I Can Haz Friday?

Sorry for the random LOL Cat titles…I seem to be overly excited about Nymeth’s idea to have talk like a LOLCat day which isn’t until November…I finished reading Normal by Amy Bloom today and I absolutely loved it. Such an important book and I think everyone should read it, but I don’t feel like writing a book review right now…just feel like chatting…so you’ll probably get that review sometime over the weekend. For a quick synopsis though, it’s a very short book that takes a look at how society views gender topics such as transexualism, intersex people, crossdressers, and the gender continuum. And it tells the story of a few people who fit into all of those categories. Really loved it! Thanks to Eva and Debi for pushing me to read it!

I started another book this week (like I really needed to do that when I have comittments and I’m in the middle of one book already) and I’m totally in love with it!! It’s John Connolly’s The Gates. It’s his new book and when I saw it I put it on hold at the library not expecting to get it for months, but it came in like right away…along with Nick Hornby’s Juliet, Naked! I knew from the first paragraph that I was going to love The Gates. The title refers to the gates of Hell which have been opened and the hero of the book is a little 11 year old boy who is witness to the event. It’s so good so far. The writing actually reminds me quite a bit of Terry Pratchett. It has that very humorous feel to it while still being quite intelligent and sentimental. It’s going to be a winner for sure! I’d recommend this one for the read-a-thon.

Speaking of, does anyone have any must-read suggestions for the read-a-thon? I’m always looking for new things to add 😉 I think I’m going to put up my list of possilities this weekend, but I can always make a trip to the library for more! One of my favorite things about the read-a-thon is digging through my shelves and finding the perfect books for it. I seem to always start out with a longish book which I guess is the best time to read a long book, but at the same time, I always feel like I’m getting behind that way…we’ll see what happens this year.

In the personal life, this has been quite the week!! Personally, professionally, emotionally…it’s just been a drainer. Both in a good way and a stressful way. Work has just been dead. Which is a nice break, but at the same time, it’s a corporation, so I get yelled at by the CEO…seriously, I work at a psyc hospital…it’s not like I can solicit busines!!! Personally, I’m happy when it’s slow. Not because I don’t have to work, but because that means people aren’t losing it. On the personal side, it’s been a week of realizing how good of a friend you can really make over the internet and how much a person can really mean to you. I don’t think I’ll ever cease to be amazed at what this blogging world has the potential for. Yes, people think I’m crazy…people who are reading this I’m sure…and that’s fine. But these relationships are real. I’ve gotten support from friends I’ve made through my blog that I’ve never found through anyone else.

And alas, it’s Friday!! But that really doesn’t mean anything to me because I have to work this weekend. But I am off for the big LSU vs. Florida game tomorrow!! What the hell, let’s do a Friday Fill-Ins:

1. Sweet dreams are a rare gift…cherish them.

2. The Knife of Never Letting Go was written especially for me. Don’t look at me like that…it was dammit…>>

3. Silliness abounds in my company.

4. I’m working this Halloween. At a psych hospital. Yeah.

5. Outstanding or not I am who I am.

6. Cherry vanilla ice cream is what I want right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with a book and maybe going out for a drink, tomorrow my plans include watching LSU beat the shit out of Florida! and Sunday, I want to take a nap after work and then see where the day takes me!

21 Responses

  1. Loved this whole post Chris! Your fill-in-the-blanks made me laugh (as did your mental response to the CEO, lol). And blogging friends are definitely real!

  2. ummm…I think the hospital on Halloween might prove interesting! heh.

  3. No far on the Nick Hornby. I am like number 6 on the waiting list and it isn’t even on the shelves yet. 😦 I wonder if my library has the new Connelly. I now want to read it, not that I didn’t want to before, but anyways… I want to read Normal, too, but the library doesn’t have that one. I still have my gift card because I honestly cannot make up my mind about anything! I hope you have a great weekend! I look forward to your list for the read-a-thon. 🙂

  4. Was The Knife of Never Letting Go really written just for you? LOL, the author didn’t plan to make any more from it then. Have you read The Ask and The Answer yet?

  5. I love blogging friends. I started blogging on MySpace back in 2006, just 2-3 times a month. Most of the people I knew on MySpace were ones I met online, rather than people I knew in real life. I made some really good friends there, mostly fellow Stiffs Inc fans, and I’ve gotten to meet several of them in real life, too. I also met my best editor in the world, who I havne’t met in person because he happens to live in Australia and that’s just a bit difficult. I wouldn’t give up any of those friendships. Only my editor has followed me out to blogger, but I still talk to the others every once in awhile on MySpace.

    As a stay at home mom who isn’t really involved in a lot of outside activities beyond my library book clubs, it’s harder for me to socialize with people in real life. I mean, not difficult to do, just difficult to find people to socialize with – does that make sense? When you’re home all the time, you don’t see people. Blogging has helped to fill that void. I’ve been a SAHM since we moved to TX, so I’ve never had much of an opportunity to make friends in town. I went crazy for awhile until I discovered MySpace, then blogger. I love my friends. And I don’t mind talking about them or my blog to people I know in real life. Heck, Jason and I met through a friend through email when I was in France and he was in Wisconsin, so I guess my friends and family just expect me to be a bit out of the ordinary with online friendships. 😀

    Okay, I’m going to stop hijacking your comments now.

  6. Whatevs Chris. Florida is so gonna kick some LSU ass. 😛

  7. Okay, get ready for longest comment ever. 😉

    First, I KNOW you’re not crazy…these relationships ARE real. Genuine. Authentic. Meaningful. Powerful. And special. I love you, Chris!

    Now I’m going to the start of your post and work my way through…

    I could not agree with you more–I think everyone should read Normal! Can’t wait to see your review. And your review of The Gates when you finish…it sounds soooo good already!

    I also can’t wait to see your read-a-thon pile! You’re so right–putting together the perfect pile (even though mine is always like 100 times bigger than it needs to be 😉 ) is half the fun. I started mine yesterday…might post about it today if I can find the time.

    Uh, I’m thinking maybe your CEO should check himself in!!!

    I’ll be rooting LSU for you! Haven’t heard–is Tebow playing?

    “2. The Knife of Never Letting Go was written especially for me.”…Actually, I believe that should read: The Knife of Never Letting Go was written especially for me and Debi.

    #3–Agreed. And I’ve got some awesome pictures to prove it. 😀

    #4–Whew. My thoughts will be with you in extra big measure.

    #5–Drop the “or not”…outstanding you are!!!

    #6–Could you make mine coffee flavor?

    #7–Whatever you do, I hope you have a truly fabulous weekend!!! And on that note, I finally shut up! (Well, not entirely…be looking for an e-mail later today.)

  8. Yay, the Florida game! My little sister, who lives in England currently, is watching it with me and my family via webcam – which means staying up until four or five in the morning, but she says it’s worth it to see LSU destroy Florida completely. 😛

  9. Talk Like a Cat Day..LOL??? I missed this somewhere, but I am a cat-lover.

  10. Chris, sweetie, tell me who thinks you’re crazy and I will whallop them with newspapers. Er, not that you, you know, need a near-enough bird-boned, fraidy girl to defend you from such, but… I’m willing to do it if it’ll help! (*insert what Debi said here*)

    I’m sorry to hear your boss was yelling at you, though. (But I’m also glad there are people on his staff like you.) *hugs* Uhm, use “The Vintner’s Luck” for your Read-a-Thon pile even if you don’t actually get to it?

    *has comment fail* I’m sorry, Chris! Bad commenting Shanra!

  11. Eva, Glad I made you laugh 🙂 I can’t help but laugh at the stuff that goes on at work sometimes! It’s the only way to get through half the time…And these friendships are most definitely real 🙂

    Deslily, Oh lord…more interesting than you know! I’ve worked Halloween before!

    Kailana, I was shocked!! I put holds on that one and the Connolly thinking it would take ages and they both came in like right away!! Isn’t that awesome? Now I have to read them because I can’t renew them because they’re popular books. Normal was really good! It might be worth buying. It’s just really short.

    Vivienne, Yes, contrary to popular belief, it was written just for me 😉 And I haven’t read the Ask and The Answer yet! But I plan on reading it very soon!!

    Amanda, Ditto to everything you said!! I had a MySpace blog right before this one. I used to update it all the time and my IRL friends used to read it. So I know that some of them read this one too because I linked to the original blogger blog from it. I’ll see them out and they’ll know stuff about me and I’ll be confused for a minute! Before that, I kept a deadjournal…livejournal’s bastard brother. I started that in 2001. So I guess I’ve been at this blogging thing for awhile! That’s so great that you’ve met so many great people over the years! And incredible that you met your husband via the internet 😀 It really is a great thing. I wish I could meet more people in person that I’ve met online. I feel so lucky to have met Debi and now I’ll get to meet you and Jason@!! My family has pretty much accepted that this is where I make all of my friends too :p And never never NEVER apologize for hijacking my comments!! I love it when people do that 😀

    Christina, Psht…you wish :p

    Debi, Love you back 🙂 Of course, you know who I was talking about in that paragraph, right? I just loved Normal!!! I already wrote my review. I have it scheduled to go up later tonight while I’m at work. And the Gates is so good!! Really a great book so far 🙂 My Read-a-Thon pile is very large!! I think it’s like 15 books and I really want to read them all :p Undoubtedly though, I’m going to see your pile and add more to mine :p I’m going to start the morning with Tender Morsels though! I swear I’m going to read it this time!! I don’t know if Tebow is playing or not….I hope to god he’s not!!!! I mean, of course I hope the guy is ok…but surely, he could use another week to relax, right? 😉 How could I have made a mistake like that! Of course #TKONLG was written for the both of us Debi 🙂 I love your number 3 response :p And I love the pictures that go along with it. Mmmm…coffee Ice cream…like the gelato that y’all had at sucre…that was so good! And never shut up Debi!! I love hearing from you…you know that! And I think you officially got the comment with the most smiley faces ever, lol. Hope you have a great weekend too!

    Jenny, That sounds awesome!! I’m so freaking excited about this game this weekend! And you’re right…LSU is going to completely destroy Florida. I have a friend that’s going to the game and I’m so jealous…wish I was there.

    Diane, It’s all Nymeth’s fault :p She started the idea on Twitter. I think the date is November 19th, but I could be wrong :p

  12. Shanra, Oh dear, there’s a huge huge list of people that think I’m crazy :p It’s too heavy to lift! LOL…Don’t worry, I don’t let any of that get to me. Oh no…there she goes with her newspaper again!! You crack me up Shanra! Ooooh, I complete forgot about The Vintner’s Luck!!!! I totally need to put that on my Read-a-Thon pile! That would be perfect. Sadly, I already prescheduled my post, so don’t feel bad if you don’t see it on there :p I’ll add it! You don’t have comment fail!! You’re one of my best commenters Shanra! I love your comments 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh. Isn’t that game going to be awesome?? I’m rooting for LSU too because, well I want them to win and I’m sick of hearing Tebow’s name. 🙂 My husband is an Auburn alumni so we will be watching college football ALL Saturday. 🙂

  14. Thank goodness it’s Friday–this week has seemed to go on forever and ever and ever.

    With yours, Debi’s, and Nymeth’s talk of The Knife of Never Letting Go, I finally picked it up this week. I’m not on a book buying ban, you see. 😛 It’s actually longer than I thought, so I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up for the read-a-thon. I don’t have any suggestions for you, but I do know how it can be kind of discouraging to be reading a big book and not feel like you’re making any progress.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  15. What’s a good book for the readathon? Well I know you’ve got a certain unwritten girl, sitting on those fantastic new bookshelves somewhere! 😉

  16. I do love a rambling post now and then! Fun to write and fun to read. 🙂 I’m reading a book right now I think you might like and it’s not too long and it’s going very fast AND it would qualify for the New Zealand Book Challenge – I’m sure your library has it: Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones but don’t get it if you do’nt like Dicken’s Great Expectations. But I’m flying through it – very endearing so far!

  17. Halloween at a psych hospital… You should dress up and make the most of it!

    As for books being written for you, I feel that way allll of the time. And you know, when you get an interview with Patrick for your blog, you can ask him 😀

  18. Best Friday fill-ins, ever!!! You had me in stitches.

    I absolutely do not think you’re crazy. I’ve gotten more support from my blogger/book friends during my last couple of years of cat illnesses and mom death and husband traveling to fantastic places without me than I think I’ve ever gotten in person — at least, while I’ve lived here.

    Titles for the readathon . . . uh, first, when is it? Go read my post on the zombie book and if you’re interested, I’ll send it. It’s a quick read. Chunkster-wise, I just read a wonderful book about a Welshman who returns to Great Britain after WWII, shell-shocked, and begins teaching history as therapy: To Serve Them All My Days by R.F.Delderfield. It’s a saga and it is wonderful — a great book to really sink your teeth into, although I must admit I enjoyed spreading it out over several weeks so that I could enjoy a little time with PJ, each day. I think you’d like The Maze Runner, too. I’m reading it, now, and it’s a real page-turner (YA, too!).

    Talk like a cat day! I like!

  19. I may be the only person on the ‘net that feels this way, but the LOL Cats annoy the hell out of me!! First of all, I’m not really a cat person to begin with. And if I was, I’m quite sure I’d be of the opinion that cats are smart enough to talk better than that! Oh well…

    With my work schedule and the kids’ schedules, I don’t have time for friends in real life. That’s actually kind of sad, isn’t it?? But seriously. I just don’t have time to socialize. My socializing seems to be done mostly over the internet these days. And I don’t think you are crazy. I feel closer to some people I’ve actually never met before than I do most anyone I know in “real life”.

    I’m about 1/2 through The Knife of Never Letting Go right now. And I love it so far! The night I picked it up, I only had about 15 minutes to read. A couple of chapter down, and I wasn’t sure I would like it. The next night I read about 100 pages, and fell in love!! I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. I knew you wouldn’t steer me wrong!

  20. Isn’t it just too fun being yelled at by your CEO? I feel your pain, buddy! I often wonder if there is some course in irrationality that a person has to take to become a CEO.

  21. Am I too late to make a recommendation? I just finished Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L. Going, and I so wish I’d saved it for the Read-a-thon because it would have been perfect, but now I have to settle for recommending it to people since I, uh, already devoured it. So yes, I recommend Fat Kid Rules the World, unless, of course, you’ve already read it and I didn’t notice…. 😉

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