Hello My Dear Friends!

I could just call this post “Bad Blogger” and be referring to myself. Because that’s what I’ve been lately. Life has taken one of those unexpected turns where it’s decided to fill up a bucket full of as much excrement as it can possibly find, pack it in as tightly as it can and then dump it on top of my head. At least that’s how I’ve felt. Ok….well, that’s a bit dramatic. But to put it less dramatically, I’ve been going through a few personal things lately which explains my absence in the blogging world. I just had to step away for a couple of weeks and I’m sorry that it went unannounced. But today, for the first time in two weeks, I feel like blogging again. And I just wanted to say hi to everyone.

I’ve missed this so much. I really have. I miss the interaction with all of my friends. I miss visiting everyone’s blogs and commenting. I’ve still been reading everyone’s blogs thanks to google reader on my iPhone, but it’s not the same when I don’t have the motivation to comment 😦 There’s no interaction. But for now I’m marking all as read and starting fresh tomorrow. Blogging has come to mean so much to me over the years. I’ve realized that more and more over the last few days, the last two weeks. I’ve craved the interaction with everyone, wondered what everyone has been up to, wanted to share things with everyone. But unfortunately I was just lacking motivation to do that. Depression…it sucks.

While I was away though, I read some amazing books! One that was written by a friend that I won’t be reviewing publicly, but that I hope that I one day can. I also read The Einstein Intersection by Samuel Delany which I’ve been meaning to read for literally years which was AMAZING! I seriously think I’ve found a new favorite sci-fi author in Delany. Today I finished Push by Sapphire. That book just absolutely blew me away and brought me to tears so many times that I lost count. I don’t even think I’ll be able to watch Precious, the movie that’s based on the book…it would be too hard. What an absolutely amazing book though. Can’t wait to review those two. And I’m reading Raven Stole the Moon by Garth Stein, one I’m sure you’ve ALL seen reviews of already :p I’m really enjoying it though!

And on top of all this, you’re going to have a um….really bad bad bloggers post coming from me soon. Like, seriously bad. I was down in the dumps, ok??? That’s my excuse :p But yeah, it’s gonna be bad.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I missed you all so much and I should be back to commenting and reviewing and writing and everything else now!!! How’s everyone been?!


20 Responses

  1. We’ve missed you, too – I’m so glad you’re blogging again. And I hope that things are getting easier.

  2. Good to see you back & blogging mate! πŸ˜€

  3. *ginormous hug*

    I’m glad you’re back now. πŸ™‚

  4. Lovely to see you back Chris.

  5. Welcome back πŸ™‚ I have taken a step back as well – not doing any challenges this year or memes – just reading for the love of it πŸ™‚

  6. I think when life takes over we miss the heartbeat of what we know as our life… the thing we do without thinking just because it’s part of our everyday life.. that would include the blogs the commenting etc.. I’m glad you are back, and boy do I understand the depression! I rarely get out of it, I have learned to keep doing those “everyday” things no matter what and i’m always glad when a get a smile here and a smile there… I am guessing the fingerbear councilor worked pretty good LOL LOL..
    Seriously, i hope you are feeling as good as you sound.

  7. Welcome back! It was awesomely exciting to see a new post from your blog in my reader πŸ™‚
    I’ve been a bad blogger too lately, but like you I’m still reading blogs on my iphone — someone needs to nominate the iphone for sainthood methinks (lol!)
    Samuel Delany is on my tbr sci-fi list, I have little to no experience with the genre but I was told his stuff was epic. Can’t wait to see your review of Einstein Intersection.

  8. So happy to see you again πŸ™‚

  9. Depression sucks. I really hope you are feeling better and dealing with all the dung. Welcome back!

  10. Sending you all the hugs you know always come from my direction. πŸ™‚ I hope starting to blog and interact again will help lift the depression a little. It’s ironic how interacting with others can help us so much and yet depression makes us do the exact opposite. I know how you feel, my friend. I’ve suffered through it too many times myself. Still do, actually. But you did a great thing in marking all the posts and read and starting fresh. No need to get yourself overwhelmed!

    Love you Chris, and I’m really looking forward to your uberlong bad bloggers post!

  11. Chris, I’m so glad to see you back up here! And I personally feel that hitting that “Mark All as Read” button can be such a good feeling sometimes! I am sorry life has been rough for you lately, but I also am happy to see you coming back out. It’s spring! It’s a great time to start afresh.

  12. I’ve missed seeing you in my reader, Chris. Glad to see you back and sorry you have been going through a tough time. As someone who has struggled with depression from time to time, I can only agree that depression sucks. We’re always here for you, though!

  13. Glad to see you’re back and feeling better, Chris! (:

    Can’t wait to see how lonnnng that Bad Bloggers post is going to be…

  14. I was wondering where you’d been, missed reading your posts. Glad you’re feeling better- we’ve all got open arms for you! I saw Precious with my husband, and it made us both cry, multiple times (I don’t cry often in movies) so now I think I won’t be able to read the book, it would be too emotional for me. And I’ve been enjoying the reviews on Raven Stole the Moon, want to read it for myself, so eager to see what you think of that one.

    Welcome back!

  15. Welcome back my friend, you were indeed missed. And because of that I suppose it will be easy to forgive your upcoming bad bloggers post! πŸ™‚

  16. So glad to see you’re feeling refreshed and have been reading some great books!!! I loved Raven Stole the Moon…so glad to have been introduced to that one. I just finished City of Refuge and couldn’t stop thinking of you while I was reading it. Take care and have a great weekend!

  17. Hi Chris! Sorry I’ve been an awful friend lately, but I’m glad you have the will to blog again :). Can’t wait to see more of your reviews :).

  18. Aw!!! I love you guys!! Glad to be back πŸ˜€ You all are the best!!

  19. Missed you, missed you, now I’ve gotta kiss you. *SMACK* Also, big ((((HUGS)))). Here’s hoping the next few weeks are a huge improvement. Love ya!

  20. We always miss you when you’re gone. Wecome back! Hugs!

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