Bad Bloggers! And Wrapping Up Another Round


It’s that time again. Time to wrap up another round of bad bloggers! Believe it or not, it’s actually been 6 months since the last Bad Bloggers wrap up in which Nymeth was punished by having to accept another book onto her book pile (I actually punished her by making her take two 😉 Round 2 has now come to a close, but before we close it, I have a few more points to add to this round. Let’s go ahead an give out a little more blame, shall we?


1. Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby – I was shocked when I got this book from the library!! I put in my request after crying that I couldn’t buy it when I saw it at the bookstore, thinking it would take months for it to come in…but it came in immediately!! Now I’m just hoping that I can get to it before it’s due back :/ I’m guessing someone has a hold on this one already and I probably can’t renew it. (Library)

2. The Gates by John Connolly – Same explanation as above. I’ve actually started this one and it’s super great!! I talked about it in a post the other day. It’s actually quite comical. Hoping I finish this one in time too. I’m actually in the middle of three books right now which is never a good thing. (Library)

3. 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill – I’ve been wanting to read this for a long time, so I went ahead and got this one from the library too. Eva just read it and was less than enthused about it, but she still managed to make me want to read it because of the positive things she had to say about the stories she did love. Now that I think about it, Bookfool actually gets a point for this one for her review of it ages ago!! She’s the one who made me actually put this one on my wishlist originally! (Library)

4. Dark Sister by Graham Joyce – I’m actually really, really excited about this one!! When I had my giveaway for Dark Harvest during BBAW, someone recommended Graham Joyce as a read right now author. Me and Maree got to talking on twitter and she was so excited about me possibly reading him that I went and added nearly everything by him onto my paperback swap wishlist :p So far I’ve scored two of his books, but this is the only one to come in so far! So Maree gets a point for this one for sure!!! (Paperback Swap)

5. The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson – I’ve actually noticed quite a few people reviewing this one recently! But it’s actually been on my radar for quite a while now. So no one gets a point for it. Just a book I’ve been wanting to read. (Paperback Swap)

6. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers – I go through these spurts where I acquire every book that an author has written even though I’ve never read anything by him/her because I’m convinced that I’ll love them. This is the case with Dave Eggers. I’ve never read anything of his, yet I think I own 3 books of his now and once I reach my goal of having read 15 of my TBR books, my gift to myself WILL be The Wild Things by him. This book just sounds so damn good. (Paperback Swap)

So, it’s time to add up all of the points for this round. Here’s what it looks like:

Claire – 1
Becky – 8
Bart – 5
Jenclair – 1
Bellezza – 1
Natasha@MawBooks – 1
Carl – 3
Lightheaded – 1
Nymeth – 11
Darla – 2
Dewey – 1
Bookfool – 3
Renay – 2
Valentina – 1
Deslily – 3
My Friend Amy – 2
The Story Siren – 1
Rhinoa – 1
Colin – 1
Debi – 5
Chelle – 1
Eva – 2
Kailana – 1
Amanda – 1
Maree – 1

Look at that…the winner is once again Nymeth :p Becky, you’re so close!!!! Maybe next round! Ok, Nymeth…I know you’re on a ban, but I don’t care. You have added 11 ELEVEN books to my horrible monstrosity of a TBR pile over the last 6 months. That’s almost 2 a month!! The least you can do is accept a book onto your pile :p So, I am ORDERING you to choose a book that I’ve reviewed over the last 6 months (or earlier than that if nothing interests you) and let me heap it on top of your own TBR pile..mwuhahahahaha!!!!

Let the next round begin!! It should end somewhere around April 12th! The slate has been wiped clean 😀


12 Responses

  1. Congrats, Ana!

    I love this bad bloggers thing. I’ve got my own blame game going, based on Debi’s with my own rules. I didn’t really know you when I started, or I probably would have participated in yours. But, my game doesn’t end until the winter solstice, so I guess I’ll just keep mine separate. 😀

  2. I swear the whole blogging community should just send Nymeth stacks of books. I’m always adding books to my TBR stacks because of her. I just checked out Juliet, Naked from the library too! I was so amazed that no one placed it on hold. I snatched it off the shelf before someone else could come along and get it. I’m hoping to read it for the read-a-thon. Happy reading.

  3. This round I’m aiming to get at least an honourary Bad Blogger point… *suuuuuulk*

    But congrats (?) to Nymeth for winning another book in the BB-round!

  4. ummm i have a question.. how are you going to get your tbr pile down if you keep getting books from book mooch or the library??? you can’t count those towards another purchase Chris!! lol

  5. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six months already! And I STILL haven’t read Dylan *hangs head in shame*

    You’re too kind as always, Chris ❤ I will e-mail you in a bit.

  6. Amanda, I love all of the different blame games :p They’re so much fun!! It’s the only meme type thing that I really enjoy.

    Vasilly, Hooray for surprisingly getting Juliet, Naked!! And I totally agree…we should send Nymeth tons of books :p

    Shanra, You shall, you shall!!! I think the thing is, you either read books that I’ve either read already or high fantasy which I’m really not crazy about…but my goal is to read a book that Shanra has read this round! 😀

    Desilly, I know, right? At least I’m not spending any money though!! And I’m not letting myself BUY any books until I’ve read 15 books that I own. So Library books don’t count towards a new purchase. Moochbooks do though because I own those now 😉

    Nymeth, I know! Me either…it’s crazy! Don’t worry about Dylan…I have books that I’ve had for years and years that I can’t believe I haven’t read yet. Can’t wait to see what you want to read 😀

  7. Yay! I was joint third! 🙂

  8. You forgot ‘Books no one has ever heard of’. ^-~ I have those too on occasion.

    One day… I will find a book that you want to read that you haven’t read or had on your TBR Pile/wishlist or heard of through Nymeth first. Meanwhile, might I suggest more Jewell Parker Rhodes?

  9. Yeah, I don’t do a weekly update or anything. I just update with each post, and keep a dedicated post for tallies, then update the front runners in my sidebar. Since I only award points for books read, rather than books brought into the house or added to my TBR pile, a weekly update would be a little sparse for me…

  10. Wow, this is a fascinating concept. I like it. Congrats to Ana.

  11. Yay!! I got a point, I got a point!!! And, you will love 20th Century Ghosts, definitely. I’ll bet you can even handle the bug story. I don’t know about Button Boy, though. I’m going to just sit back and wait on the verdict. Don’t mind the finger-tapping noise.

  12. I JUST noticed that I made it to your bad bloggers list for the first time. Heh. And … now I believe I’m stalking you. 😛

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