The Sunday Salon – The What's Been Going On Edition

I can’t seem to get into a regular posting schedule over here on ye ole book blog. Maybe that’s because I can’t seem to get on a regular reading schedule :/ Yeah…that would certainly help things. There are always Bad Blogger posts to put up because there are always books coming into my house and there are always Saturday Farmers Market posts because there is always stuff growing in the garden, but it’s hard to post book reviews when I’m not getting any reading done….sigh….So that leaves me with about two posts per week.

But I thought I’d just let everyone know what’s been going on lately. As for books, I just finished Alice Hoffman’s follow up to Green Angel, Green Witch, and it was AMAZING!! Just as good if not better than the first. Loved where she took this one and I WILL actually be reviewing this one soon. Now I find myself in the middle of FOUR books…that just never changes…I’m STILL reading The Stand…STILL reading My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me, STILL reading The Armless Maiden, and I just started London Triptych by Jonathan Kemp which is just amazing so far.

I picked up London Triptych because it’s up for the Green Carnation prize which is a new prize for gay literature. I’d like to read the whole shortlist, but seeing as the winner is being announced in December, I believe, I don’t think that will happen. This one sounded the most interesting to me though from it’s synopsis. It has Oscar Wilde in it!!

Aside from books, I’m in the middle of enjoying a four day weekend right now which sadly ends after tomorrow. But I shan’t think that way!! I still have tomorrow off 😉 The last two days were absolutely glorious!!! I spent them seeing two of my favorite musicians perform and meeting my favorite author. On Friday night, I went to see The Dresden Dolls which is Amanda Palmer’s original band and yes, Neil Gaiman was there and I did indeed meet him! Details of The Dresden Dolls show and my meeting with Neil available on my Tumblr. And then last night I got to see Joanna Newsom who was just absolutely beautiful as was her music. I couldn’t have asked for a better two nights 🙂

And today the weather changed bringing in a lovely cool front that finally allowed me to wear cold clothes, but luckily it’s not cold enough to kill my plants!! We’re still quite a ways away from that!! What we call cold down here is quite different from what others would call cold :p Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I hope your week is great as well! I’ll try to be around more often over here :/ Trust me, I’d love it if I were getting more read as well….


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  1. Chris
    I have been in a huge reading slump so I understand not getting a lot read and have several books going at the same time. lol My sister went to the doctor this week and he told her she has migraines. They are not as bad as yours though. He gave her several medicines. The only two I can remember are toporal and relapax samples. I have only one blog tour in December so God only knows how many blog posts I will get done in a week. I did not realize how many of my posts are those kind. lol 🙂

  2. What is this “regular posting schedule” of which you speak? I know such a myth does not exist on my blog… Once upon a time when I was in high school, I read half of The Stand during summer vacation. Then I went back to school and never did read the rest, and I’ve meant to get back to it for so long. Maybe next year (I feel like I say this *every* year…).

  3. My friend was at the Dresden Dolls gig. She texted me late at night to tell me she’d just hugged Neil Gaiman. Jealous of both of y’all!

  4. Wow, two concerts on a 4-day weekend – sounds like you’re having a blast and I’ve loved all the stuff on Tumblr! 😀

  5. Regular posting schedules are soooo 2007. 😉 Now we have feed readers, so who cares?!

    Your four day weekend sounds epic, like something John Green would write. Go you!

  6. Haha. I agree with Eva. Yay for Readers. 🙂

    Also, I ❤ Dresden Dolls. What a treat to see AP & NG with them.

  7. I am struggling to read anything at the moment, although I did finish We Have Always Lived in the Castle but I never got around to finish writing about it on the Classics blog. I am not worrying too much about my reading at the moment though, as I feel it is important to finish NaNoWriMo first.

  8. Boo for reading slumps and yay for Joanna Newson. She’s playing in Athens next week and I tried to convince Sam that it would be the perfect first concert for Atticus. He wasn’t buying it!

  9. Regular, irregular, you’re still one of my favourite bloggers. I’m glad you had a blast at your shows 😀

  10. My reading has been slow lately, too, and so has my gardening work, so my posts are few and far between right now. I know just how you feel! I’ve been trying to fit more reading time in this past week so hopefully I’ll be done with my current read soon.

  11. Yay, glad you liked Green Witch!

  12. Wow! What a fantastic couple of nights. Very cool that you got to meet Neil. It is a distinct pleasure and one you’ll never forget. I’m thrilled for you. Hope you get back on a regular reading schedule soon. I had been a bit all over the place for a few weeks but I think I’ve finally settled down again.

  13. Brittanie, Though I’m glad I’m not alone in my reading slump, I’m so sorry to hear you’re in one too!! That sucks 😦 Also sorry to hear about your sister’s migraines 😦 They’re awful. So glad she got some Relpax though!!! That has been by far the most effective drug I’ve gotten in getting rid of headaches. Unfortunately, my stupid ass insurance refuses to cover it anymore 😦 So I can no longer get it…but my doctor usually gives me some samples of it when I see him. He rocks. Maxalt works pretty well for me too though. I’ve dropped doing blog tours and it has been very freeing, lol…I’m enjoying blogging just for me again!

    Megan, You post much more regularly than I do!!! LOL. Surely one day we’ll both find that balance though :p Yeah, The Stand…I’m totally LOVING it, but the problem is it’s on my Nook. And everytime I go to read it again, the damn thing needs to be charged :/

    Jenny, She got to HUG him?? Jealous!! I wish I could’ve talked to him longer. You totally should’ve emailed me and told me who she was :p I would’ve said hello!!

    Amanda, OMG it was such a great two nights! Truly magical!! Glad you’ve enjoyed the tumblr posts 🙂

    Eva, TOTALLY :p It does kind of sound like a John Green weekend, doesn’t it? LOL. All I need now is a scavenger hunt or something, lol.

    Christina, It was a total treat!! It was one of those weekends that you get maybe like once every ten years. Just perfect!!

    Vivienne, Oh hooray for reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle 😀 Hope you enjoyed it!! And how’s NaNo coming along?? I have a feeling that you’re totally rocking it 😀

    Amanda R., Oh it would totally be the perfect first concert for Atticus 😀 It was a very quite show 🙂 Absolutely beautiful!! I’ll never forget it.

    Mareeeeeeee, Awwww, you’re so damn sweet 😀 Ditto to you! The shows were epic!! I just loved them!!

    Jeane, Sounds like we’re on the exact same wavelength right now!! Though you have a much better excuse than I do right now 😉 I couldn’t even bring myself to check on the garden today 😦 And I know there are greenbeans that need picking! This migraine has just been killing me. Can’t wait to hear what you think of your current read!!

    Darren, It was so good, wasn’t it?? I was going to try to get my review of it up tonight but I’m afraid that my headache has won that battle. I seriously need to read some more Hoffman soon though!

    Carl, The nights were epic! Meeting Neil was something I’ll never forget…the memory has just cemented itself into my head. I swear I just stood there staring at him for a good 3 minutes before going to say hi. And he was just exactly as I imagined him! I hope to get back on a normal reading schedule soon too…I miss my books so much 😦

  14. Hey Chris, thanks for commenting on my recent blog post instead of lurking. 🙂 You need to start a garden blog since I can tell you like to write. Plus we need more garden bloggers here in LA! Drop me a line if you start one as I wouldn’t want to miss it.

  15. Jeeez, I’ve been reading The Stand for about six years now…I keep putting it down halfway through, out of sheer terror, and then pick it up again convinced I’m missing some major work. Now, not so much. It’s funny to hear you say your plants are still growing…nothing’s growing in Illinois except my feet growing colder! 😉

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