Oil On The Coast

I was going to write a review of Amy Bloom’s Come to Me tonight, but then I watched the local news. And got pissed off. And frustrated. And sad. And so many other emotions. This horrific oil spill just continues to snowball into a bigger and bigger disaster. It’s taken over all of our wetlands now and the majority of them are now beyond saving. If we can ever get this cleaned up, they’ll have to be rebuilt and what fun that will be trying to get federal funding. Pelicans and other birds are being found covered in black oil and will die within a few days of being coated if not washed. And they won’t all be washed…only a handful will. Turtles are dying, fish are dying. All of the tiny, microscopic organisms that keep our wetlands alive are dying. Oyster beds are all being closed. I don’t even know what I can do, so I write about it here hoping to just make people aware of it. BP IS NOT STEPPING UP TO END THE DISASTER THEY CAUSED. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT STEPPING UP TO HELP THE GULF STATES OUT. So that leaves us as citizens. What can we do? I don’t know. I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago with some suggestions. Those are still good starting points…I recommend checking that out. Here are a few pictures I’ve found from local news stations to show what’s going on down here:

Sad, huh? Frustrating, huh? I guess all I’m asking is to keep this in the back of your minds while you’re making your everyday choices. Especially if your gas tank is running low and there is a BP around….PLEASE pass it up and go somewhere else. Those assholes don’t deserve a penny of anyone’s money. The bottom line is that this is a man made disaster and man has to start stepping up to the plate to fix it and no one is. And nature is starting to suffer for it now. And it just makes me so sad. Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of honest men and women who are now suffering as well and have lost their way of life because of this. It’s been taken away. Another scary thing is that the wetlands have always been Louisiana’s first line of defense against hurricanes and now with hurricane season approaching in just one week, they are all being killed off. What a disaster.


8 Responses

  1. There are no words … and as you said, this is only the beginning.

  2. Chris I am soooo with you! I have been watching the news this morning (and checking my blog, o’course) and they are showing pictures of people picking up that sluggish oil mess with a stick. A STICK. It’s that thick.

    Did you read/hear that they’re thinkin’ if a hurricane does hit, the oil will only add to its strength? I can’t remember where I saw that. *le sigh*

    I’m just as aggravated and feel just as helpless as you do. :/

  3. *hugs my dear friend*

  4. I cannot believe it is taking so long to stop the oil leak. I shall definitely avoid BP as that is the least I can do.

  5. It all makes me feel so sick and hopeless. I’ve heard the oil has now started to reach a current which will take it up the east coast, as well. It’s horrible.

  6. This is a disaster and it breaks my heart!

  7. I was just looking at photos of this disaster at The Big Picture and it’s so depressing. Hard to think about books, I agree.

    Just read your response to me in the previous post and, yes, we definitely need to get together some time!

  8. Oh Chris. I don’t really have anything to add except as a neighbor I share your frustration to a (albiet smaller) degree. This just breaks my heart.

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