Native by Mona Kuhn

Kuhn_Native_0I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve wanted to read some photography books. I used to read them quite often in my early twenties and I miss that love of photography that I once had. Not two days after this thought popped into my head, one of my favorite online publicists zipped me an email asking if I’d be interested in reviewing Mona Kuhn’s’ Native and I was ecstatic with the offer! I looked up some of her work and it looked stunning. I was thrilled when the book arrived on my doorstep.

I was even more thrilled upon opening the pages. Mona Kuhn brings us into the rainforests of her homeland, Brazil. Through the lens of her camera, she captures the beauty, the magic, and the haunting appeal of the forests and it’s people. Her photos of the trees, vines and plants are absolutely stunning!! They’re blurred around the edges and while some photos evoke a sense of decay, others evoke a sense of the plants being alive….as if they’re crawling towards her camera lens.

Her portraits are gorgeous. They are interspersed throughout scenes of the rainforest, scenes of sunlight peeking through shaded curtains and darkened rooms. The portraits are a celebration of the human body. Most of them are nudes, and Kuhn has full respect for the male and female form, fully capturing it’s beauty. The people that she photographs are just as exotic as the rich tropical plants that neighbor their photos, sensual, beautiful, and mysterious.

I think what I loved most about this book, and what I love about most photography books that center around a geographical location is that it allowed me to get a feel for this place. I’ve always dreamed of traveling to the rainforests of Brazil. It’s high on my list of places that I would like to one day see. It’s a place that seems to exist only in picture books and tv specials until you see it with your own eyes. But Mona Kuhn does a fabulous job of making that place real with this book, but at the same time, she makes it more mysterious than ever.

I found that she has a gorgeous website if you want to learn more about her art!


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  1. i have never even considered reading/reviewing a photography book. The idea has never crossed my mind. Shame on me! I love books like this. This sounds wonderful!

  2. I *almost* requested a copy of this for review but I’m so behind with everything that I didn’t want to take on another thing. Now I’m sorry I didn’t – it sounds like this was an excellent book.

  3. I’ve read a few photography books this year (and just abandoned one-The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, which was only about European ones w/ a couple US ones thrown in, and was more about ridiculous architecture and art than the books-hmph), and this one sounds really neat!

  4. Amanda, You should definitely check out some photography books! They’re so much fun. This was a really great one and she has another one called “Evidence” that looks really good too.

    Heather, You totally should’ve requested it! It wouldn’t have taken you much time at all to read actually. There’s no words :p But it’s a beautiful book.

    Eva, You’re the one who had me actually wanting to read some photography books this year!! This one was really neat..I think you would like it…You should see if your library has it 🙂

  5. Sounds like a gorgeous book!

  6. I also haven’t read an art/photography book in GES! The last one was Who Killed Amanda Palmer, and before that, who knows…

    The Amazon is definitely on my Must See Places list as well. Because no, I’ve never been despite having been to Brazil so many times. The place’s huge, and Mathie’s family doesn’t leave anywhere near it. One day, though!

  7. *ages

    *head desk*

  8. Oh, this book sounds so lovely! I went to her website…I’m especially blown away by her black and whites. Of course, rain forest photos definitely should be in color. 😀

  9. I am a huge fan of rainforests too. The destruction horrifys me. They are so important!

  10. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this so much! I should be getting a review copy of it soon too, and I’m really looking forward to it. A really good photography book is a pleasure indeed.

  11. I was thrilled that you anticipated my next move and included the website link to go and sample her work. You are correct, sir. It is quite lovely. I’m excited you got a chance to review it as her work is gorgeous.

  12. Ooh, this book sounds so interesting! I haven’t read a photography book in a while either. I need to make room for a couple each year.

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