Saturday Farmer's Market – 8/7/10

Despite the disgusting heatwave down here, the garden continues to grow. Not that it’s producing all that huge of a bounty, but it is managing to grow still!! Here’s a few pictures from this week:

The black eye peas are growing like crazy now and look like they should be flowering soon. I’ve never tried growing any type of southern pea before, so I’m excited to see what’s going to happen with these. And I absolutely love the way they taste served over rice, so I can’t wait to eat them picked fresh out of the pod and cooked on the stove!

These little white eggplant are so cool but I really don’t know what to do with them! I found out what they’re called. They’re called Gretel Eggplant. I’ve gotten three of them since last weekend and I picked this one right after snapping this picture. They only get to be about three to four inches long. I’m thinking I might just slice them up into medallions and fry them. Would make good little bite sized appetizers. I would need a whole bunch of them to make any sort of dish.

I thought my little lavender plant looked like crap, so I pulled it up. At least I thought I pulled it up. Turns out I left a little piece in the pot and look at that! It’s coming back!! So I figured I’d just let it be and see what happens :p Maybe it’ll come back looking better than it ever did before!

And the sunflowers are just growing like crazy now!! They’re half the size of the fence. And these are Mammoth sunflowers which means at their adult height they’ll be well over the fence. They’re really quite cool. If I look down on top of them I can see in the middle of the leaves that they’re starting to form little flower heads, so I think that these will actually flower!!! I can’t wait to see them in all of their glory!! They’re going to be beautiful! I planted two rows of smaller sunflower plants in front of them and I’m wondering if they’ll bloom or not. The mammoth sunflowers are providing a lot of shade….we’ll see.

Everything else is doing…ok….well, the okra is doing fantastic! I’ve probably picked about 10 this week and there are six more on the plant right now. I have two new peppers growing on my bell pepper plant. I haven’t had any luck with those this year, but we’ll see if maybe this time they grow! And I’ve gotten three jalapenos this week. I also planted a zucchini seed last weekend and that has sprouted into a full plant already!! I’m thinking next weekend I’m going to plant some tomato transplants for the fall crop before I leave to go see Debi on Sunday πŸ˜€

How’s your garden doing? Go leave a link to your Saturday Farmer’s Market post over at Heather’s site!!


7 Responses

  1. That lavender label/stick thing is SOOO cute! Did you make that or buy it somewhere? I can’t wait until your sunflowers are done growing and I can see pictures!

    Also, now that my parents have closed on a house, my mom’s already picked out part of the yard where I can garden. πŸ˜€ Yay!

  2. I was over on twitter can’t imagine how sorry I am about the migraine, and after you had a few good days too.. :o(

    I agree with the unbearable heat but i think thats normal for florida..and I dislike it intensly..well.. the humidity part anyway it almost always makes it feel in the triple digits here…

    I hope you are better today baby boy. hugs

  3. Black eyed peas! I love them over rice too. YUM!

  4. Eva, I bought the Lavender marker on etsy. It’s actually an antique spoon that’s hammered out! Isn’t it cool? I have one for my tomatoes, mint and parsley too πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for my sunflowers either!! They’re getting bigger and bigger every day. And HOORAY for you having a garden!! And if you’re moving in September, you’ll still have time for a Fall garden!! Yes, you can have fall gardens in the deep south πŸ˜€

    Deslily, Oh, it’s ok, but thank you!!! I’m feeling much better today. My head’s just sore from that killer that came on yesterday. I don’t know what the hell happened!! Isn’t this heat just awful??? I don’t know what’s going on! We’ve had heat indexes in the 100’s too!! I saw on the radar that y’all are getting lots of rain today. Hope it’s enough to cool you down a little bit. *hugs hugs hugs back to you*

    Lenore, They’re one of my favorites!! That and the eggplant! I made some eggplant today in the oven with just some olive oil drizzled on top, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. It was delicious!! Wish I could send you some black eyed peas when they blossom but they probably wouldn’t make it over to you too well :p

  5. cool down? in august, in florida? HAHAHAHAHA

  6. ..i hit submit to soon lol

    glad your headache is better!
    How long before you leave for Debi, Richard, Annie, Gray & Max?

  7. Mmmm…black-eyed peas. Oh, and I can’t wait to see pics when your sunflowers start blooming…I love sunflowers!!!!

    Our garden’s had a bit of setback…our cucumber plants are really dying a pathetic death right now. So sad. But I do think I will be trying out your pickle recipe this week with a few of the cucumbers we do have out there ready to be picked.

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