Backyard Produce 5/9/10 and Happy Mother's Day!

(me and mom)

I wanted to start off this post by wishing all of you wonderful mothers out there a happy mother’s day. While part of me isn’t a big fan of this holiday, I still acknowledge it for what it is. The reason I say I’m not a big fan of this holiday is because I don’t think that mother’s need ONE day to be shown how much they’re loved. I believe that those mothers who give love to their children year round should be treated with that same love year round and should be pampered now and then and showered with hugs and kisses. Same with father’s day and valentines day and grandparents day and all those other days that honor loved ones. I wish we took those concentrated doses of love that we show on those “special” days and remembered them more throughout the year. I will be showering my wonderful mom with love today, but it’s something that I try to be mindful of everyday…something I’ve especially been trying to be more mindful of lately. And to all of you amazing mothers out there that I know, I wish you all a happy day as well and hope you’re all showered with love as well.

One more thing before I jump into the gardening update, you may notice that I have a new banner over here!! Or if you’ve followed my blog for a LONG time now, you may notice that I have a very OLD banner over here :p I’ve brought back my original header. The header you see now for my blog is a Dave McKean image that I absolutely love that’s been cropped quite a bit. It’s followed me from my original blog over on blogger, over to my free wordpress blog and has now made it’s way here to my self hosted site. I’ve been missing it and now it’s back! And now onto the gardening stuff!

The biggest news of this week is that I got my bean garden planted! If you remember, last week, I planted 10 lima bean plants into little seedling pots. Well, I actually planted two seeds in each pot, planning to pull the weakest plant and let the strongest one get planted, which is what I did. I was shocked at how quick the seedlings sprouted!! I had seedlings ready to transplant in just 5-6 days! And they went into the groud today, so hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll have my first lima beans of the season, which I absolutely love! This is my first time ever growing any kind of beans before. I planted my bean garden (just 10 plants) along the fence and put some edging around it. And at the end, what you see is my wonderful little garden fairy that Amanda gave me for my birthday πŸ˜€ She hand painted it and then had it glazed and fired! Isn’t it awesome?

Next up, I thought I’d give you a general update on how the garden is doing. Not much has changed overall. Everything’s getting a little bigger. The only thing in the raised bed that has any veggies on it right now is the jalapeno plant which seems to suddenly have like 10 little peppers on it! Looks like one of the bell peppers is starting to get a pepper too and I can’t tell if the cucumbers are starting to flower or not. But things have definitely gotten taller since last week! All of the dead leaves on the eggplant in the front have been pulled since this picture was taken :p Another thing I did today was feed everything! And since I’m doing everything the organic way, I wanted to find an organic feed that was seaweed based. Well I found one at Whole Foods called Lady Bug Brand John’s Recipe. And I swear that the plants look betterΒ  and greener already just 5 hours after spraying it on them. It’s a liquid fertilizer that you just spray on with a feeder. Only downside is, everything smells like dead fish for a little while since it’s main ingredients are seaweed and fish emulsion :/ Mix that with the cow manure in the soil and you don’t smell too great after playing in the garden :/ Anyway, here’s a pic of the garden this week:

And finally, an update on all of the potted stuff! It’s all doing fantastic!! I made some delicious sweet iced tea today and added a sprig of my potted mint to it that added such an awesome flavor to it. The parsley is growing awesome. We have SO SO SO many strawberries that are starting to grow now and we’ve actually been able to eat a few of them. The one’s that we’ve had have been so juicy too. The green onions are sprouting up like crazy though they really need to be thinned out because I planted WAY too many of them :/ I was kind of hoping they would just kill each other off and only the strong would survive, but it doesn’t look like that happens. The orange tree still looks good, but it really needs to go in the ground soon. Oooh, I bought a lavender plant at the farmer’s market this week πŸ™‚ Question, does anyone know how you harvest lavender? I know you have to before it flowers or before the flower actually blossoms, but do you just cut that whole bud off (the purple part) and then let it dry out or what? Because I don’t actually know what to do :p And the tomatoes are looking delicious but I’m wondering if they’re EVER going to turn red!! We have this one giant tomato that’s been on there for about 4 weeks now and just stays green and keeps growing. And there’s just these 5 tomatoes on there with no other tomatoes coming up on the bush…very odd. I’m wondering if these five are just taking all of the water and nutrients from the plant and stopping any other growth from happening. Here’s what the tomatoes look like:

That’s all for this week!! Stay tuned next Sunday for more garden updates :p If that sort of thing interests you >>


15 Responses

  1. I loved your header with the beautiful grasses, but seeing this is like seeing an old friend. I remember it from Blogger!

    Your comment on my blog REALLY touched my heart; thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed them, and the next time I post a recipe I’ll assume someone mighth really try it, and add the temperature of the oven. πŸ˜‰ Your mother is blessed to have you, Chris.

  2. Hey, I remember that header! Glad to see you’ve resurrected something that you love. πŸ™‚ And your garden is looking great!!!

  3. I remember your old header too. I’m glad you brought it back- I like it a lot! (Can you share a link to the painting it’s from? I’d like to see the whole image.) And I love seeing the plants grow. I’m just planting my beans and setting out pepper and tomato seedlings this week, no fruits yet. Your tomatoes look almost ready!

  4. Bellezza, I know you do remember that header from Blogger! I’ve been friends with you for ages πŸ™‚ You’re one of the first bloggers I remember! I absolutely loved the pinchups!! I ended up getting 19 of them out of that batch and they’re nearly gone already between me, my mom and my sister!! And my sisters boyfriend ate a few too :p They’re so good!! I know they’re not good for ye ole belly though :p It’s amazing how good butter, sugar and flour can taste, huh? Happy Mother’s Day to you my dear!

    Heather, πŸ™‚ I love seeing how long everyone’s been reading this blog! Though I knew you’ve been reading for awhile now. It’s good to have the header back. Thanks for the garden compliment!

    Jeane, I did find a link from my old blogger files to the whole image! Here you go: It’s an awesome image and you can use it as a desktop background! Oh it sounds like you have some awesome gardening going on!! I can’t wait for these tomatoes to finally turn red!! They seem like they’re taking forever. I’m an impatient gardener :p

  5. wow you have a very pretty mom!! Tell her I hope she has a wonderful day from me please..

    I absolutely love watching your garden grow “farmer Chris” ! I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor and savor every bite!! (especially that big tomatoe!!!! argh I’d did for a real tasting tomatoe!) Everything is lookin’ exceptionally good !! I look forward to the updates!!

  6. Aww such a gorgeous pic of you and your mom! Loving all the planting updates, I had to laugh about your smelly garden – but imo the stinky organic gardens are usually the ones that bring the best bounty!
    About the tomatoes (not sure if this will work for you since we are from totally different climates) but when our tomatoes get to the perfect size but are still green, we pluck them and wrap em up in newspaper, then place them inside on a very warm sunny windowsill. Check every day. It usually only takes 2-3 days and our tomatoes are brightly ripened, juicy and ready to munch on.

  7. that’s wonderful. I wish I had a garden to grow my own vegetables and fruit. I do try to shop local though, as much as possible. I hate buying vegs at the supermarket, where mostly everything comes from another country. We get weekly deliveries with organic vegetables grown here and they taste and look gorgeous!

  8. Your garden is looking good! And so are you and your mom. πŸ™‚

  9. Aw, that’s so sweet! What a good son.

    The garden looks great. I’m so jealous.

    The old banner looks great. I’m glad you brought it back.

  10. Deslily, I’ll definitely pass on the mother’s day wishes and the compliment πŸ˜‰ Happy Mother’s Day to you too Pat!!! Thanks so much for the help with the header!! I wish I could send you a tomato when it ripens, but I’m afraid it would probably rot in the mail :/

    Joanne, I totally agree with you! The smelly gardens always bear the best fruit πŸ˜‰ But man do they stink :p Thanks so much for the tomato tip!! I’m totally going to try that one out!! Happy mother’s day to you!!!

    Valentina, I’m becoming the same way…that’s a big reason why I decided to start planting my own stuff more and more because everything comes from somewhere else so I’m trying to start growing what I can and buying locally when I can! Glad to hear you’re doing the same πŸ™‚

    Amanda, Thanks πŸ˜€ Hope you have a good Mother’s day!!

    Other Chris, Thanks!! Have you put anything into the ground yet?

  11. Hmm, I’ve never harvested lavender before the flowers have finished blooming. I wait until they’ve dried on the stalk and then I sort of rub out the lavender seeds. I let them go to seed, but not so far gone the seeds fall out, in other words. Then I set them out on paper towels for a few days, just to make sure they’re completely dry (to avoid mold if you put them in a closed container). After that, you can put them in a jar to save for when you need them or sew them into bags or pillows.

    I’ve sprinkled lavender in my display case in the hopes that it will help keep moths away from my grandmother’s dolls, which I inherited a couple years ago. One of them has a silk dress and I’m always worried moths are going to munch on it. I haven’t found any lavender plants at all, this year!! I made the mistake of leaving mine out when it froze and lost them, doggone it. Where did you find yours?

  12. Love the header! The lima bean plants are so cute! I should let my kids plant some but our old plants have already taken up our outdoor space. I hope you’re having a great day.

  13. Nancy, Oh so THAT’S how you do it!!! Thank you so much!! I would’ve been trying to figure it out forever :p I can’t wait. I’m actually really happy to hear that because now I get to watch the beautiful flowers and get to dry it all out afterwards. Can’t wait to start building up the seeds in jars πŸ˜€ I found my lavender at my local farmer’s market this past Tuesday! Do y’all have one around you? You might want to try there. They had a guy selling all kinds of gorgeous plants and he had a bunch of migraine friendly plants like lavender and feverfew. I was going to get some feverfew too because I’ve heard it works really well as a tea for migraines, but I’m not really sure I’d like feverfew tea :p I’ve tried feverfew capsules but they don’t do jack for me 😦 How are you today Nancy? I had the migraine from HELL but thanks to Relpax, it’s subsided.

    Vasilly, Thanks πŸ™‚ I’m so happy with my lima bean plants! They’re really quick growers!! I can’t wait until I have bean pods. It reminds me of my childhood. I used to love shelling beans into a bucket with my Gram when I was a little kid. It’s one of my favorite memories. You should totally plant some with the kids!

  14. You have tomatoes!??! I am so jealous! I have blooms, but nothing even close to that!! And I’m so glad your strawberries are coming in. You know how much we’ve been enjoying ours πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the beans. I haven’t tried those yet, but as I’m going to actually plow up a garden next year, I’m going to try green beans. My grandfather planted them every year and it’s one of those things I really miss from growing up.

    I’m happy to see you’re reading Animal Vegetable Miracle! I hope you’re loving it as much as I did.

    What a wonderful message you have for spreading the love. Your mother raised you right!

  15. Goodness gracious those are big tomatoes!! And strawberries? Yum.

    Although–not sure about the dead fish/manure smell. πŸ™‚ Is that going to be a permanent thing? I picked up something the other day to keep the bunnies away from my flowers–nothing harmful but the active ingredients include garlic and dried blood so my yard isn’t too pleasant either. :/

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