Bad Bloggers On A Wednesday

Time to post the next round of books that walked into the house before it gets to out of control. Now I actually am writing this post on Tuesday night, so it’s quite possible that other books have walked into the house once this has posted :p In fact, I’m HOPING that Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness has walked into the house :p I have a dear friend who was kind enough to send a copy my way, so we’ll see if it ends up here!! I know it’s somewhere on it’s way to me. Here’s what has made it’s way to me as of Tuesday night and who I’m blaming for it this week.

1. Don’t Tell: The Sexual Abuse of Boys by Michel Dorais – I wasn’t going to review this one on this blog at first, but I’m about halfway through it right now and I think it’s something that more people need to know about so I think I am going to review it. As food for thought for right now, did you know that 1 in 6 boys have been the subject of some type of sexual abuse? Most people don’t because it’s NOT talked about. So I will. (Bought it)

2. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman – SO excited about this one!! It actually comes out here in the US in just a few days but I couldn’t wait :p So after reading Ana’s review (actually before reading Ana’s review) I ordered it from The Book Depository!! And it’s here now and I plan on starting it tonight!! I heard today in an email from Canongate that it’s ranked #1 in the UK right now on the fiction charts. Congrats to Canongate and to Mr. Pullman! Point to Ana! (Bought it)

3. Instructions by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Charles Vess – Yeah, just look at who wrote it and illustrated it…I had to get it. In fact, I’ve had this one pre-ordered since it was announced :p And it was read within 5 minutes of being opened from the box. And has been read about 10 times since :p And it was reviewed yesterday! (Bought it)

4. The Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardener’s Year by Graham Clarke – I REALLY like this book!!! Like I said, I’m trying to go all organic this year with my vegetable garden and this book is just what I was looking for. It gives you some excellent pointers on how to do things the organic way without making things seem overly complicated and without being preachy at all. It’s very simple! And it breaks each vegetable and fruit and herb down by seasons and tells you what to do in each season and how to grow in each season. It’s really fantastic!! I’d highly recommend it! I’ve learned so much from it already. So many other neat tips here and there as well. I should really write a full review on this one. (Bought it)

5. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami – I have been wanting this book FOREVER! Literally. Ok…not literally, but it feels that way. Since before I started blogging I’ve been wanting this book. I don’t know why I haven’t bought it. But it finally came up on Paperback Swap and I have it now! (Paperback Swap)

6. Troll: A Love Story by Johanna Sinisalo – Ok, so isn’t that title alone enough to make you want to read the book? If it’s not, you should just read Eva’s review of the book and then you’ll totally want to read it. Yep, she gets a point for this one as I couldn’t pass it up after she reviewed it. And I just love the cover. (Paperback Swap)

7. Curse of The Wolf Girl by Martin Millar – So. Excited. About. This. One. I just finished Lonely Werewolf Girl a couple of days ago and you should go read my review and then go read the book if you haven’t already because the book is OMG amazing! Seriously, I’m obsessed with Martin Millar now after reading Lonely Werewolf Girl and this is the follow up book to that one that the publisher was kind enough to send me. I was sad to have to leave the characters after the end of LWG and now I get more of them 🙂 (Sent for review)

That’s it for now! Ana takes the lead…surprise, surprise :/

7 Responses

  1. Ooh I hope you like the Murakami. I have to admit he scares me to death!

  2. I really want to read that first one. It’s on one of my novel research lists!

  3. I so cannot wait to get my hands on Instructions. *swoon* Loved your review!

  4. A day shall not dawn that Chris does not add books to his TBR pile, nor shall a day pass that he cannot blame it on others!… this is an offical decree!
    (so help me Chris NOT make me add books to my wish list!)

  5. Why is it that I always see awesome-looking books, add them to my TBR, and it grows so quickly before I’ve read them, the sequel comes out? In point: Lonely Werewolf Girl and now the second one. I guess I should be happy, when I do get to it, I can read two at once now!

  6. Amanda, I hope I do too! It’s an awesome sounding book that I’ve been wanting forever. You really need not be scared of him 😉 I’ve read two books by him and I’ve loved them both!

    Renay, It’s a really good book so far. It’s split between research done by the author and victim accounts and how it’s affected them. I think it’s one that you’d enjoy…well, enjoy is not the right word :p But you know what I mean!

    Christina, It’s so awesome!!! You’ll really like it!

    Deslily, Every now and then a day passes that I don’t add books to my pile 😉 It’s just a RARE day, lol. And I’m TRYING not to add books to your pile, but you added one to my pile with the Faery book you reviewed yesterday!!

    Jeane, :p Sorry about that! But OMG Lonely Werewolf Girl is SO SO SO good!!! I think you’ll absolutely love it Jeane!

  7. grrr well i added Pullmans book to my list..but gawd knows when I will get it!

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