Bad Bloggers – The Damage Part Two

So this is the post where I display the second round of damage from my trip to visit Debi in New York :p Yes, it was bad enough to warrant two separate posts. The last book was waiting for me when I got home, but aside from that…yeah, they’re all a result of my trip to New York. Can I just blame them all on Debi?

1. Small Wonders by Barbara Kingsolver – This was just a magical find for me. I’ve been wanting more nonfiction by Kingsolver ever since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and this looks like just the ticket. It’s essays by her on our earth basically and what we do to it. It includes essays on sustainable living, gardening, culture, society, feminism…all the good stuff! Can’t WAIT to read this one!! (Bought it)

2. Manic by Terri Cheney – I found this one in the bargain section at Debi’s Barnes and Noble and it just sounded really good. It’s the memoir of a young woman with bipolar disorder. Mania has always been something that’s really interested me, so I’m looking forward to this one. (Bought it)

3. Out by Natsuo Kirino – You know, I’m totally SHOCKED that I haven’t given more points to Nat over at In Spring it is the Dawn, but I think this is the first point I’m giving her!! And if I recall, I don’t even think she was that crazy about this one…but she still made me want to read it :p And I found a used copy at Debi’s local book store! (Bought it)

4. Lasher by Anne Rice – Oh how I love this series SO. DAMN. MUCH. This is the second book in the Mayfair Witches series by Rice and I lost my three Mayfair Witches books in Katrina 😦 I rebought The Witching Hour awhile ago and plan on rereading that one soon and I got SO excited when I found Lasher for cheap at the used bookstore in this nice trade paper back!! If you haven’t read this series yet, you seriously should!!! (Bought it)

5. Seeing Voices by Oliver Sacks – Yes, Rich…you’re going to have to accept a point for a book that you gave to me :p I actually DIDN’T buy this one believe it or not!! It was given to me. By Rich. The number one Sacks fan. And it really sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it. Point for Rich. (Gift from a friend)

6. The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros – This is a title that I’ve known for years, and I’ve thought of reading it for a long time but never had any real interest in it until Debi read it. And then….well, I had to have it. And of course she found it in the bookstore and put it RIGHT into my hands and made me buy it :p So a point goes to her for this one. (Bought it)

7. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck – Fun story behind this one. Debi and I were perusing the shelves at the used bookstore and I said “I really hate that I can’t get interested in Steinbeck, especially since I know he was one of Dewey’s favorite authors.” And she said “oh have you read Of Mice and Men?? It’s one of my favorite books!!” So of course at that point, I instantly had to pick up a copy since it’s one of her favorites 😀 Now I can’t WAIT to read it!! It’s a short one too which makes me much less intimidated, though I have to admit that I’m still super intimidated by Steinbeck. But anyway, Debi is totally getting a point for this one! (Bought it)

8. Tickets For A Prayer Wheel by Annie Dillard – This is just a completely random collection of poetry that I picked up. They had a decent section of used poetry at the used bookstore we went to and I was flipping through this one and happened to like some of the poems I stumbled across…so I bought it :p It was cheap enough! (Bought it)

9. Blood Child by Octavia Butler – I’m so so so excited about this one!! I had never heard of it, but it has two novellas by Butler and an essay by her at the end. It’s just such a neat looking collection. Couldn’t pass it up. (Bought it)

10. Teenagers From Mars by Rick Spears – You know, I’ve heard the title of this one before, but I have no idea where. It’s a graphic novel that I found in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble. I started flipping through it and it looks really cool! And it was only $2.98!! How could I possibly pass it up?? (Bought it)

11. Sweet Tooth Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire – This is another graphic novel that just sounds way too cool for words! Debi’s getting the blame for this one too!! I don’t remember entirely what happens in this one but something happens and people somehow end up being part animal. Yeah, right up my alley! Point to Debs. (Bought it)

12. Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks – This is one that Rich found for me at the used bookstore and literally put into my hands, but it’s Eva that’s getting the point for this one! I’ve been wanting this one for a long time…ever since she reviewed it on her blog awhile back. And now I finally have it 😀 (Bought it)

13. Tommy’s Tale by Alan Cumming – Total random find on paperback swap that just sounded too good to pass up. It’s an lgbt book written by THE Alan Cumming who I just love! I had never even heard of this one before, but PBS recommended it to me and I fell for it 🙂 (Paperback Swap)

15 Responses

  1. 😳 I’ve never read Of Mice and Men (or any Steinbeck) either, but I do have a copy sitting on my TBR pile!

  2. Part II ?!!!! and can I count on a Part III??!!! lol lol.. you never cease to amaze me Chris lol..and glad to say you make me smile !

  3. Oooh, I’d already forgotten about some of these, like Small Wonders and Manic…you got so many awesome sounding books! I really hope you like Of Mice and Men. *crossed fingers and toes* You know, I really ought to read it again–it’s been probably 25 years. Soooo…which of these many treasures are you going to read first?

  4. Oh, Marquez!!! (Lol I’m just leaving you one comment for both posts). Anyway – I loved Of Love and Other Demons, although I haven’t read it for a few years 🙂

    And Lasher, my gosh, I forgot about that! I loved the first two books of that series – they completely freaked me out – lol. I missed a few, but picked them up when she fused it with The Vampire Chronicles – a mistake in my opinion, but I also thought that the first three vampire books were the only decent ones ..

    … sorry for the tl;dr ramble o.O

  5. Chris you are going to LOVE house on mango street and of mice and men. Both are brilliant pieces of work.

  6. Musicophilia was one of the first books I reviewed on my blog! It’s so good and I learned something about my sister. She was having musical hallucinations associated with Lyme’s disease but she never told anyone… because people thought she was crazy. She would be in the car and would hear music playing really loud and ask her mom to turn down the radio, but no one else could hear the music. I was reading Musicophilia and Sacks mentioned music hallucinations as a symptom of Lyme’s disease and when I asked her she felt totally validated. I believe she shouted something like, “I’M NOT CRAZY.”

  7. Okay so Darren made it out that this pile was going to be huge, so I was expecting something twice as big! 😀 You didn’t do too bad!

  8. Umm…shouldn’t I get a point for the Kingsolver? Since I got you to get AVM? I mean, like by proxy or something? LOL Okay, obviously I need to read that one. I wonder if she reads the audio….. hmm…..

    I seriously need to read me some Sacks. That first one sounds excellent! And I’ve wanted to read Musicophilia ever since Andi mentioned it EONS ago.

  9. Darren, Hooray! Then I’m not alone :p Hey at least Of Mice and Men is a short one! Maybe we should read that one together??

    Deslily, No no no!! There’s no part three :p Though I guess you could say that there’s always a part three, huh? Because there’s bound to EVENTUALLY be more books coming into the house…and then a part 4 and part 5….

    Debi, I had forgotten about a lot of them too…I’m telling you, I had so much fun digging through the box when everything came in. I’m sure I’ll enjoy Of Mice and Men! It just looks like a good book. I’m LOVING The Stand so far!! I really should’ve added that one here too, but for some reason I never count ebooks :p I guess it’s cuz they don’t take up space, lol. I have no idea what I’m going to read first!

    Maree, Love and Other Demons sounds SO fantastic!! I’ll never forget about Anne Rice’s books :p I just love them too damn much. I think I want to reread them this year. I’ve been saying that every year but haven’t done so yet. I’m one of the very few who actually liked when she crossed the two series together. I thought she pulled it off pretty well, but I know a lot of others weren’t big fans of it. I love pretty much everything she’s written!

    Christina, I’m sure I will!! I’m super excited about both of those 😀 They just look like such fantastic books!

    Lu, I vaguely remember your review of this one!! And wow, that is such an incredibly interesting story!!! Wow!! You have me wanting to pick up this book right now and start reading it immediately. Can’t wait to see what else I’ll discover in there 😀

    Amanda, Well thank you!!! I didn’t think it was all that bad either :p Hell, I’ve had one post before that’s had over 30 books :p

    Heather, Hell if it worked that way, you’d have like 4 points for Kingsolver by now :p Hey, if you do get that one, let me know!! I’ll totally read it with you!! It looks like a really awesome book. I’m excited about it! I haven’t actually read any Sacks yet either! But I have a few of his books now. Really excited about them!!

  10. Chris, you have such a great stack! Lasher, Of Mice and Men, and Small Wonders are three of my absolutely favorite books! Happy reading! Debi has great taste in books!

  11. What is there to say but “holy crap!” That’s a lot of awesome books. I’m especially interested in reading Musicophilia.

  12. Wow what a collection! Isn’t it such fun to have a box load of books waiting for you to be read?? I find that anticipation itself very heady and delicious 😀

  13. Out was fantastic. Read it a few years back for the second Japanese Lit. Challenge. Quite a page turner, I just tore through it. I have Blood Child on my shelf…have had for too long, no good excuse for not reading it yet.

  14. Squee for Oliver Sacks! And Octavia Butler! And House on Mango Street!

    You know, I loved Witching Hour and then never read Lasher. I might have to put in a request for it!

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