Saturday Farmer's Market – 10/16/10

Hello everyone!! How’s your weekend going? I’m having a nice and quiet weekend so far and am hoping to get lots of reading done this weekend, get back into the swing of blogging again finally as I’ve missed everyone terribly lately, and play in the garden as much as possible!! I spent a lot of today in the garden and I’m just totally amazed by how much is turning up in the fall garden 😀 It’s quite fun! I’ve never done a fall garden before, but this is definitely something I plan on doing here on out. My mom went looking for pumpkins for the front porch today and actually asked if we can plant a pumpkin patch next year! This is from the same mom who was reluctant to let me put in a 4×4 raised bed in her backyard at the beginning of the year :p But since then I’ve put in 2 4×4 beds, a side row that’s about 12 feet long and numerous potted herbs and a couple of trees 😀 Anyway, here’s some pics and details on how everything is doing:

1. Here are my turnips!! The first time I tried to grow turnips was in the middle of summer and that was a TOTAL failure. They sprouted and then just refused to grow any more….but these are getting huge 😀 I’m so freaking excited!! We’re going to have turnips coming out of our ears. I’ve already thinned them out so everything that’s in the ground now is staying in the ground. Totally in love with this square foot gardening stuff!

2. And carrots! The carrots are actually growing too and there are still new little seedlings popping up. This is the first time I’ve ever been successful with carrots. This is the first year we’ve ever tried any root crops and up until now it’s just been too hot for them..but they’re doing awesome now 😀

3. These are my green beans! These are called provider beans and they already have gorgeous purple flowers on them and are actually sprouting beans. I’m so freaking excited about them. Of all veggies, I think green beans may be my favorites 😀 So this will be my first time having fresh green beans from my garden 😀 Yeah, you’re going to see lots of smileys in this post :p

4. The tomato plants are really taking off too, though I don’t have any actual tomatoes yet. I have 6 plants in the garden total. Tons of flowers already, but no little tomatoes yet. I think I’ll squeal for joy when I see my first little tomatoes. I’m a tad bit worried because a few of the flowers are dropping off, but not too worried. They’re still really young plants. We’ll see how they do!

5. The bell pepper plants just keep doing better and better! I’m not getting big bell peppers, but I’m getting nice medium sized peppers that are good for seasoning and cooking with and they have an absolutely amazing flavor and smell to them. I just love bell peppers so much. I tied these up today because they’ve really gotten huge and are starting to go all over the place. They were tied once towards the bottom but needed tying again. They look much better now and they’re actually taller than the stake that’s in the ground!

6. Here’s my chaotic flower garden! It’s not looking too chaotic right now as not too many of the seeds have sprouted. Trust me…if you knew how many seeds I threw into the garden, that’s nothing AT ALL!! Maybe 1/1000th of the seeds :p Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration but not by much! I can’t wait until things start blooming!

7. Here’s a close up of some of the flowers in the garden…I can’t wait until they bloom so that I actually know what they are! Does anyone have any idea what these are? My mom thinks that the ones with the broad leaves are zinnias but I have no clue with the ones with the ferny leaves are.

8. My little satsuma tree went into the ground last weekend and it seems to be loving it 🙂 In fact, as you can see, one of the satsumas is finally starting to turn orange!! I put a bunch of compost around the base of it after I planted it and laughed my ass off this morning because a bunch of little vegetables and sunflowers started sprouting up all around the base of the tree :p Apparently there are quite a few veggie seeds in my compost!! I knew there were a lot of sunflower seeds from composting all of those sunflowers a month or so ago. I’ve picked some baby sunflowers out of the vegetable garden too. They started sprouting after I put some compost around my tomato plants :p I don’t know what else is sprouting around the orange tree but my mom thinks we should just leave them! It looks like baby tomato plants!

9. Here’s my lemon tree that I sprouted from a seed. Still doing fantastic! I added a bit of compost to this too just to give it some nutrients and it seems to like it. It’s growing really well 🙂

10. This is all little sprouts of cilantro! I planted this just a week ago and it’s all come up in a pot. A whole lot of it!!! Looks like we’ll have cilantro coming out our ears. I’m thinking once they start to grow, I’ll take the individual plants out and transplant them.

11. This just really cracked me up. I haven’t planted ANYTHING in this pot….so this is a mystery crop. A strawberry plant planted itself here, so that strawberry plant belongs there. But those other things that look either like baby turnips or baby kohlrabi do not belong in there :p And I didn’t put any compost in this pot, so I have no idea how those got in there. The only thing I can think is that I had a packet of seeds on the ledge above it which is where they often are when I’m gardening and the wind blew them into the pot! I figured I’d just leave them there and see what they do :p

12. And finally I just took a picture of my mint because I thought it’s been looking especially pretty since I cut it back and it’s started growing back 🙂

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7 Responses

  1. My mother lives in lower Alabama and has had great success with lemons and Mexican limes and the fruit from those trees is so much better than what you get in the store.

  2. on the flower picture i bet those are zinnias. the others might be marigolds. Great garden!

  3. should you tire of your job you can now turn into a farmer!!! I love veggie gardens, and now that I am old and can’t do all that bending having YOU do the garden is a good deal for any mom! lol

  4. We’re putting away all the summer furniture this week and putting the gardens to sleep for the winter. I’m jealous that you are still planting.

  5. It’s posts like this that inspired my own garden! You and Heather and Andi were so excited about your gardens that when my friend mentioned she was thinking about it, I talked her into it!

  6. YAY!!!!! How cool that your Mom wants a pumpkin patch next year!!! 😀

    You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had a turnip in my life. What exactly do you do with a turnip anyway?

    Anyway, I just can’t get over all this glorious green-ness!!!!

  7. LOL–everything that I bought at the grocery store this week I could have picked up from your garden! Well, except the delicious honeycrisp apples. 😛

    Will you continue to grow during the winter months or will it be too cold? When do you start planting for spring? thinking if I need to do this I need to get prepared!!

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