NaNoWriMo Day #1

nano_09_blk_participant_120x240.pngMy goal for this month is to drive myself absolutely nuts :p I plan on writing a 50,000 word novel, blogging every day this month on my progress, hopefully reading at least a couple of books, and helping out with the Blogger Secret Santa Exchange that Nymeth is running once again!! Go sign up for the Secret Santa right now 🙂 The button is super cute!! And it’s like my favorite event of the year 🙂

So I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo again this year, and I’m finally happy with where I’m going. For those who didn’t witness my breakdown on twitter, this is what happened. I started at midnight last night, wrote 903 words and hated ever single word that I wrote. I was convinced in my head that I was going to be a giant #writefail this year and should just give up now because nothing good was going to come out of these fingers. I’m still not entirely convinced otherwise, but I woke up this morning and broke rule number one of NaNo which is “do not go back and edit” and deleted everything I wrote last night and started over.

Here’s my reasoning, and it makes sense to me at least :p And to Amanda, so that makes me feel better, lol. I hated how I started my novel last night. It wasn’t anything like what I wanted to be and it felt all wrong while I was writing it, but I just wanted something. So I stuck with it. But that’s no way to start off. It was going to bug me for the entire 30 days if I didn’t go back and change it, so go back and change it I did. And now I’m glad to say that I have over 2400 words that I’m happy with and I plan to have more than that by the time that tonight is over! Everyone is doing fantastic really! I’m so impressed by some people’s numbers!! Some people are over 7000 already!!! That’s crazy!

My favorite thing so far this year? I convinced Eva to join NaNo an hour before it started :p You seriously don’t know how happy it makes me that Eva is now writing a novel!!! I just hope that she’s having fun with it! I know that I am now that I actually know what I’m writing about and I like my characters. I even discovered a character (an 8 year old ghost named Belle) that just popped out of nowhere that I absolutely love!

Ok…I’m going to catch up on some blog reading for now! And try to get rid of this headache :/ Yes, it’s returned. But if you want to check in on me at all during this month, you can follow my progress over on my NaNoWriMo profile page, or just click on the NaNoWriMo button on my sidebar. The big red one!


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  1. I am having fun w/ it! But taking my shower today, I realised that time travel would require a HELL of a lot of research. So now I’m playing around with a ghost instead, lol. Me=lazy. Fortunately, I’m still not too far in, so it can still be up in the air at this point.

  2. Good luck, Chris! And sorry to hear about your headache :/

  3. oh no.. i sure do not like that you are getting headaches again so fast.. the strain of all the reading and writing on a bright screen in front of your eyes can’t be helping it.

    I hope you feel better soon Chris.
    I’m also glad you are liking your restart at NaNo and your new little ghost!

  4. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! It amazes me every year to see how much creativity this event brings out in people.

  5. Wow…you’re cranking out the words, aren’t you?!! Way to go, Chris!!! And you convinced Eva to do it…how awesomely cool!

    Btw, here’s Annie’s profile, if you want to add her.

  6. I love the idea of an 8 year old ghost! That’s awesome!

    I had a wonderful first day yesterday, and hope to replicate it today. Your word count is awesome too – you’re way over the Day 1 goal!

    And if you think about it, 900 words is not too much to lose, not if it gives you peace of mind for the rest of the month. All the words afterward will come easier for starting over. 🙂

  7. I know how you feel … I ditched about 3,000 words last year and restarted on day 3. (Yes, my TWO false starts were that bad.) Glad to hear it’s working out for you now – and that you’ve dragged Eva into the insanity! This is going to be a fun month.

    Now … I’ve got to stop getting distracted by my cover art and WRITE.

  8. Good luck!! I know you think you shouldn’t go back and edit, but if you are unhappy with how you started, then you totally did the right thing. I’m looking forward to READING you wonderful novel!!!

    Good luck to the Saints tonight too. I need Drew Brees to have a good game!!

  9. I have not updated my word count yet. But I’m participating again this year and just tagged you as a NaNo Buddy. My internal editor is awful I need to shut it off completely because its my daily job…and it gets in the way of novel completion. Good luck and I’ll keep checking in.

  10. You know, for me it was quite a relief not to be staring at a potential 50,000 words this year! Good luck with yours, you know you can do it!

  11. I almost started over yesterday after 700 words, but I was worried about the new idea. Turns out that the new idea ran into a dead end after about two hours of thinking about it — and the old idea suddenly spawned 1000 more words. It helps to pay attention to instincts when choosing to restart or not, I think! Hoping to get another 2000 in tonight, but we’ll see.

    I wish continuing good writing for you, and an end to the headache.

  12. Eva, Yeah, I learned on my first novel that a book with a lot of research required does NOT work well 😛 I was going to do a historical fantasy the first go around but quickly made it an urban fantasy set in a world that I could create so that I didn’t have to do any research…and ghosts are so much fun aren’t they!

    Nymeth, Thanks!! And it’s ok…it’s gone today 🙂

    Deslily, Thanks Pat!! Luckily, my headache is gone today!! I love my little ghost!! Her name is Belle and she’s a sweetheart. I didn’t expect her to show up at all, but poof! There she was in the main characters bedroom at two in the morning 🙂 And it looks like she’ll be the supporting actress of this tale 😉

    Joanne, I’m amazed by the turnout this year too!! It’s really exciting actually. I’m loving it!

    Debi, I’m not cranking out near the words that some people are!! I’m blown away by how many words some people have written…it’s crazy! And I hope you got my email about Annie! I’ve been her friend since she joined, but it won’t show her on my main page 😦 It only shows a certain number of buddies and for some reason you can’t choose who gets shown on your main page 😦

    Amanda, I’m totally loving this 8 year old ghost! She’s a sweetheart and I have so many possibilities with her. I’ve never written a ghost before, but I’m really enjoying it. I’m in complete awe of your word count by the way! I’ve never written that much in a day!!! I’m so glad that I started over…it really was a great idea now that I think about it!

    Coversgirl, Sometimes you just have to do it!! It was definitely worth it to start over. It’s flowing much better now :p And LOL..I totally know what you mean about finding a good cover! It gives the book the atmosphere it needs to have the right cover.

    Steph, Oh lord…I don’t think anyone will ever read what I write :p I do this for fun. I definitely don’t write anything that’s publish worthy! And Go Saints!!! Brees will definitely have an awesome game tonight! This is the biggest game of the season for us!

    Serena, Oh cool!! I didn’t know you were participating! I definitely have to go add you as a friend 😀 I can imagine it’s super hard to shut off your editor when that’s your job :p Jeez! Good luck to you too!

    Bart, I can sympathize. Last year I had no desire at all to join after doing it in 2007! I definitely needed a year off after winning in 2007. It was SO stressful, but rewarding all the same. I’ll probably be taking 2010 off too 😉

  13. Kiirstin, I’m glad that you kept with it!! Good to hear that it worked for you! For me, I’m glad I started over. I think I would’ve ran into a brick wall with how I originally started. And the headache has officially gone away! thanks 🙂

  14. So, I know I chided you about dumping your start… but really, starting over isn’t editing, is it? It’s starting over. I think you made the right choice, especially if it would’ve bogged you down for the entire month!

    Have fun and I’ll be keeping my eye on you!


  15. Good luck with your goals! Don’t forget the Advent Calendar. You like that, too! 🙂

  16. I’m glad you find a new direction, at least you realised it early enough, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. I keep hitting that delete button all the time, i just can’t help it. Maybe that’s why I’m so slow comparing to lots of other people. Maybe it’ll get easier the more I write, I’m new to this!

    anyway, Keep going like you’re doing, and happy noveling!:)

  17. To put it in a few short words:

    Never. Give. Up!!!

    I’m in my 4th year of NaNo and I’ve deleted so many first pages I can’t even count them anymore. In the end, I always had fun, even though I haven’t reached the goal of 50k – ever! You can do the 50k again and I’ll cheer as much as necessary to keep you writing.

    Btw, the story of my constant failing to read 50k can be seen at my NaNo account (Kathrin P.).

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