Saturday Farmer's Market – 10/23/10

Is it Saturday again already? And is Saturday really almost over already? Sheesh! Where’s the day go? Anyway, time to talk about the garden again. I’m thoroughly enjoying my fall garden! It’s turning out to be more productive than any Spring or Summer garden that I’ve had. I just can’t get over all of the produce that is popping up all over the place. It’s so awesome!! In addition to the pictures below, the beautiful disaster flower bed is starting to come alive. It looks like some deep pink zinnias are about to bloom. And in preparation for the spring I planted some gorgeous daffodil bulbs along the back of the flower bed today. Well the bulbs weren’t particularly beautiful, but the picture of the flowers were. They’re white, yellow and orange. Can’t wait until Spring to see them bloom! But I’ll just enjoy Autumn for now πŸ˜‰ Here’s what’s going on in the garden:

1. Here’s one of the varieties of tomatoes growing, my roma tomatoes! Yes I plan on making my very own homemade fresh tomato sauce this year πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you how excited I am to see tomatoes on all of my plants. Well, at least 4 of the 6…but all 6 of my tomato plants have flowers and the four plants that do have tomatoes on them have multiples! I’m most excited about the romas though. I’ve never grown them before and I hear they make a mean sauce.

2. I can’t even keep up with the jalapenos at this point! Seriously, they’re like my zucchini right now…I’m giving them away like crazy and I only have one plant!! I’ve frozen tons of them. I see salsa and more stuffed jalapenos in the future. But you don’t hear any complaints about that here. I LOVE jalapenos!

3. Here are some of the carrots and turnips. I’m such a moron. I decided to see how they were doing today thinking that surely they’ve developed under the ground by now…so I pulled one of each up and all I got was a long root…not a DEVELOPED root like I will have in probably about a month and a half, but just a long root with maybe a slight bulge towards the top :p But I can see where they are starting to form!

4. Know what this is? Romaine lettuce!! I’m super excited about this πŸ™‚ I’ve never grown any type of lettuce before either, but these seem to be doing well. Can’t wait until I have big heads of lettuce πŸ™‚ I have ten total!

5. And know what this is? It’s a little tiny spinach plant!!! I have many of these in the garden and they’re starting to do well and get their first leaves. Should have a nice little crop of spinach assuming that they continue to do well!

6. Here’s another tomato!! This is a creole tomato, our family’s favorite tomato. Isn’t it cute? :p

7. And look at my green beans!! You can’t actually see any beans here…this is the patch of “rattlesnake beans” which are pole beans and they’re starting to make their climb up the pole now. And starting to make a few tiny flowers. They can be eaten fresh as a snapbean or dried as a soup bean. We’ll be eating them fresh I think! They’re supposed to have a great sort of sweet taste. Looking forward to these.

8. These I think I’m most excited about πŸ™‚ Green Beans!!!!! Actual green beans growing! Big enough to eat. Just not enough to harvest for a meal. I love green beans so much. They’re pretty much one of my favorite veggies, but I’ve never grown them before. Today I picked one right off of the bush and popped the crunchy little sucker in my mouth and ate it raw and it was delicious! These are called provider beans and they grow as a bush bean.

9. And finally, here’s some baby cilantro that’s just starting to get it’s first little ferny leaves! I picked some of it off today just to smell it and it already smells so wonderful. God I love the smell of cilantro SO much! Just as much as I love the smell of mint!! Well maybe not that much, but it still smells damn good.

And that’s it for this week….How does your garden grow? Head on over to Heather’s blog and let us all know!!


5 Responses

  1. I love growing cilantro, too. If it grows like my cilantro did, you’ll have to replant in a few weeks to keep it going- they go to seed and die in just two months or so. Good luck with the spinach! I’ve lost every one of those I tried to grow to some greedy garden pests who ate it first.

  2. i love when you talk about your garden! I bet your mom is enjoying every bit of it too!!
    I’m glad you are having such successes (is that a word?) since it’s something that’s hard work at times but “produces” such good feelings and good food!

  3. 😦 No picture of the flower garden this week? I want to watch how it grows from week to week. (Not that I’m demanding or anything. πŸ˜‰ )

    I am sooooo jealous of your jalapenos!!!

  4. Awesome! I am planning my garden and trying out some winter veggies just for fun. I’ll have to do a post soon about them…

  5. Ok Mr. Chris. You need to do us a nice intro to gardening post. Like a Cliff’s notes version. When do we plant? What do we need to do to prepare? I know, I’m being kind of lazy–since you did all the legwork, but… πŸ˜› Your garden is just so amazing. And it gets just as hot there in the summer as it does in Dallas, right?? I want I want I want! I made tortilla soup from scratch the other day and my grocery store tomatoes were so tasteless. 😦

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