Saturday Farmer's Market – 8/21/10

After my trip to New York last week, I was expecting to come back to some kind of vegetable utopia. Well not quite, but I did have a few little surprises that made my day. Like these black eyed peas!! They’ve just grown like crazy in the last week and they have such a beautiful flower. When I left, I didn’t have any bean pods on the plants yet. Now they’re all over! So we’ll be eating fresh black eyes soon.

I also had a nice sized little gretel eggplant waiting for me to pick when I got home. I just love these things so much. But I’m definitely going to have to wait until I have more than one before I cook them. They only get to be about 4 inches long.

I think my precious little okra plant is about done 😦 I might chop him down today. The okra that it’s producing now are really tough. And it’s also producing these little tiny baby okra that are sprouting from the bottom of the plant now!! My mom forgot to harvest them while I was gone so I came back to okra that were literally over a foot tall!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!! But yeah, you can see how gangly it’s looking now.

In other news, the pepper plants are really looking fantastic. They’re a beautiful green color with tons of flowers, but I’m afraid it’s still just too hot for them to produces. But our agriculturist says to leave them in the ground and they’ll produce well in the fall months. The sunflowers are all about to bloom and they are just going to be quite a sight!! The smaller sunflowers that I planted are forming several heads per plant. I just can’t wait to see these.

And yesterday I planted a new fruit tree that will be named Max 😀 I don’t even know what kind of tree it will be, but I’m really excited about it. I’m thinking either a peach, an apricot or an angelcot. It’s going to be named Max because Debi’s little son Max had a collection of fruit seeds that he had dried out to plant and he gave me one to plant down in New Orleans. He even picked out which seed he wanted me to plant. So I told him I’d name the tree after him. This is assuming that it sprouts :p I’ll send him some picture updates too!!

Saturday Farmer’s Market is a wonderful weekly meme all about gardening and living sustainably that’s hosted weekly by Heather at Capricious Reader.


10 Responses

  1. mmmmmmm, things are lookin’ good Chris!
    Too cute that you will name the tree Max :o)

  2. Your eggplant looks yummy! And while I am not a fan of the black eyed peas (yes, I AM Southern!), they do look great! I’m excited for you! lol I was hoping you posted a picture of your monster okra. I can’t wait to see the sunflowers and Max the Tree!

  3. Max says it isn’t a peach, but definitely could be either of the others! He loved reading that you planted his seed. We still haven’t planted ours yet…

  4. Deslily, They are looking pretty good!! I dug up that okra today so that made room for a lot of new stuff :p Now to figure out what to plant! And I’m so excited about my Max tree!!!!

    Heather, It is yummy!! I was telling Debi that I’m going to send her some seeds from it…I’ll send you some too if you want for next year! They’re just so good. I could totally dig the monster okra out of the compost and take a pic for you :p I’m excited about the sunflowers and Max the Tree too!!

    Rich, Alright! Good to know! So now we have it down to two possibilities. It’ll probably be years before I know what it actually is :p Glad it made him happy that I planted it!! Tell him I’ll send him some pictures when it sprouts.

  5. Chris, I would LOVE to have some seeds!! Thank you! And you don’t have to go to all that trouble! lol

  6. I’m sooooo eager to see your sunflowers in bloom!!! (Just wish I could see them in person.)

    And you really made Maxidoodle’s evening yesterday–Rich called him in to read what you wrote about planting his seed, and he was all smiles. 😀 I so hope it sprouts!

    I forgot to ask you before–have you decided if you’re going to try planting some kohlrabi?

  7. Heather, Awesome 😀 I’ll pick some out of this eggplant before I cook it for you!! I think you’ll love these. The taste is just so good.

    Debi, Me too!!! And I think they’re just about to bloom too 😀 😀 I can see flower heads all over them now! Oh good! I’m glad I made Max’s day. I just really really hope that it sprouts!! Like I said, I would be so upset if it didn’t 😦 And YES!! I’m definitely planting some kohlrabi!! I was thinking last night, I bet it would be delicious julienned and cooked in like a stir fry 😀

  8. Look that beautiful white eggplant. Oh yummmmmmmm.

  9. Beth, I absolutely love those eggplants! They’re so delicious.

  10. I’m hoping the cooler weather (if it ever gets here) will help my peppers along, too. My jalapeno plant is beautiful, but it hasn’t done a darn thing all summer. The banana peppers continue to be plentiful, though.

    Good-looking eggplant!

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