Ready For Take Off!

Good Morning Everyone!! I’m super excited to get started for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon 😀 I know everyone else is, so I won’t even ask the obligatory “are you?” I have my first book picked out. I’m going to get started with Amanda’s suggestion of Between Mom and Jo by Julie Ann Peters. I picked shorter books this time around, so at a little over two hundred pages, it’s actually one of the longer books in my pile!! Smart move Chris 😉 I didn’t want to stay with any one book too long this time. It makes my brain and my eyes tired.

I’ll probably be staying off of twitter during the readathon. The reason being, I’ve found that I can get on twitter and before I even know what happened, 3 hours have passed :/ So it’s probably best that I DON’T do that while I should be reading. I think I’m going to start the thon off with a coffee and a pastry from my favorite coffee shop. Which means I’ll probably actually start reading 30 minutes late, but I figure there’s plenty of time to catch up, right :p And we know that Chris never makes it the whole 24 hours, so it’s not like I’ll win any awards for most hours spent reading :p

Finally, I just wanted to send a little message to Dewey saying “we miss you and always will.” What a gem that woman was.  A true gem. I’ll be thinking of her a lot today.


5 Responses

  1. Have fun today Chris.. I hope those headaches are gone and this eye strain doesn’t bring it back!! not feeling to hot today myself but I’ll be on and off all day I hope.

  2. lol yeah, Twitter can be quite the time suck, lol. Ditto about Dew. Good luck, Chris!!! *hugs*

  3. Hey! Good luck! Enjoy your day. I’ll be checking in when I can!


  4. I hoep you love the book!

  5. Good luck today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did the read-a-thon a day early and it was a blast. I’ll be here to cheer you on!

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