The Backyard Produce Section – 6/27/10

The garden is becoming the barren garden for right now!! My main garden is still going with eggplant, okra, peppers, cherry tomatoes and the turnips that are starting to sprout that went in last weekend; but I just pulled up a whole lot of stuff! I found a website for Louisiana Agriculture that is my new best friend! It tells you exactly when you can plant stuff down here. The good news that I found was that you can basically grow stuff year round in Louisiana due to our warm (to put it nicely) climate. Basically, something can go in the ground every day. The bad news is that our tomato and bean season is pretty much over for right now. Because it’s too hot. Which explains why all of my flowers have been dropping off. We’ve had heat indexes around 110 degrees every day here and what’s happening is that the pollen on the flowers become gunky and can’t pollinate. So no fruit.

The good news, however, is that I learned that it’s time to start my Fall tomato plants from seed! So I just did that and also started some zucchini from seed. So in a couple of months, hopefully I’ll be eating zucchini like crazy!! Maybe even sooner, you never know.

The containers are all doing pretty well! I cut back all of my strawberries because they were looking pretty bad and they’re coming back again already. So hopefully I’ll get a Fall crop of those too. In the front right pot, I’m trying out a few carrots. I don’t know if carrots will grow in a pot, but it’s worth a shot :p I have little tiny carrot tops already. Can’t really see in the pic though. Just started some basil and rosemary and it seems to be taking. The mint is going CRAZY and I’m using it like crazy in iced tea. There’s nothing better than homemade sweet tea with mint and lemon in this heat!! And the big green pot in the back is green onions that are doing really well!! And you can also see my satsuma tree here which is doing really great 🙂 I didn’t think I’d get any oranges this year as it’s really young, but there are two on it already!

I am LOVING this little coneflower plant 🙂 It’s blooming like crazy ever since I brought it home from the nursery and cleaned it up!! Not the best pic, but this little guy has become like my little pet. I just love it. Question, technically, this plant is called an echinacea…is this the echinacea that you can make tea with? Does anyone know? And if so, do you make tea with the petals or with the leaves of the plant? Sorry to be a moron :p I think the most exciting thing of the week is that I planted a Sunflower garden this week!!! I had all of that garden space torn up and half of it is going to be used for the new tomatoes and zucchini, but I still had half left. So I planted a row of Mammoth Sunflowers in the back that get to be 7-12 ft tall and two rows of smaller sunflowers that vary in “autumn” colors in front that grow to be 4-6 feet tall. I cannot WAIT to see them 🙂 I just love sunflowers and they remind me of being a little kid. My uncle and aunt used to grow them!

And finally, I thought I’d share my latest bread machine adventure even though it’s not garden related :p Hey at least it’s self sustaining related, lol. Today we made cinnamon raisin walnut bread! And it came out delicious!! As you can see, we didn’t even wait for it to cool to sample it :p Hence the big dent in the loaf from where my hand went when I was cutting it :/

So what’s going on in your gardening? Anything good?


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  1. How cool that you can be growing stuff year round and eating the fruit of your labors. Of course I still wouldn’t trade my seasons for it, but I’m thrilled you are planning to take advantage of the weather. Its been hot here, but not quite that hot. I hope the summer hot season passes quickly.

    Bread machine bread is The Best! Love it! Yours looks so good I’m going to have to get Mary to fire up the machine.

  2. I love seeing that little guy out there all alone now that the plants are all cut down! So he’s still out there, huh? Weathering well enough? 😀

    Sadly, both our lemon and orange trees died completely. We were hoping the orange tree would come through, but we chopped them both completely down the other day and they were rotten all the way through the wood. 😦 No more clementines for us. 😦

  3. Chris you need to use the mint to make homemade mojitos! 😀

  4. Bare ground is sad, but promises of more plants to come! I love coneflowers- they’re so cool-looking. I want to grow some next year. I grew sunflowers last year- they were amazing- but this year for some reason I got all my flowers in the ground late. My marigolds and cosmos have just barely started to bloom. I want more, but afraid it’s too late to start them now. I’m going to try anyway.

  5. I bet I can use that Louisiana guide for Texas, too! Hot is hot, right? We finally have blossoms on our hanging tomato plant, the peppers are still REALLY busy, and our herbs are gorgeous. When you make tea, drop some basil in there with the mint. It’s delicious! Never would’ve known if a co-worker didn’t surprise me with mint/basil tea.

  6. love this post!…I am glad you aren’t discouraged from bugs or other things and plan on planting more!!

    mmmmmmmmmmmm that bread looks glorious!!!

  7. MMMMmmmm! This post has made me very hungry, especially with the bread at the end. I am impressed by your new found blog that helps you with your planting. That is amazing that you can grow food all year.

  8. Yay! I’m glad you finally got to post this! Let me tell you, if you want tomatoes I will have a TON of them soon. My 12 plants are making a jungle out of my raised bed. I need to take a picture for you. It’s insane!

    My mint appears to have died. 😦 I think it got root-bound and I didn’t have a bigger container to put it in.

    Your bread looks delicious! If it wasn’t so dang hot I’d bake me a loaf!

  9. Your Louisiana Agriculture website sounds fantastic!!! How cool is it going to be to be eating your own produce year-round?!! 😀

    We should be eating radishes and lettuce from the garden real soon. And Annie has a few cherry tomatoes amidst a ton of flowers on her plants. So it won’t be tooooo long.

    Ummm…and you know it was kinda evil to show that bread, don’t you? I want a slice soooooo badly!

  10. Carl, I’d GLADLY take seasons over veggies year around :p I’ve yet to experience golden leaves on trees! I hope the summer heat passes soon too…it gets to me every year :/ And you’re more than welcome to come by for a loaf of bread any time 😉

    Amanda, My little garden fairy is doing fantastic 🙂 He’s hanging in there like a champ!! I love him so much. I found a little grasshopper on his head the other day and I went to take a picture but it hopped off 😦 That really sucks about y’alls citrus trees 😦 I’ll have to make sure to protect mine really well in the winter!

    Christina, That’s definitely a plan somewhere along the line 😉

    Jeane, It is really sad…I was totally bummed after I dug everything up. I’m hoping my sunflowers come up where I planted them! We’ll see. The agriculture site I’m using said pretty much anything with the word “sun” in it is typically heat resistant and does well :p So I figured SUNFLOWERS! LOL. But “sun” varieties of tomatoes supposedly do well in this heat. Hope your flowers that you just planted do well!!

    Andi, I bet you can!! I’ll email it to you! It’ super’s a PDF document and just a few pages. I hope your tomatoes actually turn into tomatoes. Our flowers all just fell off 😦 So sad. Glad to hear your peppers are doing good! Our jalapenos are starting to do really good now! And yum about the basil in tea! I bet that is really good!

    Deslily, Glad you liked the post 🙂 Nothing will discourage me from gardening! Don’t worry about that. I told Jeane the other day, I think I’d do it even if I never got any veggies :p I just enjoy it. And the bread really did come out delicious!

    Vivienne, Sorry to make you drool with the bread there :p The little planting guide that I found is fantastic!! It’s really been a big help!

    Heather, Yeah, I was worried for a little while there yesterday! I don’t know what was up with my server, but I finally got it to work! If I lived closer, I’d totally come pick tomatoes with you :p You planted 12 plants?! That’s so awesome!! You really do have to take a picture!! Are they all romas or did you do different kinds? Sorry to hear your mint died 😦 I think I may have to move mine to a bigger pot too soon…I think it’s all roots!

    Debi, It is really great! It’s the guy from LSU school of Agriculture that runs it…his name is Dan Gill and he’s really great. It would be even better if I could get my garden to start actually giving me some veggies :p I just need to get right with the cycles. I’m starting to learn how it all works though. The planting seasons are just very different down here! Radishes grow pretty fast, don’t they? And I think it’s so cool y’all will have lettuce soon! My cherry tomatoes are doing awful 😦 Too hot for them too..they may have to come up as well. Glad that Annie’s are doing good!! Sorry about the bread :p It was delicious!

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