The Uh-Oh! Bad Bloggers Post

It’s Debi’s fault!! Actually, I can’t blame Debi at all :p She told me NOT to buy books but I did not listen to her :/ No, I did not. Actually, I coaxed her into telling me I can buy just one little book and what did I do? I bouth THREE!! #chrisfail 😦 This all started over a football game. Said football game ended in both Debi and I offending many people on twitter, I’m sure, with our many expletives. You see, Debi cheers for the Dolphins, I of course, cheer for the Saints. And they played each other yesterday. And it was one HELL of a game with emotions flying all over the place. I told Debi that I was going to need to go spend $50 on books to stabilize myself and we made a deal. If the Saints lost, I could buy books. If they won, I could not. Well we won…and I somehow still managed to talk her into letting me buy ONE book….but I bought three…..god I’m a horrible person T_T Oh, but the books are so good!! Oh wait…#megachrisfail. I’m actually realizing that four of the books in my loot this week were bought by me because I accidentally bought Pictures for Sad Chilren….I swear it was an accident though…long story. I was supporting a fellow blogger and didn’t realize until after I purchased it that I was on a ban!


You can click the pic to enbiggen it of course!

1. Fables Vol. 5 – The Mean Seasons by Bill Willingham – So this is the first one that I bought tonight! I just had to have this one after last night!! During the readathon I read volume 4, March of the Wooden Soldiers and after that last panel, I just couldn’t wait to see what happened next….though in all likelihood this will wait on my shelf for awhile :p But we can hope that it won’t! (bought)

2. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest – So. Freaking. Excited. about this book!!!! Seriously! Amazingly excited about this book! I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was first announced. In fact, I really can’t contain myself over this one. Cherie Priest is one of those authors that I just fell in love with immediately after reading Four and Twenty Blackbirds. She’s so amazing. (bought)

3. Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld – It seems I’m in a steampunk mood, huh? This book is OMG gorgeous! I’m so glad that I picked this one up!! And I don’t think I would have it wouldn’t have been for the recent flood of publicity on it! I think the review that finally sold it to me was Kailana’s. Yep, definitely her’s, so she’s getting a point for it. I can’t stop looking at this book!!(bought)

4. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters – I’ve been wanting to read this one forever! It’s been on my wishlist ever since Eva reviewed it ages ago. She wrote a wonderful review of it. I’m sorry I’m not linking to reviews here :/ I’m too lazy post readathon. But I assure you her review is wonderful 🙂 And thanks to Paperback Swap, I’ll finally get to read it! Point for Eva! (PaperbackSwap)

5. Pictures for Sad Children by John Campbell – I actually read this one for the Read-a-Thon yesterday! It was my last book and it was horribly adorable! It’s from the blog, Goodbye, Foom and it’s probably my favorite web comic! I think it would be great if you hopped on over to his site and supported him by picking up a copy of his book!! He’s an independent comic artist who self published this book, so you can’t get it anywhere else. If you want to see what his comics are like, just check out his awesome blog 🙂 (bought)

Bad, bad chris this week :/ So now I really need to catch up on reviews!!! I have 7 to write so far, and I’m still in the middle of my four books that I was reading pre-readathon and should finish those soon. Sheesh! I’m just going to write a bunch of mini-reviews. I remember those going over really well last time. As per the rules and Eva’s suggestion :p I’m giving away one of my own TBR books for each book that I bought. I’ll add them either to my PBS or Bookmooch inventory. I’ve gotta keep the TBR balanced at least!! No more ADDING to the pile. If I’m going to add, then I need to take away too! Have a great week everyone! I’ll be back soon with some reviews.


25 Responses

  1. So you were celebrating….I think all occasions call for buying books! 🙂

  2. um… I haven’t reviewed the book yet, but we were talking about it one night on Twitter! Thanks for the point, though. It’s a great book! Happy reading!

  3. Hm, I’m going to have to watch your bookmooch inventory, I think…

    Damn. I probably could have had a point for Leviathan had I not saved it specifically for readathon. Then again, readathon would not have been as cool without Leviathan. Which, btw, is a brilliant book.

  4. Days ending in Y … good days for buying books. 😀 YOU HAVE BONESHAKER. I cannot fecking FIND it here!!!! OOooh … Leviathan does look good! I picked it up in the bookstore today, but I already had Catching Fire in my hands and Leviathan was pricy. Next time, maybe … Hrmm ….

  5. I really, really want Leviathan. Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  6. You’re so funny! I need to go on a book-buying ban, but I gave myself free reign in Border’s, yesterday. I had a 30% coupon, a $25 gift card and it was triple-bucks day. I want to hear all about Leviathan!!!

  7. Amy, I do too :p Unfortunately, if it weren’t for a book buying ban now and then I would spend my whole pay check on books…I seriously could have lost it if I weren’t careful in the bookstore tonight!!! I almost got The Children’s Book too! Oh it looked so good!!!!

    Kelly, I know you haven’t reviewed it yet, but you blogged about it today in your Sunday post and we talked about it and you really made me want it :p

    Amanda, They’ll probably go on PBS to be honest :/ I’ll send you a DM first though and see if you want any of them…if you do I’ll just send them to you 🙂 You definitely would’ve had a point for Leviathan if you would’ve beat Kelly to it. I was close already, lol. Just needed someone to push me over the edge and she beat you, lol.

    Maree, They are indeed great days for buying books! I’m telling you, you need to start using Book Depository!! It’s a great way to get books! Leviathan is gorgeous, isn’t it? Oh, but you got Catching Fire!! It’s so good! You’ll really enjoy that one 🙂

    Carrie, It sounds like that’s the hot book right now, huh? It’s a gorgeous book! I’m tempted to just start it now!!

    Bookfool, Oh no! Free reign in a bookstore is DANGEROUS!! If I would’ve done that tonight Nancy, it would’ve been REAL bad…we’re talking REAL bad. I would’ve left with bags and bags full. I easily could’ve dropped 300 bucks tonight. But I only dropped about $65 :p I picked up something for a friend too! I’m so excited about Leviathan! have you seen it yet? It’s so beautiful!

  8. Well….since Drew Brees is my fantasy QB, you’d better be sure I was cheering on the Saints. That man is my Rock this year!! Besides, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Saints. Except when they are playing Da Bears. And any good Bears fan knows…the Dolphins are the DEVILS!!

  9. youre going to give away 4 books from your already read piles? (note the S lol) hmmm now that’s a good idea.. if you buy you have to get rid of the same number..good good idea…

    wow even at mini reviews you have a lot of books to review!! and some are for RIP if I’m not mistaken (I know Gils All Fright Diner is) and this is the last week for RIP. Wow.. why do Carl’s challenges always seem to go by so fast???

    Well I am glad you had a great time in the read a thon and did so well.. Enjoy your new books (stupid thing to say I know)..!

  10. Oh, you are SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!! I can’t believe you went and bought three books!!! And I sat here sad and dejected and emotionally drained after that game. And I didn’t get to go buy a single book. You really should be ashamed of yourself!

    And BTW, I’m not sure I actually did any “real” swearing…remember, I just kept quoting you. And well, that doesn’t count against me, does it? See, if you can rationalize bad behavior, then so can I, right? 😉

  11. I like the look of Boneshaker, fantastic cover. I loved Uglies by Scott Westerfield, so I shall definitely look this one up.

  12. Christopher… Christopher… Christopher…

    You’re a man after my own heart! Nothing wrong with the odd tumble from the book buying ban, wagon! 😉

    And as for the tweets don’t worry about it, I find them quite funny, especially when you get all indignant with your team! 😛

  13. oh and I sooooooo want to read Boneshaker!

  14. Also very excited for Boneshaker, when I can finally get to it. I did enjoy Leviathan — but be warned, the sequel does not come out until next October! It is a very long time to wait…

  15. huh, so. as Debi says… quoting a swear isnt’ really swearing? oh, I’m going to use *that*!
    I was watching that game and staying away from my internet (part of the TLPRS (too lazy post readathon syndrome) cure is to unplug, you know, and ONLY watch TV) and I’m glad that the Saints won and I don’t think Drew needs a haircut (they only need to retake the photo they use when they show his stats.) 🙂
    You have my permission to buy all the books you want, too, btw.

  16. Boneshaker was so very good! It was my first C. Priest novel, but it certainly won’t be my last. I told myself I was going to only read the library copy of Leviathan, but, well, yeah…That didn’t work out so well. Looking forward to starting that one real soon.

  17. Tipping the velvet is wonderful–enjoy!!

  18. enjoy all those books. i enjoyed Tipping the Velvet.

  19. I just finished reading my first graphic novel (The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch – Gaiman) and enjoyed the format (I didn’t think I would) so much I’m about to embark on my second graphic novel (We3 – Grant Morrison). I’ve been hearing so much about Fables and I LOVE fairy tales and re-tellings, so I’m thinking I need to go get Fables No. 1. I’m not sure who I’ll name the “bad blogger” on this one!

  20. Yay for Tipping the Velvet! And Fables #5-read it now so we can talk about it. 🙂

  21. You are not a bad person. Just a lover of literature! =) March of the Wooden Soldiers is such a great book!!!!!!! There’s no surprise that you had to have Fables #5, which is one of my favorites! I have just as many reviews to write as you do. Hopefully I can churn half of them out. Happy reading!

  22. I’m back to say (Debi, don’t look) that I was super-happy when I read your post & saw the Saints won (I went to sleep before that). So I think I might have a team! Now I just have to convince my father to watch the games. :p He has football on all Sunday and Monday night, but he gets a bit touchy if I suggest a team, lol.

  23. Steph, It makes me smile every time I hear that Brees is your Fantasy QB 😀 You picked well my dear! He had a good game again overall, but those interceptions and sacks were indeed a doozy for his stats :/ I’m sure he didn’t like that!!

    Deslily, I’m giving away 4 books from my TO BE READ piles!! I feel this need to keep books that I’ve already read :p Don’t know why. Even if I’ll never read them again, lol. I just like to look at them. But there are some books sitting on my shelf that I know I’ll never read. I actually still haven’t finished Gil’s!! That’s what I get for having 4 books going at once!! I’m about to go sit in the tub and try to finish The Wild Things so I can knock at least one of them off. Carl’s challenges do always seem to go by really fast 😦 That is sad. Though at the same time I’m glad they don’t last all year because they can lose that special quality.

    Debi, As I’ve mentioned on your blog and in numerous emails and twitter, I’M SO SORRY!!!! Do you get that I feel horrible yet :p Cuz I really do :p I just couldn’t help myself!! At least it’s not as bad as it could’ve been because let me tell you, it could’ve been real bad, lol. I’ll let you rationalize bad behavior this time because I definitely need a cop out myself :p

    Vivieene, The Boneshaker cover is so good!! I really want to dig into all of the books I bought yesterday!! They look so great!

    Bart, Well you just make me feel so better :p At least you got yours from a charity shop!! I went out and paid full price for mine, lol. I’m glad someone doesn’t mind my cursing, lol….And Boneshaker really does look incredible…have you checked out Ekaterina Sedia’s Alchemy of Stone yet? It’s another great looking steampunk novel with a cool cover…Shanra sent it to me but I haven’t read it yet!

    Kiirstin, October?! of next year?! Why must they make us wait so long :p Oh well, I’ll have plenty to read until then. Can’t wait for Boneshaker!

    Care, LOL…I’m in love with that acronym :p Can you just follow me around and say things like that comment all the time :p You make me feel much better. And I agree with you on Brees’ hair. We just give him a hard time down here all the time. He filmed a bunch of local commercials too when it was really bad, so he has these tv spots that do nothing for him popping up all the time, lol.

    Chelle, You MUST read Four and Twenty Blackbirds!! no steampunk involved in that one, but it’s a fantastic southern gothic ghost story. I was in love with it. I read it during our last hurricane evacuation and it totally took me away from all of the drama that was going on :p

    Steph, I’m really looking forward to it!!

    Diane, Looks like a lot of people have! Looking forward to it!

    Terri, I’m so glad to hear that 😀 It thrills me when people read GNs for the first time and really enjoy them!! I have tons of recommendations for you!! Just go check out my books read tab up on the top. I don’t think there’s a single one that I haven’t loved. The Fables series is wonderful though. He really did a fantastic job with it so far. You could give pretty much anyone the bad bloggers point at this point!

    Eva, I’m very tempted just to start reading it now!! Only I have to finish the other 4 books that I had started before the readathon :p I really don’t need to start a 5th book :p And I’m glad you’re enjoying the Saints!! They’re such a fun team!! We really have the best fans and the most loyal fans and we have so many fun traditions. We’re playing Monday night next week at home so it will be one hell of a game to watch on TV!!! Our home games are crazy and this one is really going to be crazy because we’re playing the Falcons who are our biggest division rivals. You should definitely watch it!! It starts at 7:30 next Monday our time which I guess would be 6:30 your time! 😀

    Vasilly, Aw, you’re all making me feel so much better :p I just loved March of the Wooden Soldiers and I can’t wait to get my grubbly little claws into #5! I really would like to get some reviews written up tonight but I’m not feeling up to writing reviews 😦 I think it’s going to have to wait…

  24. Nope, I haven’t seen Leviathan in person — just photos on blogs. Everyone seems to have it but little meeeeee.

  25. Leviathan is sooooo good. Just a fascinating take on the whole steampunk genre. The living airship concept is a bit like Moia on Farscape if anybody has seen the show. The book is this wacky combo of Phillip Reeves and… I don’t even know. Illustrations are fab and the characters are really interesting. Might be a book appreciated by adults more than actual teens (our library’s copy as only been checked out to yours truly) but we’ll have to see.

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