Bad Bloggers – 7/6/10

It’s time to post up another Bad Bloggers post before it gets to be too bad again :p One could argue that it’s always too bad around here, but I’d argue the opposite right back. I’m quite happy with the books that walked into the house this week! Want to see what they are? Here you go!

1. Fangland by John Marks – I’m kind of over vampire novels to be honest with you, but this one has been on my wishlist for sometime now. In fact, it’s been there ever since Lightheaded reviewed it awhile back…in fact, I think she reviewed this TWO RIP challenges ago! Point to Lightheaded! (Paperback Swap)

2. Digging Deep by Fran Sorin – This book looks so incredibly cool!! Jeane reviewed this one not long ago at all and I knew right away that I had to have it. It’s about finding your creative muse through gardening and it’s just a great looking book. Point to Jeane! (Paperback Swap)

3. The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti – I can’t tell you happy I was to get this book finally!! This book will always remind me of shopping at Borders with Amanda 🙂 When she came to visit me in New Orleans, we went book shopping for hours and perused the YA section and shared all of our favorite books with each other and she told me about this book and I’ve been wanting it ever since. Well, I finally have it!! Point to Amanda! (Paperback Swap)

4. Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson – Oh dear :/ I don’t know who gets the blame for this book. It’s another one that I know goes to either Dewey or Ana. But I can’t remember whom! I’ll just give a point to the both of them. I THINK Dewey reviewed this. For some reason my mind always goes to Dewey every time I think of this book. I don’t even remember what it’s about though!! This actually came from Debi, though! Along with the next four books. Her and her family were kind enough to send me a bunch of books that they were getting rid of 😀 (Gift from a friend)

5. Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman – I just want to read a bunch of Hoffman books and when Debi asked me if I wanted this I said YES! (Gift from a friend)

6. The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge – I’m guessing that this one came off of Rich’s shelves 😉 He reads such neat books and I was enamored with this one just from the title!! Doesn’t that just sound like a cool book? Can’t wait to read it. Maybe I’ll get it read in time for the science challenge this year! (Gift from a friend)

7. The Great God Pan by  Donna Jo Napoli– So this is another one that’s been on my wishlist forever and a day. JP (remember HIM!) reviewed this one ages ago for one of the Once Upon a Time challenges and I knew I had to read it right away. And then Debi offered it to me!! I was so excited 😀 Point to JP! (Gift from a friend)

8. Wolf Moon by Charles de Lint – I was also super excited about this one because not only is it a Charles de Lint book (who I love) but also because Annie read it and made it sound really really good! So she’s also getting a point for it even though she sent it to me 😉 (Gift from a friend)

9. Love’s Executioner by Irvin D. Yalom – Yalom is one of my all time favorite therapists. He’s just incredible. I’m in the middle of this book right now and I’ll be recommending it to EVERYONE. Not just people in the psyc profession because it’s fascinating. It gives a number of case studies of various clients he’s worked with presented as actual therapy sessions. The man is just a master at what he does and it’s helped me so much in my own counseling sessions. He makes me feel so much more comfortable as a person and in what I do. He’s just a great guy. Can’t wait to read the rest of his stuff. (Gift from a friend as a late birthday gift)

10. Coop by Michael Perry – I can’t wait to dig into this one!!! And what makes me even more excited is that it’s the first book for Andi’s new Book Club Sandwich 😀 the online book club that she’s started that’s all about foodie books, sustainable living books and gardening books. I’m ALL ABOUT this book club!! I would’ve bought this one eventually anyway after Heather’s review of it, so she’s getting a point for it, but this is the kick in the ass that I need to read it now. (Bought it)

11. Silver Phoenix by Cindy Pon – This is my treasure of the week! And if you want the incredible cover you can still get it now on Amazon or The Book Depository! You will be sending a message to the publisher that YES WE LIKE COVERS WITH ASIAN PEOPLE ON THEM!!!! I’m sure most of you have heard the latest cover controversy by now with this one. If not, I’ll point you to Ana’s latest post which links to more great posts on the topic. Basically, it’s another whitewashed cover. They took this gorgeous GORGEOUS cover, and instead, put a girl of indeterminate race in shadows on the cover for the paperback release and are doing the same for the second book. And made the cover black. Look how gorgeous the cover was!!!! They said the original cover didn’t sell! My take on it is this…it’s not that the cover didn’t sell because people didn’t want to buy a book with an asian girl on the cover, it’s that no one knew about it!! I didn’t until this erupted. It’s that the PUBLISHERS don’t put the money behind books like this. They don’t MARKET books with asian people on the cover. You don’t see this book on a cardboard stand at Barnes and Noble…or sitting with the cover turned out. You won’t even find it stocked at Borders because Borders refuses to carry it!!!!! Can you believe that??? Have you seen a blog tour for this book? I haven’t. It just hasn’t gotten the publicity that other books have. But now they’ll just market it as “more white” and hope that works better. That’s just f-ing ridiculous. I think the cover is absolutely gorgeous as it is and the story sounds phenomenal. Ok…I’ve said my peace…for now!! Oh yeah…and a point goes to Renay for telling me about this one! (Bought it)

10 Responses

  1. For some reason I thought you got The Nature of Jade a long time ago! But either way I’m really happy you got it. It makes me want to reread it again! When I’m not rushing through mybooks, it’llbe time to read another of hers. She’s yet to disappoint me.

    I love the cover of Silver Phoenix. I didn’t think the book sounded interesting, but I’ve almost gotten it several times just because the cover wooed me. Irony, that they think they need to cover up her ethnicity!

  2. charles de lint. I want that book. His books are so much harder to get in England, without paying really expensive prices. I have put a lot of his books on my Christmas list this year. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

  3. one day .. my son is going to build his home out or books that he’s read! IT will most likely be a castle!

  4. I made the Bad Bloggers list??? Wa-Hoooo! I got tickles all over just seeing that book cover before I even read the list I knew it was from me you found it. Hope you get inspired by it!

  5. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion you’re going to end up making me buy both Coop and Digging Deep? 😉

  6. Where on Earth do you put all these books? I have Coop on my PWS wishlist. 🙂

  7. I’ve only heard of three of these! I have a copy of Blue Diary. Haven’t read Coop, but I read Perry’s first book. It was kind of meh. I’m interested in the new one, though. And I think The Brain that Changes Itself is on my PBS wish list. I need a brain change.

    How was your 4th of July? My nephew just informed me that he might be moving to New Orleans. Wouldn’t that be cool? Then I’d have twice the reason to visit!

  8. Yayyy! I’m so glad to be a bad blogger. So so so so so glad. Can’t wait to read Coop myself, and I’m tickled that you’ll be joining us.

    As for Silver Phoenix. I have the original ASIAN cover. Yay!

  9. You know, it’s bad enough that I get sucked in by the original reviews but these Bag Blogger posts just push me over the edge. There are several here I like.

  10. I can’t believe the repackaging of Silver Phoenix. For me, the cover is the best part of the book. And yes, I’ve read it.

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