Wrapping Up Once Upon A Time IV

This challenge just seemed to fly by!! Once again, I got some great reading done during Once Upon a Time! I always enjoy this challenge, hosted by the wonderful, Carl who has truly been one of my best blogging buddies. Really, one of the best people I’ve known, online or not. He’s become more than just an online friend to me as have so many blogger friends. This challenge always reminds me of my early days of blogging. The first Once Upon a Time Challenge was the first challenge that I ever participated in and it was in that first challenge that I really cemented and started a lot of good friendships with people like Nymeth and Debi and Deslily.

This year, I feel like I could’ve read more, but I’m really REALLY happy with the books that I did read! Here’s a list of them with links to the ones that I reviewed.

1. Enchanted Night by Steven Millhauser
2. Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll’s House by Neil Gaiman
3. The Dream of Perpetual Motion by Dexter Palmer
4. Transformations by Anne Sexton
5. The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country by Neil Gaiman
6. The Unwritten Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity by Mike Carey
7. Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar
8. Instructions by Neil Gaiman
9. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Phillip Pullman
10. The Bloody Chamber and Other Adult Tales by Angela Carter
11. The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists by Neil Gaiman
12. Animythical Tales by Sarah Totton

Favorites? Sheesh!! That’s really hard out of this list!! If I had to pick three (because I really CAN’T dwindle it down right down smaller than that!) I’d go with The Bloody Chamber, Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Dream of Perpetual Motion. And I feel so horrible leaving some of those other books out! Like Enchanted Night and and Transformations and Animythical Tales especially :/ But the first three that I mentioned have just continued to be in my immediate thoughts ever since I originally read them. Just amazing books!! I’m really enjoying my rereads of The Sandman series too! I’m thinking I may just do a giant review of the series as a whole when I’m done. Sort of an homage to the Sandman if you will.

So I guess this is a goodbye to Once Upon a Time for this year. Time to prepare for RIP V now 😀 See you all again next year for Once Upon a Time V!!


10 Responses

  1. Chris, Chris, Chris. Why are there no Sandman reviews? I want your thoughts!

  2. Chris, you read a ton! I only finished a measly two, but I’m most impressed with your list. It’s also good to know which are your favorites, even though it’s hard to pinpoint a few, I know. The Philip Pullman one scares me a bit, but the rest look intriguing. I vaguely remember the first Once Upon a Time challenge, but I thought I’d met you before that…for the RIP? Anyway, you’re also one of my oldest dearest friends.

  3. Yaay for Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Bloody Chamber!!! I almost picked up the Bloody Chamber again – I want to reread some of her stories again. I gave my copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl to a friend and might not ever get it back again, so it’s back on my list of books to get, it’s so good I’ll be rereading it again. I am so thrilled they were among your favourites for this challenge, Chris! I guess I should go do my wrap-up post too for OUaT4…..

  4. I did my wrap up.. I only read 9 it would have been 10 but the last two weeks of it I was recouping from surgery and didn’t read a single word! That plus when I do read it seems like I read about as fast as molasses runs! I don’t know what my problem is. I’ve enjoyed all i’ve read but everything just seems sorta blah. Oh well.. at least I am still reading even if it is at a snails pace..
    Glad you enjoyed all your books! Looking forward to RIP again myself!

  5. What a nice list you have. I wasn’t able to participate this year (at least not officially) and really missed it. Looking forward to RIP though! I’m glad to hear you liked Lonely Werewolf Girl even more than Good Fairies. I read Good Fairies and loved it, so I’m really looking forward to Lonely Werewolf Girl.

  6. I need to start The Bloody Chamber again. I just wasn’t in the right mood the first time around.

  7. Mem, I SWEAR I’ll write a big raving Sandman review when I’ve finished them all :p I just think I’d have a hard time reviewing them all individually…I think that if this were my FIRST time reading them all it would be much easier, but knowing the whole series makes reviewing the individual issues hard for some reason…I just want to break all of the characters down and review THEM.

    Bellezza, You TOTALLY should not be scared of the Pullman…it was done quite well! I actually really enjoyed it! And yes, I think I knew you well before the first OUaT challenge 🙂 You were one of my very first blogging friends!!! I started blogging in January 2007, so I couldn’t have known you during the first RIP which was in October 2006 :p But I do believe it was before OUaT!

    Susan, Isn’t LWG just absolutely incredible??? It’s one of my favorite books EVER! I absolutely love that one! Same for The Bloody Chamber. I was blown away by it. Way surpassed my expectations!

    Deslily, Recouping from surgery is a good excuse!! How’ve you been feeling lately by the way? I’ve been reading pretty slowly lately, myself…I don’t think I’ve finished a book in about 2 or 3 weeks now! I can’t wait until RIP 😀

    Terri, It was a really good list this year 🙂 I always look forward to RIP. Oh you’re really going to enjoy Lonely Werewolf Girl! And it’ll work perfect for RIP!! You should totally read it then 🙂

    Lenore, Hey you! The Bloody Chamber is fantastic and I agree that it requires a certain mood…but I think that if you find that mood, you’ll be very pleased that you read it 🙂

  8. I think I want to be part of this one next year…

  9. Oh, I so know what you mean! OUaT will always be the challenge closest to my heart…because of you and Ana and Carl and Deslily. Seriously, OUaT is responsible for introducing me to some of the people I love most in this entire world!!!

  10. I’m so glad you read and reviewed Enchanted Night because that is one of my favorite reading experiences of the year. The fact that I turned right around and read it aloud to Mary is proof to me that it will remain a favorite. Now I just need to track down a copy to own.

    Also happy that you read and loved The Bloody Chamber. It was all I could do to not abandon all my current reading when you mentioned this the other day for a re-read of the book. Seriously. It is that good.

    Thanks again for being a part of this. This challenge reminds me of all of you who’ve met as a part of it and have formed relationships, not just with me but with each other. I feel unduly proud of being a conduit through which you all were able to connect.

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