The Sunday Salon – Weeding the Shelves and Outrage

So I’ve decided to join PaperbackSwap. It’s really nothing against Bookmooch at ALL. I love Bookmooch despite my small complaints about it and I plan on continuing to be an active member of the site. But PaperbackSwap has so many books available that Bookmooch does not!! I’m shocked. And excited…and scared of what my TBR shelves could become as a result of this :/

This was my thought process when I decided to start weeding out my shelves. Even though we’re moving to a bigger house soon, there will actually be LESS room for my books. I don’t know how that works exactly, but it’s the truth. Until I finally grow up and get my own place, I’ll have to limit the amount of room for my books. I just can’t talk my mom into having a library at the house :p So I put up a whole bunch of books today on Paperback Swap that have been sitting on my shelf for awhile.

These are mostly books that I’ve read already and know that I won’t read again. There are a lot of titles that I didn’t want to part with just because I liked having the book on my shelf even though I wasn’t nuts about it…does that make sense? Like Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Alessandro Barrico’s Silk, C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters and The Four Loves…those kind of books. It’s just not my genre I think. Does anyone else do this? Hoard books that you just like having on your shelf even though you didn’t love them? Or am I just crazy? I’m guessing the answer to that question is the latter. I haven’t touched my TBR books because they’re all in boxes right now. So they’ll remain mine πŸ˜‰


As for the outrage, I’m sure we all know what this is going to be about. Bloomsbury and their stupid ass cover for Liar. Seriously? Seriously?! Is this 2009 or did I miss something? Is it really possible that we still have the mindset that the face of a black woman is going to turn people off from reading a book???? Sadly, I know the answer to that question as is evident by Bloomsbury’s decision to put the face of a girl with caucasian features on the cover of a book about a black girl. I think the worst part of the whole thing is Bloomsbury’s blatant denial of the issue, remarking that if the book is about a liar, why wouldn’t she be lying about her race? Come on…seriously, do you think we’re all freaking stupid??? Don’t toss around bullshit excuses. Take responsibility for your poor judgment and your own close-mindedness. It’s stuff like this, Bloomsbury that keeps us from moving forward as a society. Though I have to say that I’m honestly thrilled with the outrage. I hope it continues to grow until Bloomsbury might finally take action.


14 Responses

  1. I don’t belong to either Bookmooch or paperback swap. I really should. Just never got around to signing up. I REALLY need to start weeding out some of the books on my shelves. I just can’t seem to do it! Don’t worry, I can’t get Mike to put a library in my house either. 😦

    I was bad today. I haven’t bought books in so long…I went a little nuts today. I bought 7 books. (not a lot for you, but for me it’s a bundle!!)

    I don’t even want to get started on Bloomsbury. I don’t even have the words to describe how that whole situation really bums me out.

  2. Bloomsbury could really do with a major backlash.

    Shelf weeding is a difficult thing. In the past Ive kept stacks of books because I knew I should have them if someone else wanted to borrow them. I’ve been being used as an unofficial lending library for years. Plus, you’ve got the have the classics, right?
    I did a major clear out when the time came to share my house, but utterly rejoiced when I later got my shelves back and started to refill them. For me, home is where the books are, so the more the merrier. Having said that, it’s getting to the silly stage now where I can’t fit anymore in. This can only mean one thing. I need a larger house. πŸ˜‰

  3. as someone who works in publishing… this is outrageous! a cover is one of the most important things about your book, because people really do judge by the cover. bah! i’m glad this is causing such a fuss.

  4. BUT YOU SEE! Each book you add to Paperback Swap makes the little critters on the Bookmooch logo CRY BIG FAT TEARS 😦

    Okay, I’ll stop now πŸ˜› Nothing wrong with belonging to both, of course. And yeah, I get rid of books that aren’t really my kind…guess what happened to The Forgotten Garden as soon as I finished it?

    Mind if I steal that Coverfail image? I guess by the time you see this I’ll already have, but I can’t imagine you minding, so I’ll go ahead πŸ˜›

  5. My biggest problem with Paperback swap and it’s associated sites is that it’s only available to people who live in the US. Boo for us who aren’t there. LOL.

  6. Yes, yes, yes!!! Well-said about Bloomsbury’s racist decision, Chris!

    LOL…I so understand that hoarding thing. It’s like I somehow want to remind myself that I have read books that others might consider “sophisticated” even if I didn’t really like them all that much. I’m trying hard to rid myself of that though…as I really don’t care how well-read/not well-read anyone else considers me to be. And I sure as hell need to space on my shelves to hold the books I really do love. But you know that kind of surprises me about paperbackswap having books you couldn’t get on bookmooch. I’d always been under the impression that bookmooch had a much better selection. I’ve never joined bookmooch though, because it seems so confusing. (I’m sure it’s probably not if I looked into it more thoroughly.) I don’t like that paperbackswap isn’t international. 😦 Anyway, now I’m off to see what you’ve got listed at paperbackswap.

  7. I do love my BookMooch, but Paperback Swap looks great too. I wish it were open to international folks.

    The cover fail thing has got me pretty mad too. I hate it when publishers portray characters as white when they’re actually people of colour, and it doesn’t sound like Bloomsbury is handling the situation very well at all.

  8. Oh yes, I am a total book hoarder. There are some books on my shelf that I haven’t read more than once, or that I keep just because the cover’s nice, even though I wasn’t so thrilled about the plot. But I like to see my shelf nicely crammed full of books – it gives me a nice wholesome feeling! It’s like, being surrounded by all these luxurious options of imaginative travel.

  9. I’m glad you decided to join PBS. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I used to hoard books I didn’t even like all that much — and I do have at least one I keep thinking I ought to get rid of, but I love the cover so much . . . it’s The Dead and The Gone. I’m not as bad as I used to be. Now, I usually just keep books that I honestly believe I’ll reread, someday. Although, confidentially, there’s a little part of me that keeps screaming, “NO YOU WON’T!!!” About the rereading.

    I hadn’t heard of Liar, but man . . . what a crock! I can see why you used the word “outrage”. That’s just wrong.

  10. I hope Paperback Swap brings you much happiness!! πŸ™‚

    As for the Liar fiasco…I second everything you said and then some!

  11. Steph, Isn’t it sad taht we can’t all have libraries in our houses :p And I’m dying to know what you bought today!!! Dying I tell you!

    Stormfilled, Ah, a girl after my heart. Nevermind less books, we need a bigger house! My thoughts exactly :p

    Lena, I’m glad to hear that coming from you, a person who works in publishing πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree with you more. A cover says so much about a book and about the publisher really. It’s ashame that they took that route…

    Nymeth, 😦 Now I can’t stop thinking about the little bookmooch aliens crying 😦 But like I said..I plan on staying on there as well! I really do love Bookmooch. There’s just so many more books available at PBS! I’m shocked really! And of course you can steal the Cover Fail image πŸ™‚

    Court, You know, I feel the same way…they really should expand and make it a worldwide site. The system over there is actually really good!

    Debi, You put my thoughts into words exactly when it comes to keeping books based on their “sophistication” level :p It just feels good for some reason to have those on the “already read” shelf, lol. But I had to finally admit to myself that they deserve better homes….I’m also a sucker for keeping books just for the covers. If a book has a good cover, it’s won my heart for life! You really should join Bookmooch!! It’s not confusing at all! I promise. And it seems to have a better sense of community than PBS as well. I love it!

    Memory, I second that. I wish that PBS was international too. It’s really a great site and it’s sad that others don’t have access to it!

    Sharry, Well said! I’m just like you when it comes to covers…if it has a really cool cover, then it pretty much has a permanent place on my shelf unless for some reason the book is REALLY bad! And I love seeing full shelves πŸ™‚

    Bookfool, Me too! Though I seem to already be forgetting what the purpose of my joining these sites was originally…to get RID of books! I just end up using the points to bring substitutes in :p I can’t believe you want to get rid of The Dead and the Gone!!! I loved that book! But I’ll forgive you for that one :p The cover is gorgeous on it, isn’t it?

    Staci, It’s already bringing me PLENTY of happiness πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  12. you DO realize I’ve been trying to avoid commenting on this post because I will say the “obvious”.. “yeah yeah.. I know .. you NEED paperback swap!”

  13. That is annoying about the book cover. Profoundly disappointing, actually. But on the bright side, Larbalestier is one of my favorite authors, so not only is publicity that raises awareness of the issue great, but so is publicity about her book! I am hoping that that fuss will create more responsible future decisions along these lines.

  14. Interesting – I haven’t heard about LIAR, but what a cowardly thing for Bloomsbury to do. Ugh.

    I just reviewed COLUMBINE on my blog – thought you might be interested in reading the review. If you haven’t gotten it from Hachette, I’d still love to swap books with you. Considering your profession, I’m sure you’ll find the book really fascinating. It’s disturbing, but so interesting from a psychological stand point. Anyway, LMK.

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