Early Saturday Farmer's Market – 9/3/10

I have the work weekend from hell, so I thought I’d get my Saturday Farmer’s Market post up today while I have the day off! I have to work at 7 AM on Saturday and Sunday this weekend…shifts that I absolutely dread since I’m not a morning person AT ALL. And of course I have to be a counselor and have empathy that early in the morning :p Let me tell you, that can be hard sometimes…Maybe I should bring my pictures of my sunflowers with me because those sure are brightening my day lately!! I’m so happy that I planted them! Just take a look at them!

They’re all starting to bloom now! These are the big sunflowers and all but about 3 of them have opened up. They’re just so beautiful and the bees absolutely love them. I love seeing the bees fly around them. It’s restored my hope that the bees are not in fact all dead. I was so upset because we didn’t have any bees around in Spring, but I’ve had all sorts of species of bees visiting my sunflowers lately. They totally mind their own business and just get lost in the sunflowers. All of my little sunflowers are opening up in front of the bigger ones and are really making quite a beautiful garden. Here’s one of the prettiest ones with a bee buzzing around the center of it:

Pretty, isn’t it? I’m holding out hope that there is indeed cooler weather on the way. Even though you’d never know it being outside, the plants seem to have some idea that there’s cooler weather coming because my pepper plants have decided to finally come alive!! They’ve been completely dormant all summer and now all of a  sudden they are popping up little peppers all over the place. Look! My cajun bell pepper plant that makes little spicy bell peppers has two little peppers on it. You can see one clearly (very tiny in this picture) and if you look really hard you can see the beginnings of a second :p My other two bell pepper plants have little bells on them too! I just wish this plant would get more green. All of my other plants are really green but this one has always been more yellow 😦

And my little jalapeno plant that I thought for sure was a goner after the tomato hornworm ate nearly the whole plant one night is coming back and is thriving! I have five jalapenos on it right now which is more than I’ve ever had at one time. You can see two of them in this one picture:

My black eyed pea plants have hit harvest time and every day I’ve been yanking off about 15-20 little pea pods. Only I realized if I ever want enough to make an entire pot of beans, I should’ve planted about 10 times the plants that I did :/ I might get enough peas for about a side dish for 2 people out these plants. These are all of the peas I have after picking for three days….and there really aren’t that many more left on the plants…maybe another weeks worth of harvesting and then I think they may be done:

And finally, just for fun, I want to show everyone my new favorite little plant 😀 When I went to see Debi, she had this really cool little succulent plant called a “pregnant plant”. It looks like a cactus almost, and it has little pods that grow on the perimeter of it and they fall off and plant themselves. Well she gave me some little pods to take home and I planted them! And now I have like 4 or 5 of these little guys growing and the little babies are just so cute 😀 I just wish my Max tree would sprout 😦

As always, Saturday Farmers Market is hosted by the oh so wonderful and beautiful Heather at Capricious Reader!

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  1. Oh Chris, I’m so glad you posted those pictures of the sunflowers! They are SO cheerful. I think I will just leave a tab to your blog open on my computer while I’m here at work. Sorry to hear you have to work this weekend and must get up early and counsel. I’m not really a morning person either. I’m not necessarily grumpy, but I don’t really like to interact until about 10am. Yes, take the pictures of your sunflowers with you to work :o)

  2. You know, we don’t get bees here. Just wasps, which I hate. They chase the boys around outside and try to get in the house. 😦

  3. Your sunflowers are so pretty!

  4. your sunflowers are fantastic !!! I’ll bet all those bees are visiting your pepper plants too lol…

  5. Gorgeous! We have one random sunflower in the garden of the house we are renting right now. I am anxiously awaiting it to blossom.

  6. Your sunflowers are bright and cheery. 🙂

  7. Your sunflowers are so rad! I’m jealous.

  8. Oh Chris, you so need to frame a picture of your gorgeous sunflowers to take into the office!!! I think glancing over at that would get me through many a stressful moment!

    Awww…and just look at those babies growing! I’ll have to take the computer out and show Mama a picture of her little ones. (Okay, I won’t–I’m not really *that* weird. :P)

  9. The sunflowers are gorgeous! Confession: I saved the second pic, cropped the sunflower closely, saturated it and added soft focus around the edges and LOVE the result. It’s kind of funky. I’ll have to send it to you. I owe you a note.

    On the peppers . . . our plant looks terrible but have managed to produce two (regular) green peppers and two more are growing. It started to keel over when huz moved it into sunshine, so I moved it back to mostly-shade, partial sun. That helped.

    Love the plant Debi gave you! We used to have some like that, I think. It’s small, so I can’t tell for sure but what we had (my parents, I mean — I never succeeded with them, at least down South) were succulents and my mom called them “hen and chicks”.

  10. Your sunflowers are just beautiful and I can’t believe those fresh black-eyed peas. Next year plant more!

  11. Terri, Thanks! Glad you like the sunflower pictures 🙂 They’re gorgeous…I cut some today and put them in a vase…the little ones, that is :p I can’t do mornings at all :/ I don’t think I would ever get used to them if I had to work them all the time. I’ll take my normal 3-11 shift any day!

    Amanda, I HATE wasps…except for my little wasp that was living in my garden. He was kind of cute and minded his own business :p But I can totally relate! Plant some sunflowers! I guarantee you you’d get bees! If you want them that is :p

    Other Chris, Thanks! I’m really enjoying them!

    Deslily, I’m thinking that maybe the bees are visiting the peppers because all of a sudden they’re popping up like crazy!! I love the little baby bell peppers 🙂 They’re so cute. Good lord, I’m losing it calling vegetables cute :/

    Amanda, Oh that’s so much fun when random pretty flowers sprout up 🙂 I hope it’s a beauty when it opens up! I’m sure it will be!!

    Brittanie, Aren’t they? I think I’m going to take Debi’s advice and frame a pic of them for work!

    Christina, They really are! You should plant some! They’re so easy to grow. Just give them a little water every now and then and that’s it. Just stick the seeds in the ground and they turn into these gorgeous beauties 🙂

    Debi, I’m totally taking your advice and framing a picture of these beauties! I can’t imagine not being happy when I look at a picture of them. I swear I go outside and spend a half hour sometime just looking at them up close. And the bees don’t even bother me. They’re just such beautiful flowers. And aren’t those little babies cute 😀 And you’re not convincing me that you didn’t actually bring the laptop outside to show mama :p

    Nancy, Thanks! And thanks for emailing me the pictures that you made!! I absolutely adored them as you know already!!! How weird that your pepper plant started producing peppers when it started looking horrible :p Hmmm…maybe next year I should plant them where they don’t get too much sun if yours is liking mostly shade. I think the summer has just been too hot for those poor little plants. Those little plants that Debi gave me are just too cute for words!! Me and you totally need to do a plant exchange one of these days. When the hell are we finally going to meet up Nancy? :p We’ve been talking about it for 3 years now and I live closer to you than anyone else!!! BTW, I love the name “hen and chicks” for that plant!

    Gavin, Thank you!! I just love them to death!! I think that next year I’m going to do all little sunflowers. The colors of the babies are just to die for. And aren’t the black eyed peas neat?? I’m definitely going to plant more next year so that hopefully we can eat a whole pot of them!!

  12. Your sunflowers are so gorgeous!

  13. those sunflowers are so beautiful! I love these post of yours, having your farmer’s patch makes you being more in tune with nature and its seasons, doesn’t it? I really want to start a backyard patch myself, only it might be too late now that autumn is coming? also the weather here is so unpredictable :/

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