Dewey's Read-A-Thon Update #4

Currently Reading: The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling

Total pages read: 202

Total pages read cumulative: 434

Total books read: 3 (Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters, Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs by Ellen Kennedy, Rose by Jeff Smith)

Time spent reading: 1 Hour 25 Minutes

Total Time Spent Reading: 4 Hours 15 Minutes

Caffeinated drinks consumed: 2 (Iced Mocha, Coke)

Money going to NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program: $43.40

Progress Report:

Now I’m feeling a little better 😛 I’ve managed to knock out two books since my last update and I absolutely loved them both!! One was a very short collection of poetry (64 pages) by Ellen Kennedy called Sometimes My Heart Pushes My Ribs and it’s very modern poetry that has a certain pop feel to it. I really enjoyed it, though I have to admit that the poem, Shit Poem, disturbed me somewhat :/ Yes, she describes in detail the process of taking a runny shit….My second book was Rose, which is the prequel to Jeff Smith’s Bone series and it’s illustrated by Charles Vess, one of may all time favorite artists. It was a delight to read and is a wonderful standalone graphic novel!! I’ll be reviewing both in the next few days.

Here’s proof that you can make freezer mini-tacos look good with the right plates despite all of their unhealthy preservatives and processed stuffs. Those are things that I have recently sworn off, by the way, to help ease my migraines:


Wendy is hosting a really fun mini challenge in which she asks us to post pictures of our non book collectibles!! As you know, I have a poppet addiction….some of you may not know how bad my poppet addiction has gotten…well, this is how bad it has gotten :


Now I’m on to homemade puppy chow (see recipe in earlier post) and an ice cold coke!!! I’ve had enough water…it’s time for some caffeine and some J.K. Rowling! See you in the next update!

14 Responses

  1. Yeah Chris!! Can you see the pom poms flying! Well, they used to when I was a kid! Anyway, I’m getting ready to head out for the night. Working a double, but I’ll check in later and see if you are still awake!!

    Great job on the reading!! Keep it up!

  2. Readers rule
    Readers rock
    But don’t forget
    To go for a walk

    Hi Poppets!!

  3. cute collectibles

    You are doing great. I got a little thrown off schedule this am, but I’m back on track now. Keep up the good work!

    I will surely need a nap a bit later unless, I walk around the house constantly until I fall over from exhaustion…LOL

  4. OMGOSH…look at all your lovely, lovely poppets!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realize your collection had gotten that big! That photo is so awesome!!!!

    Ewwwww…I have a feeling I could do without the shit poem.

    Hope you’re having a ball, Chris!!!! Wish you were here with our gang reading away…damn, but that would be awesome.

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  5. LOL! I adore those poppets. I wish I had more to feed my addiction. And those tacos look delicious. I could eat a rhino today for whatever reason. Sheesh!

  6. Well, it certainly seems you are making great reading selections! =) The Tales of Beedle the Bard is an excellent choice and the two you read most recently also sound really interesting.

  7. Wow that’s a lot of poppets!

    and that poem sounds downright horrible! Have fun with Beedle!

  8. OMG that’s so many poppets!!!!!!!! lol I am in awe. I have three normal ones (Purple, black, and blue) and the Little Death one. Now mine want to come live with you where they’ll have so many friends! :p

    And congrats on your ridiculously high book count!

  9. i’m with Debi… could do without the graphics of the shit poem lol lol..

    omg chris!!!! your poppet collections is outstanding!!! ohhhhhh how I adore them!!!!

  10. oh I forgot why I was here.. Rah, Rah, sis boom bah! go Chris ! lol (do not try to picture a 65 yr old cheerleader.. it would make the shit poem seem tame!)

  11. I need to read Rose!! And lol, that’s a Poppet army you’ve got 😀 I’m so sorry I haven’t been around more 😦 Love you!

  12. I love your poppet collection! Very fascinating! I didn’t know what poppets were until recently. They are hard to resist and very cool.
    I’m glad you liked your last two reads and I hope you like a lot more during your readathon time. Have a great day!
    btw, I love homeade puppy chow. What a great snack idea for readathon!

  13. Wow! That’s a lotta poppets!

    And I’m wtih you on no-rules eating but avoid those migraine triggers, would ya?

    You guys are doing so well!


  14. Love your collection! Congratulations on the read-a-thon. You broke the 1,000 mark. Lucky you!

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