Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader by Neil Gaiman

batmanBatman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (Deluxe Edition) By Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert
128 Pages

I’ve never been a huge Batman fan, but I like him enough. I’ve never read all that many of the Batman comics, but I know enough to know who the main villains are and Batman’s backstory. And that sufficed just fine for this latest installment in the Batman series.

Originally published as Batman 686 and Detective Comics 853, Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader tells the story of Batman’s death. Neil Gaiman wrote it to be the final tale of Batman no matter where the series may go in the future. That was certainly no easy task, but if anyone was up to the challenge, it’s Neil Gaiman. The story takes place at Batman’s funeral, before his casket. All of the familiar villains are there, Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler, just to name a few. His friends are there as well. And everyone has their own story of how he died.

Gaiman uses this story as a great way to show that life is not about how we died, that doesn’t matter, it’s about how we lived and how we will continue to live on. Batman must learn this for himself as he looks beyond his own grave. I bought the deluxe edition of this one, and I’m so glad that I did! It has a section of Andy Kupert’s amazing sketches for the series along with the stories behind the drawings. Gaiman and Kupert both wanted this to be an homage to all of the previous Batman artists and writers, so we see different styles of Batman all throughout the graphic novel, but through an Andy Kupert lens.

The version I have also comes with a few standalone comics at the end which are all fantastic and each deals with a different villain. There’s a great story about Poison Ivy that I absolutely loved. Is it worth the $25 sticker price? I think it is if you’re a batman or Neil Gaiman fan. If you’re just curious about it, pick it up at Amazon for $15 and if you’re not nuts about it, pass it on to someone who will be! For I think that there will be lots of people raving about this tale.



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  1. Hmm this sounds interesting! You reviewed a lot of Neil Gaiman’s works here! I haven’t even heard of some of them yet. I’m steadily making my way through some of his (older) works – I really enjoyed Neverwhere for its quirky dark humor and its quotable lines. Loved it!

  2. My husband is a bit Batman fan (I got him Batman underwear which he loves!). I will find out if he has this one. You should read Arkham Asylum illustrated by Dave McKean. It’s a very dark Batman comic and is one of the best.

  3. You suck! (And that was said with infinite amounts of love, you know.) Seriously, I told myself when I saw this on-line the other day that, “Yes! A book I don’t have to drool over and crave and drive myself crazy over.” Because while I definitely have nothing against Batman, I’ve never been a huge fan either. Figured it was one I could live without. But dammit, Chris, you’ve gone and put this into the “drool over and crave and drive myself crazy over” category! It really sounds fantastic. Hope you’re happy with yourself.

  4. OMG! Debi said “you suck!” LOL LOL… damn Chris You’d better save this post and comments! LOL this was almost a good as hearing Red Skelton say something risque! lol lol

  5. I’m super picky about Batman comics, I enjoy the darker ones like Arkham Asylum or Killing Joke. I haven’t read this one but seems really interesting and I’m pretty sure with Gaiman involved it will be worth a read.

  6. I’ve only ever heard good things about this collection – glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it. I’ve never been much of a Batman fan, but this is definitely something I was considering getting. The image you’ve posted is absolutely GORGEOUS and makes me curious to see the rest of the illustrations in the book.

  7. Sharry, Hey! 🙂 Yeah, I’m a huge Gaiman fan, so you’ll find lots of that on my blog! I loved Neverwhere. Such a fantastic novel! I think American Gods is even better though. It’s one of my favorite books ever.

    Rhinoa, I had Batman underwear when I was a kid…sadly, I can’t find them in adult sizes…well, I could find Batman boxers, but not underoos. I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about Arkhum Asylum. Really must read that one!!

    Debi, Mwuhahahaha…I’ll gladly take “you suck” as a compliment. Truthfully, I’m not a big Batman fan either..but it was Gaiman, so I had to read it :p It was a really great book. I think you’d be surprised!

    Deslily, LOL..I know…she cracked me up too :p Like I told her though…I’ll gladly accept that as a compliment if it gets her to read the book 😉

    Joanne, I’m with you 100% I like any comic book to be dark…the darker the better. Sheesh, what does that say about us? lol. I really need to get Arkham Asylum…I’ll toss it onto ye old wishlist.

    Court, It’s great! Check it out, I think you’d like it. The image I posted is actually an alternate cover, so it’s a little more detailed than the other images, but the whole book has amazing art. It was really fantastic!

  8. Ack. Now I’m going to have to read Batman comics? Sheesh, and I thought I was a geek before!!

    Speaking of geek, I was reading about Comic-Con coming to Chicago for the first time next year. It’s called C2E2 and it’s at McCormick Place in April. I’m trying to save for BEA, but this may be a must for me. Chicago is only a few hours away, and I REALLY want to go. What’s a girl to do??

  9. I want this! I am so behind on his comics…I don’t even have The Eternals yet!

  10. Steph, Yep! You’re going to have to become more of a geek than you already are…which won’t be hard because you’re NOT A GEEK!! LOL Oh man! Why did you have to tell me that Comic-Con was coming to Chicago! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Chicago…it’s on my top 3 list of places to go. And I’ve always wanted to go to comic con too! Dammit…BEA or Comic Con….hmm….

    Nymeth, I have the Eternals, but I haven’t read it yet…buddy read?? Let me know when and if you get it! And wanna go to comic-con? LOL. Steph just told me it’s in Chicago next year and I would so love to go!! I say we have a fantasy blogger meet up 😉

  11. I have both issues of this comic but still haven’t read it. I enjoy Batman but am not necessarily a big fan, which is why they remain on the pile waiting to be read despite the fact that one of my favorite authors of all time wrote the issues!

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