A Surprise Vlog

The surprise was to me, really.We were all talking on twitter as often happens late at night and the subject of vlogs came up. Of course we started talking about how we want all of our favorite bloggers who WON’T do vlogs to do vlogs, but I’ll leave that conversation for another time *coughanakellydebicough* I had a sudden urge to do a vlog, but I couldn’t think of what on earth I would vlog about. And then I thought of something! Read-a-thon suggestions!! So here is me making it just under the 10 minute mark and giving you all some great readathon suggestions!! Hope you enjoy and find at least one book to read during the upcoming readathon 🙂


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  1. Lots and lots and lots of wearing down! This was fun, though. And, you know, if I didn’t do a post about this already you pretty much did it for me! I own like all of those books and agree they are perfect for the read-a-thon!

    See, this is why I am always shocked I do so well avoiding points on bad bloggers!

  2. I literally squealed when I saw you pick up Hard Love, since I’ve got that for my read-a-thon pile! 😀 I think Scott Pilgrim is a good read-a-thon pick too! ZOMG, Gossamer was so amazing! And The Giver has been one of my fave books since childhood. Lois Lowry rocks. Bayou’s a great pick too!

    Ahem. I will stay quiet on My Most Excellent Year. 😉 I did think the formatting was awesome though!

    Ishiguro!!! I loved that, even though it was dystopian! And I got Paper Towns from the library today!!! Smoke and Mirrors is my fave ss collection of his too! The Snow White one! The “Murder Mysteries” one! The one in the intro. 🙂

    I need to read The Halloween Tree. 🙂 The Uncommon Reader was SO cute! I feel like it was the Guernsey Potato Peel Pie & Literary Society of last year. 😉 (Of course, I haven’t read the latter)

    I read The Arrival at the end of one of the read-a-thons: it was definitely perfect!!! I’m so jealous you own it. :p When I have a job, I’ll be buying all the Shaun Tan books first thing!

  3. Chris, sweetie, I haven’t yet started looking at the vlog, but I swear if it ends up adding another 20+ books to that pile, I am sending you a book – TBR rules and skyhigh pile of yours be damned.

    Just so you’re warned. ^-~

    Oh! Oh! Is “When You Are Engulfed by Flames” the one with “Six to Eight Black Men” in it? *only knows it’s a Sedaris story* One of my tutors at uni once took a recording of Sedaris reading that story to class. Everyone was highly amused. The foreigners because the whole thing sounds ridiculous, us Dutchies because, well, he got it so right and at the same time so completely wrong. It’s brilliant! (Uhm, there you go. Random anecdotal story.)

    *on “The Book of Flying* Prose poetry/poetic prose, I think are they terms you’re looking for. ^-~ Such a tricky thing to do, though. *mandatory shout of “Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!”* Remind me if I forget this, but I am banning you and Nymeth’s books from being added to my book pile for the whole of January-March. (I mean it! You two make wishlists explode.)

    Ha! I’ve actually heard of/read a book you mention already! *giggles* Bless you, getting NaNo in there to boot. *so amused* (I think you’re safe from random book gifting…)

  4. Okay, I just added like, four books to my TBR list. NOT the readathon lisst, because I’m keeping that small, but STILL! Also, you had a totally different voice in my head. I have no idea why, but I love your accent. And YAY for Neil Gaiman! Honestly, every time I see his name lately I have a wee flail, because he’s COMING HERE and I still don’t know what the event is! Um. I mean … great vlog! And yes, I’m going to do one tomorrow. I’ve enlisted the husband – who’s a computer tech – to do the heavy lifting for me. It won’t be pretty, but it’ll be … done. Dammit, that reminds me … I was going to put Anansi Boys on my readathon list. I haven’t read it yet. Nothing to say I couldn’t add to it … wow. Sorry for the rambling.
    Nano is still tempting, but the cannabalistic lizard aliens still haunt me …
    Oh! And I loved The Uncommon Reader. I read it twice.
    Er. That’s all. 😀

  5. I’m not participating in the readathon, but there are some books in that video that definitely grabbed my attention. Will have to add them to the TBR list.

    Also – fun accent!

  6. Oh my. You just added 3 new books to my TBR pile. All in one go.

    It was lovely to wake up to a 10 min vlog this morning. 😀

  7. I love when you vlog! I feel so much more like i’ve met you and know you more then I do! While I may not do a “vlog” how i wish I knew what to do to make the movies my camera takes to upload 10 minutes in an hour is amazing to me.. the extension on what my camera takes is .MOV and it won’t even open in windows media player! so it has to do with the extension I am sure..*sigh* but I am glad you do vlogs!!! (now I have to check into the halloween tree.. the cover is gorgeous!)

  8. Kailana, We shall wear you down!!!! 😀 One by one!!

    Eva, I’m so glad that you’re reading Hard Love! It’s such a good book, I assure you. REally enjoyed it! Your excitement over all of the books is making me want to read them all over again, lol. I actually have Guersney Literary and…on my TBR shelves to read. I really need to get to that one. Sounds good, huh? And yes, you do need to read The Halloween Tree!! It’s so good!

    Shanra, Yes! Poetic prose! That’s the term I was looking for :p I was babbling like an idiot there :p I’m not sure if that story is in When You are Engulfed in Flames but it’s a great story!! I get all of his collections confused. They’re all so great though!! And of course I had to get a NaNo plug in there 😉 There’s still time to sign up for those who haven’t! So glad you have!

    Maree, yay!!! So glad to hear you’ll be doing a vlog 😀 You’ll see, it’s not as bad as you think. And I’m thrilled to hear that Neil Gaiman is coming to your parts!! That’s just fantastic Maree!! He never comes here unfortunately 😦 I’ve yet to meet him 😦 I want a cannabalistic lizard alien sequel!!!!

    Court, I HATE my accent!! But I’m glad you like it 🙂 lol…Glad I could heap some books onto your TBR list 😉

    Amanda, 3?! Ooooh, I want to know what they are now!!!

    Deslily, I know what you mean. That’s why I love it when people do vlogs! You feel like you get to know them a little bit more. My videos always take me an hour to upload. I don’t know why it takes you the same amount of time to upload a video of a few seconds 😦 Mine upload as .mov files too. You definitely have to check out the Halloween Tree 😀 I love Bradbury’s writing!!! It’s so good! And that one is worth it for the cover alone. Have you read any Bradbury? Something Wicked This Way Comes is amazing too!

  9. I REALLY need to read The Book of Flying! And Never Let me Go!

    So, now that I HAVE to do a vlog (:( ), maybe I’ll so suggestions for the read-a-thon too? Argh, I have no idea! I just wish I could sound as confident and relaxed as you do.

  10. If there’s anything seeing everyone vlog has taught me, Chris, it’s that pretty much everyone hates the sound of my voice. I’d tell you off, but then I’d be a hypocrit. (I’d try to take more time/care over my vlogs, but that involves listening back on my voice. You have no idea how glad I am to be rid of language lab classes.) Your accent is pretty, though.

    And no, no you weren’t babbling like an idiot.

  11. I vlogged. And I blamed you. 😛

  12. Wow, that is a lot of suggestions for Read-a-Thon. I hope that you get those vlogs you’re looking for. I haven’t signed up for read-a-thon yet, but I might now. I love THE UNCOMMON READER–great book.

  13. You picked some great books yet again, Chris. I totally agree on The Uncommon Reader, The Arrival, and The Halloween Tree. Have you seen the movie version of The Halloween Tree? It used to come on every October on tv. It is one of the BEST movies ever. The sad thing is I don’t think it comes on anymore.

    I’m adding Hard Love, Bayou, and Dark Harvest to my TBR list. I don’t know whether I should kiss you or hit you for adding more books to my list. 😉

  14. I’m a little afraid to watch this because the guys want me to shut up and go to bed, so I just watched a tiny bit and suddenly it hit me . . . You’re wearing your NaNo shirt!!! I wore mine, today, too! Don’t you love that new design?

    Have fun with the readathon! I have one more year till I can join in. I can’t remember when it starts. Is it this coming weekend? I have to drive my husband to the airport so he can go to Germany, without me, for the 5th time. Grrrr. Just ventilating.

  15. I absolutely second David Sedaris. His audio stuff is also great, and could work really well with the read-a-thon.

    And I have totally been pronouncing NaNoWriMo wrong. I say it na-NO-ree-mo.

  16. […] two books were suggested by Chris on his fabulous Surprise Vlog.  Thank you, Chris.  They both look wonderful. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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