Saturday Farmer's Market – 7/24/10

I thought I’d do my Saturday Farmer’s Market post a little bit different this week. I’m doing it a bit like I do my bad bloggers posts. So here are a bunch of thumbnails for your viewing pleasure with corresponding commentary below! The commentary is numbered from left to right/top row to bottom row. Click on any picture to make it bigger and to see the full picture. The thumbnails below are just gallery snaps that show parts of the picture, not the whole thing. Would love to see what’s going on in everyone else’s garden too 😀 Head on over to Heather’s blog to sign up for the Saturday Farmer’s Market!!! It’s my new favorite meme 🙂

1. My poor basil. I’ve been trying to grow basil in a pot all summer, but the stupid army worms LOVE it and they’ve been eating it like crazy…so I kept having to cut it back like crazy and it stayed so tiny tiny tiny :p Well now it’s flowering and look how tiny it is!! Oh well, no basil this year. It’s bonsai basil. At least it makes a pretty flower. I’ll save some seed and try again later on in the year.

2. These are the black eye peas that I planted two weeks ago! Not only have they planted their second set of leaves, but they’ve now sprouted a third set and are starting to grow into little plants now. Who knew how well these would do! Just stick some beans (ahem, peas) in the ground and look what happens 😀 Can’t wait to see the actual pea pods start growing, but I have to be patient for that.

3. And lord knows I was patient enough for this! I was watering my garden today and this just made me go “oooooohhhh!!!” It’s a little white eggplant! And it looks like I’ll have bunches more soon. And you know what I think has been helping this plant pollinate? Yep, Herman the wasp. I was so excited when I saw this…I’ve been waiting forever for eggplant. I’ve never had white eggplant before, but I’m looking forward to trying it!

4. My jalapeno plant is looking healthier than ever. It’s a beautiful luscious green now with tons of new growth on it and peppers sprouting like crazy. It’s one of Herman’s favorite plants to hang out in. I’m going to have to try Heather’s bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno recipe soon!

5. I wanted to include this picture just to show you how big my okra plant is!!! It’s freaking huge!! I’ve said this before, but it’s just my favorite of all of them. Such an awesome plant. It comes up to my neck now when I’m in the garden. And it has such a thick stalk. And this thing started out looking like one of those little lily pad weeds in your backyard. So tiny and puny. I didn’t think it would make it. Isn’t it awesome?

6. Remember that little tiny cute bell pepper from last week? Well looky here! It’s getting bigger! Still the only pepper on the plants though 😦

7. Thought I’d give everyone a peek at my satsuma tree. Here’s one of the two satsumas that’s been growing sooooo very slowly forever now :p They won’t start popping up really until around October/November. That’s citrus season in Louisiana. So these are just rarities. But it’s neat watching this little guy grow!! It’s getting pretty big to the point where I’m waiting for it to turn color soon!

8. My poor little strawberries :p They’re troopers. I cut them back all the way down to their roots thinking they’d just lie dormant, but they’re determined to keep growing! They’ve come back as full plants and now they’re flowering again and trying to make berries. They make these cute flowers first, but of course they can’t make berries. It’s WAY too hot. They turn to jelly before they even have a chance.

9. And finally there’s the sunflower garden! They just got watered before I took this picture. That’s why they’re all lopsided, but damn they’re growing now!! I guess they had to establish themselves, but now that they have, I swear they grow two inches a day!!

Looking forward to what’s in store for the coming week!!


12 Responses

  1. Your garden is looking great!! 😀

  2. Chris! Your garden!! It’s so beautiful! And your little eggplant! It’s so cute! I want to give it a nibble… lol

    Poor little basil… I don’t like the basil I planted this year. It’s too licorice-ish tasting. Last years was yummy! It is growing like crazy too. I have no idea what to do with it. Want some?? 😀

    I came back from the beach to a monster tomato and some monster okra. Now I want a BLT! I just got my post up.

  3. Staci, Thanks 😀 I’ve been really happy with it lately! Things are starting to spring to life all of a sudden again!

    Heather, *blushes* :p The basil I planted this year is SO delicious, but sadly the damn bugs keep eating it. I really really hope that the stupid ass army worms don’t come back again next year. I’m in love with your garden!! You have so much awesome stuff right now!! It’s incredible!!!

  4. It all looks so good! Great job!

  5. I love basil in my garden. Nothing bothers it, I never water it specifically and it grows like crazy. Maybe I should send you some of my seeds! I’ve started saving them every year. I love seeing your little fruits! I have ten pepper plants and so far only two peppers. I don’t know why. Maybe they’re in too shady a spot…

  6. We planted a tiny basil plant a couple years ago, hoping to get a little bit from it, and it very quickly grew into a bush. Like so much basil we couldn’t do anything with it! Eventually it flowered because we couldn’t keep it cut back fast enough, so the branches grew thick and hard and the leaves grew bitter. I didn’t realize basil stopped tasting good after it flowers. Strange. We ended up having to cut the bush down altogether because it was no longer an herb.

  7. I had a bunch of Basil from the one plant but it bloomed and I got rid of it.. it seems that Rosemary gets hard stems and not at good once it is older too.. at least mine has and there has been no bloom on it but it’ll stick to just smelling it for now lol..

  8. Awwww…I’ve never seen a baby eggplant before…it’s sooooo cute! 😀 And your Satsuma looks awesome! Is its mature color orange? We’ve thus far eaten one jalapeno and one green pepper from our garden. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this week will see us eating more.

  9. Ok, so is it really the same wasp? 🙂 Just make sure he doesn’t get too territorial and sting your ass! I’ve never heard of white eggplant either–wonder if it will get as big as a regular eggplant?

  10. Other than the sunflowers do you have any regular flowers growing? I only ask because i see wasps and bees and even a couple hummingbirds around my regular flowers and have to assume they are all the ones pollinating the tomatoes too. marigolds are pretty easy and mine are doing fine even in the heat we are having here in TN.

  11. Lovely! My strawberry popcorn still hasn’t done much yet. Maybe next year. 😦 Now you’re making me want to grow bellpeppers! I love the look of that plant. My kids and I grew sunflowers a few years ago and they go so fast! It’s a great plant for beginners.

  12. Other Chris, Thanks 😀

    Jeane, I would absolutely love it if you sent me some seeds 😀 You know what I’ve been thinking? We should do a seed exchange!! A few of us…send some seeds to each other..only you need to teach me how to properly dry out seeds and preserve them :p

    Amanda, I wish my basil would’ve grown into a big bush 😦 I barely got anything out of it at all because of the stupid worms….I kept having to pick it all off. I’ve heard it gets pretty woody after awhile.

    Deslily, Doesn’t rosemary just smell so wonderful???? I have one little sprig of rosemary in the pot with my basil. Someone told me I could just stick a sprig in the post and it would grow a plant :p It didn’t work, but the sprig has stayed alive! And it smells so good!

    Debi, You’ve never seen a baby eggplant?! Can you not grow eggplant up there? If you can, I’m totally sending you some eggplant seeds! I think you’d love it 😀 Yep, the satsuma will eventually be orange…and they are SO delicious!! Have you ever had a satsuma? They’re just smaller oranges that are super sweet and not sour at all and they peel into perfect little segments! I love them!! And I totally love your garden 😀

    Trish, I’m TOTALLY convinced that it really is the same wasp :p Seriously, there’s always just that one wasp in the garden!! It’s not like there are a bunch of them. The garden is Herman’s little home :p The eggplant keeps growing!! I’m thinking it’ll grow like those japanese eggplant..the long, skinny ones.

    Melanie, Nope, no other flowers…well aside from a coneflower in a pot which I love. I totally need to plant some more though!! I could go totally garden crazy if this was my own house :p I have a feeling I will when I have my own place. I’d love to have a little hummingbird garden. I love hummingbirds so much.

    Vasilly, That’s too bad 😦 You should totally grow bell peppers 😀 They’re so good! I’ve just had such bad luck with them this year 😦 Haven’t really gotten anything out of them. Sunflowers are great! They’re starting to do really well now!

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