too long. But of course there are those like War and Peace that I continue to keep because A. It’s a beautiful edition and B. I fool myself into believing that I’ll read it someday. Anyway, here are the 19 books that have come into my home since my last post….and I’m wrapping this post up with the winner for this round of Bad Bloggers…you’ll never guess who it is :p /sarcasm.

1. The Stuff of Legend Volume 1 by Mike Raicht – Well this is a definite point to Debi and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to this story!! It’s so awesome and the art is some of the most gorgeous I’ve seen. And it will forever make me think of driving to Niagara Falls with her and her family 🙂 So yeah…it’s a special one. Point to Debs! (Bought it)

2. Mouseguard: Legend of the Guard by David Petersen – Can’t wait to read this!! I love the Mouseguard books and the art in them. Another amazing piece of art. This one has a mix of different authors writing in the Mouseguard universe with all of the art by Petersen. (Bought it)

3. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel – A graphic novel that I’ve been wanting to read forever…ever since Ana reviewed it. Found it at the Borders closing sale \o/ Point for Ana. (Bought it)

4. Portuguese Irregular Verbs by Alexander McCall Smith – I found this one at Borders too and bought it because I thought of Ana when I saw it :p I’ve never heard anything about it before, but it sounds really good! (Bought it)

5. Of Bees and Mist by Erick Setiawan – Amanda, didn’t you review this one? I think I remember you buying it at the airport and liking it a lot :p Anyway, even if this was NOT the book, I thought that was why I wanted it, lol. So Amanda gets a point :p (Bought it)

6. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett – Just because I loved Wee Free Men so much!!! (Bought it)

7. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper – I know nothing about this book, lol. But my friend Rachel put it in my hands and said “read this, it’s really good and you’ll like it :p So I shall. Point to Rachel! (Gift from a friend)

8. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – OMG I was so excited to buy this one!!!! I’ve heard nothing but good stuff, but it’s Ana that really made me want to read this like NOW. Point to Ana. (Bought it)

9. Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan – I just love Miss Lanagan so fucking much and I’m reading her collection Black Juice right now. Let me tell you it’s freaking GOOD!!!! (Bought it)

10. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami – Just to add to my Murakami collection. I’ve only read ONE of his books (Norwegian Wood) but loved it so much that I wanted everything by him! (Paperback Swap)

11. The Unwritten Vol. 3 by Mike Carey – I think this is my current favorite graphic novel series…I preorder them all as they become available and I’ve actually had this one for like 2 weeks now and STILL haven’t read it! I’m surprised at myself, lol. Think I may read it tonight. SUCH A GOOD SERIES! (Bought it)

12. Light Boxes by Shane Jones – This was a weird book, but I really enjoyed it…review here. Darren gets a point for this one for putting it on my radar! (Paperback Swap)

13. H Day by Renee French – Another really odd book…you can see  my review here. It’s a wordless graphic novel. Really enjoyed this one too though! (Bought it)

14. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss – I’ve had this one on my wishlist teetering back and forth for a long time on buying it, but it was Carl who made me finally get it. Point to Carl! (Bought it)

15. A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – So excited about this one 😀 Reading it with Debi, Kelly and Heather! And it’s totally Kelly’s fault that we’re doing so :p Point to Kelly! (Bought it)

16. Little Red Riding Hood illustrated by Daniel Egneus – Read this one and reviewed it already too! I guess it’s good that I’ve read three of these already! It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!! And all Heather’s fault that I bought it…point to Heather. (Bought it)

17. A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz – Isn’t that cover amazing? Here’s another I’m really excited about. From the cover to the title, it just sounds like something that I’m bound to love. Becky recommended this one to me and she gets the point for it. (Paperback Swap)

18. Strangers by Taichi Yamada – Hadn’t heard of this one before either, but the oh so sweet Nancy sent it to me. So she has to take the blame for it as well :p (Gift from a friend)

19. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – I can’t believe I’m finally reading this one! Or that I own it at least. There’s a guy on tumblr who’s really cool…tumblr name shieldsofpaper…and this is his favorite book! Oh yeah..and he’s from Louisiana too! So I’m going to try it finally! Point to shieldsofpaper. (Paperback Swap)

So, surprise surprise…guess who wins this round of Bad Bloggers? Yep, you guessed it ANA!! LOL…Maybe next round someone will beat her. So Ana, my dear…shoot me an email and let me know what book you want that I have reviewed and I’ll shoot it off in the mail to you. Yes, once again, you have to take on the burden of a book from ME…mwuhahahahahaha. Next round will end in October! And here is the list of blame for this round :p

Ana – 16
Debi – 8
Heather – 5
Becky – 4
Pat – 4
Nancy – 4
Amanda – 3
Carl – 3
Bellezza – 2
Darren – 2
Matt – 2
OutQ – 1
Renay – 1
Vasilly -1
Amy – 1
Andi -1
Kelly – 1
Nicky – 1
Hollie – 1
Colin – 1
Zach – 1 (ZACH!! Do you have a website for me to link to? :p)
Eva – 1
The Trevor Project – 1
Rachel – 1
Shieldsofpaper – 1


13 Responses

  1. So I looked through all those pictures and said, nope – none of these are points for me, and then I saw that there was a point for me and said “HUH?” The book I got at the airport last year was actually Little Bee by Chris Cleave, but it has Bee in the title too and I don’t mind accepting a point. 😀

  2. Clearly I need to read book regular books to be higher on this list, since all I can recommend right now is fanfiction. *g*

  3. Wow, an actual point for me. Craziness! lol 🙂

  4. oh right.. like who could pass 16 pts? LOL You go Ana! hahaha (this way Chris’s mom won’t shoot ME when the second floor falls down to the first under the weight of Chris’s books! LOL)

    Ohhh read Shadow of the Wind! I read 3 of his books and enjoyed them ! (but Shadow wouldn’t be a book for OUaT..hmmm)

  5. LOL–it is an enormous pain in the ass to add new books to one’s bookcases when they are already stuffed to the gills *and* one is anal enough to have to have them shelved alphabetically by author, isn’t it? Yes, yes, I understand all too well. 😛

    But Chris–you got rid of 85 books!!! That’s awesome!!! Just last week we hauled off 7 boxes full for the library sale that we’d culled from the shelves. Felt so good! But like you, by the time I loaded up all the books that I had in piles on the floor, the shelves were pretty much full again. :/

  6. First of all… There’s a new MouseGuard? Nips off to the bookdepository….

    *polishes bad blogger’s point with pride*

  7. I am glad that I got a point this time! Now if only I can beat Ana! 😉

  8. Wow!!!! Look at that list. There are many on there I’m interested in too. Sadly, I never really got into MouseGuard (though the art is fantastic).

  9. Oh, dude, you are looking seriously book-guilty. LOL Not that I’m any better. I just don’t admit it. 🙂 I’m glad Strangers arrived safely! I’m happy to take a point for that one. If you don’t love it, I will eat my hat. Good thing I don’t even know where my hat is. You know, just in case. Happy reading!

  10. Forgot to say . . . Portuguese Irregular Verbs is excellent. I think there are three in that series. I read two of them. I’m not much of a series chick. I could not get into Of Bees and Mist. It started off wonderful with the fog but I didn’t like the whole weird-family thing. I have a feeling you’ll like it, though. Bellezza loved it.

  11. So, curious what you did with 85 books. Hmmm–might just send you a tweet. I NEED to get rid of books–like you I have several I’ll never read and several I’ve read and don’t care to keep anymore. Thought about maybe just boxing them up, but then what’s the point?

    I really loved Fun Home. Hope you do, too.

  12. Wish I was reading A Discovery of Witches with you guys. Doesn’t it sounds perfect for the Once Upon a Time Challenge as well?

  13. Sometimes giving the shelves a purge can be very, very liberating. And back breaking, as you mention. This is a nice haul of books. I actually have two different copies of Shadow of the Wind and I still haven’t read it. It would definitely be one of my books on Deslily’s “Books you just Had to Have but Haven’t Read Yet” list. I’m way behind on the Mouseguard series as well, which is a shame because the artwork is so beautiful. Hope you enjoy Name of the Wind as much as I did.

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