Keeping It Local For Father's Day

First of all, happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!! I know there’s some blogger dads out there 😉 And there are some women out there who have some great blogger hubby’s and fathers, so I’m just passing my wishes on. We decided to celebrate father’s day a day early this year to avoid the huge crowds and in doing so, we also decided to support the hard hit Louisiana seafood industry. Truth is, there’s still a lot of good Louisiana seafood out there despite the oil spill. There’s other water beside the gulf. There’s Lake Pontchartrain which for now remains unaffected by the spill. But prices have gone up dramatically for seafood. Even so, the fisherman need all the help they can get. So we went to The Crab Trap today for boiled crawfish, crabs and shrimp!

It’s a restaurant out in the middle of nowhere in Laplace which is across the lake from New Orleans and sits right on the lakefront. It’s actually quite a beautiful area. Very serene and surrounded by water, local birds, bald cypress trees, and all sorts of local wildlife. Loved the ambiance of the place. True cajun Louisiana. What did I have? I had some sausage cooked in seafood boil, a barqs red cream soda and of COURSE some boiled crawfish which were delicious!

My mom, dad, sister and brother had boiled crabs and shrimp in addition to crawfish, but boiled crabs are just too much work for me, so I don’t eat them :p And I’m just not crazy about them. I’m not that crazy about boiled shrimp either…I’m a crawfish kind of guy. We threw some boiled potatoes and corn into the mix too. And believe it or not, we ate most of what you see in the picture below! And yes, my mom and dad are divorced before you ask but they’ve stayed friends throughout the years :p My little brother wouldn’t get in the picture..that’s why he’s not shown here.

One of the things that I loved about being out in the middle of nowhere was the wildlife that was all around…like these mutant grasshoppers that were everywhere!! I’ve never seen grasshoppers so big in all of my life!! I took a picture of one of them (sorry for the crappy pics by the way, these are all on my iPhone) but it really doesn’t do it justice! This thing was huge! Take a look!

It reminded me of something, but I couldn’t think of what :p So that was our day….A very nice day I might add. For his gift, we gave my dad a football signed by the entire 2009-2010 Saints championship team! We got it from a local restaurant and he loved it. I wouldn’t mind having it myself 😉 It’s really awesome. It felt good to support the local seafood economy too that’s suffering so bad even though I didn’t foot the bill (thanks Mom!). Later in the day, I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up an echinacea plant which I think is my new favorite flower…it’s just so pretty!! I had to get one after seeing the picture in Bookfool’s post the other day! I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I just had to share the news of my new plant and a picture :p More to come on plants tomorrow in the Backyard Produce Section. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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  1. So glad you all had what sounds like a wonderful, wonderful day!!! 😀 And I loved seeing another picture of your family!

    And the grasshopper! I remember those guys for sure…they were all over that state park we visited when we there. Only it must have been grasshopper mating season then because all I could get was pictures of grasshopper sex. 😛

    Your coneflower is beautiful! We’ve got tons in our flower garden, mostly purple but a few yellow ones too. And we just had the first couple flowers open like two days ago, but within a week, I’m guessing it’s just going to be bursting with blooms out there. They’re Rich’s favorite, too. 😀

  2. I can’t imagine how big that grasshopper was if that picture doesn’t do it justice! It’s so big. It makes me shudder. I don’t mind grasshoppers normally but that looks as big as a rat!

    I’m afraid I’m just not a big fan of various types of shell-based seafood (crabs, crawfish, lobster, shrimp, etc). We never had seafood growing up, so most of my seafood happiness is stuff I’ve acquired since I was an adult, and it’s hard to make myself try to eat things that come in shells. 😀

    Wonderful to see a picture of your family, Chris!

  3. You got some echinacea! Yay! I found the book that led to my purchase of “purple coneflowers” (thank you, Debi – that made it easy looking them up): Mississippi Gardener’s Gide by Norman Winter. It’s published by Cool Springs Press. Maybe they have a Louisiana edition.

    I’m so sad about the Gulf; buying shrimp while it’s available seems like a great way to give support to those guys who may lose their jobs for 30 years. I adore seafood. Not a big fan of crawfish, though. I know . . . sacrilege.

    As to the grasshopper . . . looks like an oil company exec, to me. Big, mean, dipped in oil, scary. I know how wide the webbing on those chairs is — he is monstrous! Yuck. But, it’s a cool sort of yuck.

  4. What a lovely way to spend Father’s Day, Chris! I’m also glad to see that there are still a few places safe from the oil spill. It must be so hard for all of you, after Katrina, to face this new devastation. I’ve never had crawfish, though I love shrimp and crab and scallops……that lunch table food looks so delicious!! Thanks Chris 🙂 for sharing with us.

  5. Debi, We did have a great day 😀 I totally forgot that you guys went to the state park when y’all were here!! I’ve seen those grasshoppers before, but never that big!! We don’t have the black grasshoppers in Metairie..we have the cute little green ones. And trust me, I saw a couple of them having grasshopper sex in Laplace too :p I saw a yellow coneflower at Whole Foods today! Almost bought it! I might pick it up next time I go…I have to admit that I like the pink one better, but it was really pretty too! They’re incredible flowers!

    Amanda, That thing was huge!!! My heart was beating really fast just getting close to it to take the picture, lol. LIke it could kill me or something :p I’m not a fan of most seafood either…Honestly, all I really like is crawfish. Don’t like most other seafood. I can understand not liking animals that come in shells though :p

    Nancy, I did, I did!!! And guess who I think of everytime I look at it now? And knowing that Debi has some too now makes me think it should just be the official book blogger flower :p We do have a Louisiana Gardener’s Guide! I should go look and see if it’s by the same person. It’s like a bible down here, lol. I think there’s one in every home. The whole seafood ordeal really is quite sad 😦 I feel so bad for the fishermen 😦 That grasshopper does indeed look like an oil company exec…we should photoshop a BP hat on him :p But then again, he looks too cool for that 😉

    Susan, It was a great way to spend it! There’s definitely still safe places to get seafood from!! Some stuff is just totally gone, like oysters, but crabs and crawfish are still out there aplenty, just for a slightly higher price. oooooh, if you ever make it down here Susan, we are SO SO SO going out for crawfish!!!! My treat!!! I think you’d love them 😀

  6. Have to admit, I’m not a big fan of having to fight my way in to my food. 😉 But that spread looks delicious. 😀

  7. I love crawfish! I love seafood in general. The last time I had crawfish was several years ago when we were visiting my wife’s relatives in Gulfport, Mississippi. It was so delicious. Sounds like a great Father’s Day…and what a cool gift you all got for him.

    The grasshoppers, on the other hand, would not have been fun for me. I hate grasshoppers and junebugs for the same reason…sticky feet. I hate bugs that get on you and stick to you. Ugh. And those look extra creepy.

  8. OMG if that grasshopper-mutant thing ever came near me I’d scream so loud that Ana or Vivienne could hear me! Scary!

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