Saturday Farmer's Market – 8/14/10

I’m getting my Saturday Farmer’s Market post up early this week because I plan on spending most of tomorrow packing and getting ready for my trip up to New York to see Debi!!!! And her beautiful garden 🙂 I’ll be up there all week. Well until Friday at least. Hopefully, I’ll come back to my garden full of all kind of surprises for me! We’ll see! Saturday Farmer’s Market is hosted by Heather. Here’s how my garden is looking at the moment (click on any picture to make it bigger to see the full photo):

1. I have another little eggplant growing! These little eggplant are so freaking delicious. I found out that they’re called “Gretel Eggplant. They only grow to be about 3-4 inches long and grow in bunches. Last weekend I sliced about three of them in half, drizzled some olive oil on them and baked them with just some salt, pepper and parmesan cheese on them. DELICIOUS!! OMG I could’ve eaten thirty of them! Three were totally just an appetizer.

2. Here’s a whole little cluster of the gretel eggplant flowers that I’m hoping will turn into eggplant. They’re starting to do really well and producing well. I think they like this heat. I just wish they got bigger! The taste of these little guys is the best eggplant I’ve ever tasted.

3. My mint is doing so so so well. As mint always does. I just love the smell of it and I’ve had the best sweet iced tea with mint and lemon all summer long. I constantly have a gallon pitcher of it in the fridge! It’s been my favorite drink this summer. I found a recipe online for a mint syrup that I really want to make with this as well.

4. My okra has been by far the best producer in the garden. I think it’s getting to be the end of it’s time. We have SO SO much of it. We made a huge casserole dish of baked okra last weekend and it looks like we didn’t even touch what we’ve frozen so far. And it just keeps producing like crazy. But they’re starting to get more tough now. Might be time to cut this beautiful plant down soon 😦 I’ll miss my lovely okra plant 😦 I’ll have a new one next year though!!

5. On the other hand, my black eyed peas are just starting! I’m just starting to see flowers all over my plants. Here’s a blossom about to open. I have blossoms all over the place, so I think we’ll be eating black eyed peas in our near future…yum!! I’ve never had them fresh out of the garden. I’m excited!! I’ve always eaten them dehydrated and then boiled.

6. My bell pepper is starting to do fantastic! All kinds of flowers on my plants and I have high hopes for these. Unlike the usual flowers that appear and then just fall off, these flowers have thick stems attached to them…which usually means that the pepper will hang on and not fall off of the plant. Maybe I’ll FINALLY get a couple of bell peppers!!!

7. Oh my lovely coneflower. I’ve just fallen in love with this little plant. I’m so glad that I bought it. But look at it’s poor leaves 😦 That shows you how hot it’s been here!! It’s getting burned by the sun!!! The sun is just burning it to death. At least it’s still putting out these gorgeous flowers with the really cool cones in the middle 🙂

8. My duranta sapphire showers tree that I bought a few weeks ago is still doing fantastic. I just love this tree so much. It’s so beautiful with it’s purple blossoms that smell of rich, warm vanilla and the bright yellow balls that it produces. Just such a pretty ornamental tree. I love it! I can’t wait until next spring to see all of the bees buzzing around it.

9. This cracked me up. A neighboring strawberry plant stretched out and planted itself in my parsley!!! So I’m letting it. Eventually I’ll dig it up and transplant it and have a brand new strawberry plant which is pretty cool. Love how they do that. But sure enough, it planted itself, roots and all!!

10. This is a sunflower flower head in formation. This is one of the mammoth plants, so I’m guessing it’s at about half of it’s adult height right now, but I think it’s so cool to watch the flower head form. The smaller sunflowers have almost fully formed flower heads now and I can see the full flower ready to start opening up soon.

11. Here’s a picture of the sunflower garden! Isn’t it awesome??? I just can’t wait to see this with all of the flowers open! It’s really going to be quite a breathtaking sight I think. Oh I just can’t wait!!!

12. And finally, here’s my first fall tomato plant 😀 I planted some celebrity tomato seeds and just when I was about to give up on them coming up, one of the four that I planted sprouted!!! It’ll go in the ground in about three weeks. And hopefully in October I’ll have a fall round of tomatoes! We can grow tomatoes down in Louisiana all the way through December. Pretty cool, huh?


5 Responses

  1. you are going to be so shocked when you see your plants for the first time in a week lol..
    ohhhhhhhhhh I am so happy for your trip !! I know you will have a ball! I will cross all fingers and toes that you don’t get a headache (or if you must, then a small one) while there.
    Cheers, to a week of fun!!!!!

  2. Deslily, I’m hoping to be shocked when I come home!! I’d love to see lots of veggies on the plants :p I’m thrilled about the trip!!!! I hope I don’t get headaches either, but I’m bringing my medicine with me in case I do so that I can take it right away and knock them out!!

  3. Oh, oh, oh…it’s all so freakin’ gorgeous!!! I’m sitting here drooling over your eggplant…sounds sooooooo delicious. I’m not so sure our garden is what you’d call beautiful…but you’ll be eating from it anyway. Made some refrigerator pickles this morning using cucumbers and a green pepper from the garden–they’ll be ready for eating. And we’re going to have fresh from the garden green beans with supper tomorrow night. And you’ll get to try kohlrabi!

    But you know what makes me sad–the thought of you going home…even if you’re garden will be spectacular. 😦

  4. Debi, The eggplant is just so delicious!! I wish I would’ve saved some seeds from the last few that I had picked to bring up to you. You would love them! I’m absolutely sure your garden is beautiful! Can’t wait to see how your pickles came out!! No one liked mine 😦 LOL. And I absolutely LOVE fresh green beans!! I don’t think there’s a better veggie in the world! And hooray for trying kohlrabi! I just hope I don’t disappoint you and hate your favorite veggie :p And I know…I’m already sad about going home too 😦

  5. Love the photos, especially the center of that soon-to-bloom sunflower. Have a great trip!

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