The Backyard Produce Section 6/20/10

Well, things are continuing to come alive in the garden! Still no huge bounty of veggies, but there are more signs of vegetables to come. I’m just hoping that they do indeed eventually come. My tomato plants are loaded with flowers right now, but no tomatoes! I’ve harvested six so far, but right now they’re all bare. I had two on there, but the worms got to them 😦 My creole tomato has yet to put out tomatoes, but that one has more flowers than I can count, so I’m thinking they’re coming! In between my two tomato plants are my lima beans and they’ve suddenly put out tons of flowers!

I had a few flowers on before, but in the last few days, they’re growing like crazy. As you can see, the grasshoppers are enjoying the leaves as well :p Here’s a question to those who have grown beans before…when do the bean pods come? I’ve been getting flowers for awhile now, but they seem to just fall off. Though the plants are much more mature now, so maybe I’ll get some beans this go around with the flowers.

In other gardening news, the okra is starting to produce pretty well and I picked my first okra today. I thought to myself…what the hell do I do with one okra? And that answer is nothing. So I ended up just slicing it up and putting it in a bag and freezing it…I’ll just add to it until I have enough of it to make a dish. It’s great with shrimp or just breaded and fried! My other thought was to pickle it because pickled okra is great! And I still may do that if I get enough. There’s a whole bunch of little okras springing to life on the plant now.

You’ll notice one BIG change in the garden! The cucumbers are gone! I yanked them up a few days ago. And only got two out of them. I actually got 5, but three of them were very wobbly. They were just too much of a pain. For some reason, they weren’t getting pollinated, so I was having to hand pollinate them which was NOT fun and worked only about 10% of the time. I just didn’t want to spend my whole summer hand pollinating cucumbers. They also completely took over my garden. They started to suffocate my peppers and I noticed that my peppers weren’t doing too great. They were clinging on to the plants too! Just in the three days that they’ve come up, I’ve already noticed that my peppers look better.

The exciting thing is that this gives me the whole back row of my garden to play with now!! So I’ve planted stuff already :p With the new space, I used the square foot gardening technique. So I had 4 square feet of space to play with which gave me room for two cherry tomato plants, 9 spinach seeds and 16 turnip seeds! Can’t wait to start watching stuff pop up now! And my little cherry tomato plants that I planted already have little tomatoes on them 😀

And the final addition makes me extremely happy!! We’ve added a compost bin to our backyard and soon we should have our very own homemade soil 😀 I’ve been trying to talk my family into composting for awhile now and I don’t know which switch flipped in my mom’s head, but she finally let me get a bin! And of course, the cucumbers that I dug up were the first things to go in there. We’re already having fun saving up our coffee grinds and tea bags and vegetable and fruit scraps and toilet paper rolls and heaping them in there 😀

How’s your garden growing this week?


9 Responses

  1. You are so much more dedicated that I can ever imagine myself being…

  2. I love okra, but have never cooked with it myself. And I’ve never seen an okra plant–I love how they grow, just looks so cool! 🙂 And turnips, huh? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten turnip in my whole life. What kinds of things do you do with them?

    And yes, I am still thrilled silly that you got your compost bin! 😀 There’s just something so satisfying about throwing stuff in there knowing it’s going to become beautiful rich dirt as opposed to into the trashcan to be wasted, isn’t there? Okay, maybe that sounds goofy, but it’s true nonetheless. 😛

  3. Nice compost bin! My parents have one, but they haven’t used it in years – they cut down the big oak tree in the front yard after Gustav so they don’t really have enough leaves to layer the compost with them. :/

  4. I love to read your gardening posts. YOu inspire me to set one of my own up, but that is as far as I get. I love to see what you have grown. I have just realised I have never tried okra in my life. Now that is bad.

  5. Beautiful! I need to update with pics of our patio garden. My peppers are going CRAZY still, and I’ve discovered that I cannot grow dill to save my life. *sigh*

  6. Looks great! We have municipal composting here but I don’t want the city getting all my good stuff so I just bought a bin myself. It was hard to find one- I guess people are just using the roadside ones now. The girl at Canadian Tire looked at me like I was nuts when I asked where they kept the bins.

    The weather hasn’t been great but now we’re getting the hot humid air. My radishes were pathetic. I’m hoping to get some tomato plants from my heirloom tomato lady soon.

  7. I grinned when I saw the last picture because I am so into composting! I have an entire post about it here. Is that the okra plant in the next-to-last picture making big maple-shaped leaves on the left? It’s so beautiful.

  8. Okra! I just love the way that stuff smells. If Demeter made an okra-scented perfume, I would totally buy it.

    You’re really making me wish I had a garden. I’ve got a couple of organic lettuce plants that’ve been working out well for me, but I just don’t have the space for much more. Sadness.

  9. your gardens looking very nice! I didnt plant veggies this year, but my flowers have blossomed. I wish they could stay that way all year round.

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