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I thought that while I’m downloading ass loads of NEW GAMES FOR MY PS3 I would go ahead and catch up on the bad bloggers posts…this is sad. My blog is becoming nothing but handing out points of blame to people because I haven’t been able to read at all lately T_T I don’t know what is wrong with my brain but it just doesn’t have the motivation to read right now. Whenever I pick up a book and start reading I’m falling asleep after 5 pages…maybe that’s a sign that I need to sleep, eh? Anyway…here are the books that have come into my house!

1. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf – I STILL have not read any Virginia Woolf! I desperately need to. And after Ana reviewed this one, I knew I wanted to read it…point to Ana. (paperback swap)

2. Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation by Kate Bornstein – I heard about this one on Sirius XM’s gay radio station, OutQ. And its so good so far!! It’s a book of essays, poetry and comics about transgendered people all written by transgendered people. Highly recommend it! Point to OutQ. (Bought it)

3. Sorcery and Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede – I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since Pat read it awhile back…it just sounded delightful!! And then Ana just recently reviewed it too and tipped me over the edge. Point to Pat and Ana. (Paperback Swap)

4. Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk – My sweet second mother, Pat sent me this book and it was the best surprise in the world šŸ˜€ It sounds like an absolutely amazing book that captures all of my interests! About a psych patient who thinks he’s Columbus from what I can tell from the jacket flap. Point to Pat. (Gift from a friend)

5. Harrowing the Dragon by Patricia McKillip – I’ve been DYING to read some McKillip ever since reading her story in The Armless Maiden. It was one of my favorite stories in that book. (bought it)

6. The Fallen: The Fallen and Leviathan by Thomas Sniegoski – I have to admit that I totally bought this one because of the cover. I love it. I started reading the book while I was in Arkansas and it’s decent so far. Has anyone else read this series? What do you think? (Bought it)

7. Annabel by Kathleen Winter – I’m SO excited about this book. I’ve been wanting to read about it ever since I saw Vasilly post that she got it. It’s about a child that’s born transgendered and is raised as a male but begins to feel his female side come out as he gets older. Point for Vasilly. (Bought it)

8. Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves – My dear Matt found this book for me while we were out book shopping. The cover was appealing to me and we read the book flap not expecting much but it actually sounded really good! So I got it :p I’ll probably send it to him once I’m done with it. Point to Matt. (Bought it)

9. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult – I heard about this one through The Trevor Project. They’re starting a bookclub and reading this and I think that Ms. Picoult is donating some of the profit from this book to lgbt organizations. The only thing I’ve read by her is a short story in Neil Gaiman’s Stories collection and I actually really liked it…it evoked a strong reaction in me. Point to The Trevor Project. (Bought it)

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  1. It’s a good thing my review of Sorcery & Cecilia was ages ago. I hated that book! Other love it, though, so it was obviously a problem that just existed for me. šŸ™‚ I had Annabel out from the library, but didn’t get a chance to read it. I keep glancing at it places and thinking I should just buy it, but I never actually do. Hopefully you will be back in a reading mood for the Once Upon a Time Challenge. You should have no shortage of things to pick from!!!

  2. wow! I got 2 points!! woohoo! lol lol.. I did enjoy Sorcery and Cecelia I think it was the formatting of most of it was in “letters” to each other and I seem to like something like that. Among Others which I recently read was in the form of journal writings and I really liked that too.

    Ohhh! I am glad the book arrived ok!!! You hadn’t mentioned that it got there so I was concerned it was lost! Yes! I think you will like that book!! I was a little disappointed in the ending ..not sure why, wrapped up to fast maybe? I will be interested to hear what you say about it if and when you get around to it lol..(just teasing.. it’s HARD to choose books when the PILE is so big! lol)

  3. darn, I submitted too soon lol.
    was going to say I’ll be waiting on your review of Harrowing the Dragon by Patricia McKillip too! You know I am NOT a short story person but that one does sound interesting!

  4. Okay Chris, this is why I love you so….like me you have been unable to read as many books as you once used to but still maintain the HOPE that it will be eventually pick up again by bringing MORE books into the house. LOL. I definitely want to pick up Gender Outlaws. I will be (eventually?) reviewing Luna by Julie Anne Peters this month (I read it WAY back in January) and it was, not surprisingly brilliant. I’ve not read many books about transgendered individuals.

    Plus, I will have to check out that XM radio station. šŸ™‚

  5. Okay, how sad is that your Bad Bloggers posts are enough to make me buy books that I then have to blame on you? šŸ˜› Annabel definitely caught my interest. And I’m interested to hear what the Jodi Picoult book is about. I was actually thinking about giving her a try by reading Nineteen Minutes. I don’t know why I hesitate when it comes to her, but I do. But I’ll never know unless I give her a shot, right?

  6. Yay! I get a point! *does a little dance* Did you hear that Annabel has been nominated for the Orange Prize? It makes me want to read it even more now.

  7. Waiting for Columbus is a favorite of mine…hope you enjoy it!

  8. Damn. I thought for sure I had a point there when I saw Waiting for Columbus. OMG I heart that book so much. Fiercely. It is soooooooooooo good. Read it now. Seriously. Get off the computer and go read it now. Everything else can wait. ;P

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