We Did It!!!

So I’m finally getting to posting about the BIG FREAKING SUPERBOWL WIN LAST NIGHT!!!!! WHO DAT!!! I had to watch the game from work on my little portable 7″ tv, but that didn’t stop me from freaking out and celebrating like crazy. I still don’t know if it’s actually sunk in that we’ve won the superbowl. Needless to say, the whole city has just about lost it. It’s pure chaos, but a good kind of chaos everywhere you go and the celebration is nowhere near over! We’ll all be wearing smiles for a long time down here πŸ™‚


11 Responses

  1. That is such a great picture. Look at that little guy’s face! Congrats to your team. Watch out for stray bullets if you go out partying.

  2. Go forth and celebrate some more, my dear friend! Yep, still soooooo happy for you!

  3. Only 7 inches for the game of games??? Glad you had fun anyway. And celebrating is definitely necessary after this result πŸ˜€

    I wished I could have watched it (no TV and it started 12am my time). But I’m still amazed and soooo happy!

  4. I don’t know anything about football, and never watch the Superbowl, but I’m glad New Orleans finally has something to celebrate! Y’all deserve it.

  5. I love that picture. Even more, I love that you posted this the day after, because it’s still just as exciting to you. That puts a big smile on my face.

  6. I’m still tearing up thinking about it – I keep remembering we won the Super Bowl and trying to figure out if actually I dreamed it BUT I DID NOT. I’m having fun going back and reading the pre-game predictions and how everyone thought the Colts were going to take it by a few points and instead we won by FOURTEEN. Happy happy happy happy happy.

    My favorite pre-game prediction, from the Indianapolis Star:

    “And I’m not so sure former IU CB Tracy Porter is going to have much fun trying to stay with Wayne. The Saints will have to rotate a safety over top
    Wayne. If not, they will learn the hard way.”

    Erm, and now I think I will trot off and watch that interception on YouTube again because, you know, it just never gets old.

  7. I am so excited that the Saints won. My sister got to celebrate on Bourbon street afterwards, so I am a tad jealous.

  8. I started squealing with the interception and then when they didn’t get that 4th down i was jumping up and down! that is a top notch picture you found to! Hope you can go to the parade tonight, if you want to at least! YAY!

  9. I think it’s awesome and I love the photo that you chose!

  10. ZOMG, wasn’t it the best game ever?! I was on pins and needles for almost the whole thing! And then that interception!!! I was screaming so loudly, it was ridiculous. hehe

  11. I was stoked the Saints won! They’ve been a backup favorite of mine (you know, if I can’t root for the 49ers, which I haven’t been able to for, like, the past TEN YEARS), and WOOHOO!!

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