A Weekend With Good Friends!

I’m a lucky guy this weekend 🙂 Two of my very favorite bloggers came to visit New Orleans and while they’re here, they’re spending some time with me!!! Amanda from The Zen Leaf and her husband Jason from Moored at Sea are here with the kiddos and frankly, all five of them are adorable! They came in last night and I got to meet them all last night. At the same hotel that I got to meet Debi and her family at a few months ago!!! I felt so comfortable with them all right away, just like I’d known them forever…you know that’s the sign of a really good friend 🙂

Me and Amanda went for coffee and hot chocolate at a local coffee shop on Magazine street last night and just chatted about this and that for awhile until the coffee shop was about to close. It’s amazing how you can never meet someone face to face but then have so much to talk about when you finally do. Yet there are people that you see every day that you just have nothing to say to at times. Then we called it a night because it had been QUITE the long day for the Gignacs!

Today was awesome!! I spent the day at the zoo with Amanda and Jason and their ADORABLE kids 🙂 I love those boys!! They’re so damn cute. But of course this was not before they tortured me for 6 minutes….you will all soon be privy to this torture as soon as the next death and baby death book hour goes up on Amanda’s blog….it’s bad. After the zoo, we headed over to Morning Call for beignets as a treat from the ever so sweet Debi 😀 Thanks again, Debi!!! You’re the best 🙂

Right now, it’s relax and nap time while the Gignacs go out for dinner, but as soon as they’re done, guess what we’re doing? Yep, hitting up the bookstore! Here’s some pics of Jason and Amanda and another of the kiddos 🙂



17 Responses

  1. You have been awesome! Thanks for hanging out with us all day. I’m sure we completely tired you out! This has been such a wonderful trip. 🙂 And that picture of me and Jase came out so well. I think I’m going to steal it for my post in a few days if that’s okay?

  2. And ps – YOU DID WONDERFUL with Death and Baby Death. So don’t worry. Everyone will love it. 😀

  3. Very cool! Glad everyone is having a wonderful time. It is great when you can just fall in conversation with people as if you’ve known them forever.

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time!! As I’ve mentioned a few times the last week: Yeah for blogging friends!

  5. Very cool! The kiddos are super cute (I remember them from Amanda’s vlog).

  6. yay for blogging friends! I love that feeling, like you’ve known each other forever and it’s all just really comfortable. I’m so glad you have that.

    I adore that pic of Amanda and Jason as well! 🙂 so very jealous of the good times you all are having!

  7. wow this was your year for meeting bloggers!!! I’ve met a few people that I met over the internet over the years and, like you, I’ve never been disappointed! They are always as they seem from “talking”! Nice to know there are still many good folks out there!!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas baby boy!

  8. Quit meeting all my favourite people, Christopher 😛

  9. YAY for a great visit with blogging buddies!

  10. What a fun post!! I’m glad you had so much fun meeting Amanda and Jason and their family! their three boys look like so much fun! (and a handful, having two of my own, I recognize mischievous looks when I see it!) Mmmm, hot chocolate and talking followed by book shopping……that’s the real life of a bookaholic!!! lol did you get any good books?

  11. How fabulous, that you all got to hang out together. You were very good with Death and Baby Death. Glad to hear fun was had by all.

  12. Oh my, how can a post make me so all warm and fuzzy and so very sad all at the same time? I’m sooooo glad you all had such a wonderful time…of course, it was pretty much a no-brainer that you would! 😀

    (The sad…somehow this just made me miss you all the more.)

    Still waiting to hear your favorite saint though. 😉 (You know, like I would actually know one saint from another anyway.)

  13. Why does everyone visit New Orleans instead of Colorado Springs?! Oh wait…because it’s like a million times better. lol

    Um, the vlog of you that Amanda posted made me laugh so hard I cried. Seriously; it completely ruined my mascara that day.

  14. just want to make sure I wish you a Merry Christmas Chris! hugs! (while it cold, cuddle up in an afghan why don’t you? lol )

  15. Awe, what a great visit! I really enjoyed your Death and Baby Death Book Hour, and the pics you and Jason tweeted were awesome.

  16. so fun! You’ve hosted a lot of awesome people – you must be pretty special. 😛
    merry merriment and a blessed (full of books) new year!

  17. whooo…the pics says that you had a blast……great going guys…this christmas i was lucky enough to have visited a far off place from my town and the mostt exciting thing that happened was that a day before the travel, i got my John Grisham’s Ford County door-delivered from A1Books.co.in….I was giggling at the very thought that his would help me out during those long hours of travelling..but had so fun that couldn’t even get the book out of the bag 😉 😉

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