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How’s everyone doing? Nope, still haven’t finished anything this month aside from a graphic novel with no words and a photography book :p But that doesn’t mean there’s not bookish stuff to talk about!

First there’s the biggest news of all! And that is the fact that I did not buy ANYTHING from giant Childrens and YA sale! I started to. But then I realized when I had 9 books in my basket and I was only to the “F”s that I should probably just stop. And I can’t tell you how hard that was. I had tons of books that I had found that were on my wishlist. But at the rate that I was going, I figured out that I would’ve ended up buying something like 39 books. And that’s just no necessary :p But I know a lot of other people hit up the sale, so I can’t wait to see what everyone else got!

I did get two books in the mail this week. One was the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book written by Neil Gaiman which I reviewed a couple of days ago, and the other is A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi. The first was amazing, the second looks promising! And no points are awarded this week! I’ll give you all a rest 😉

I got a present in the mail today! I had completely forgotten that I had won a subscription to Bookmarks from my favoritest Debi in the world until it arrived today!! And who did I think of right away? Dewey. Do you remember when she used to do her Sunday Book Coveting posts with the lists of all of the books she found from Bookmarks Magazine? I loved those posts and she inspired me to start picking up copies of it at my bookstore. Well now it’s great to have it just delivered to my doorstep. And yes, I’ve already found several books that I want just based on my first very quick glance through.

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
The Missing by Tim Gautreaux
Columbine by Dave Cullen
Lowboy: A Novel by John Wray (Really want this one!!)
The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet by Reif Larsen

And like I said, this is just the first go around…this is likely to quadruple in size after I read the whole magazine. Thanks Debi 😉

Finally, a question about Bookmooch or any other book swapping site. What do you guys do when you mooch a book and the sender won’t send it? I’m not a “mean” person…so as bad as I want to cancel all of my mooches and leave bad feedback, I probably won’t. But I’m so aggravated right now! I have like 11 books requested right now that are all at least a month old since I’ve gotten any update and quite a few of those were originally requested in April! I’ve contacted them all and was very nice just asking for a status update, but nothing 😦 And I’ve already cancelled 9 requests since I started bookmooch because of this problem…I don’t want to have so many cancellations on my account. Any suggestions on how you deal with this?

Alrighty…that’s enough book talk….if I don’t shut up, I’m going to go on a shopping spree! G’night!

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  1. I had to laugh when I read your words about Bookmarks Magazine. Guess what I did Sunday afternoon? Yep, sat outside read it from cover to cover and circled all the ones that I want to read. I love that magazine and you’ll find your wish list getting out of control. I received Circle of Souls too, so I will be looking forward to hearing what you think about that one.

  2. I was just going through that same copy of Bookmarks this afternoon and agree, Lowboy looks amazing, doesn’t it?!?

  3. I love Bookmarks, too. I can’t read it without a pen in hand to circle all the books I want. Oh, the coveting the magazine inspires! Yikes.

    I actually have a copy of COLUMBINE. I got it from Hachette Book Group. If you email them, you might be able to snag one for yourself. If not, LMK. When I’m done with it, I’d be willing to swap you for something good.

    No advice on Bookmooch. I haven’t done any mooching in a long time. It was too much of a hassle. Good luck with it!

  4. Staci, it seems like there are lots of us that do that 😉 It’s such a great magazine! I’m so excited to have a subscription now….but a little scared :/

    Christina, It really does look awesome! I may just have to order that one…like I need MORE books on the TBR pile :p

    Susan, Isn’t it great? I may just try to contact Hachette about getting Columbine. I will indeed let you know if it doesn’t work out…a trade would be fun 😉

  5. I don’t think we get the Bookmarks magazine over in the UK but I will have a look just in case. Good on you for resisting the book buying. It’s so difficult you must share your secret.

  6. Bookmarks reminds me of Dewey too. It sounds like an amazing magazine, but a dangerous one too 😛

    As for Bookmooch, if there’s no communication I’d just cancel and leave neutral feedback. I’m fine with waiting, but only as long as the person keeps in touch. I’ve never left negative feedback, though I’ve been tempted to a few times. Anyway, I don’t think all the cancellations will reflect negatively on you, but if you’re worried, maybe you could add a little note explaining to your profile? That’s what I did – I have a huge amount of mooches cancelled on me, which is even worse than cancelling them myself, and the reason is that people won’t pay attention to the publication language, and so they keep mooching Portuguese books from me when what they want are English copies 😛 Also, you’re on Librarything, so why don’t you join the Bookmooch group over there? They give the best advice.

  7. YAY…I’m so glad your first issue arrived! You’re so right…Bookmarks will forever be inextricably linked in my head to Dewey, too. And I’m so glad for that. As much as I miss her, I soooo love being reminded of her! I’m sure you know what I mean.

    I quit accepting review books, but Circle of Souls sounds so tempting that I haven’t yet deleted the offer from my e-mail. It really does sound like it might be a good one.

    You already know how I feel about this rubbing your self-restraint in my face, so I won’t go into that again. 😉 But you should have just gone ahead and ordered those 9. That’s what I did. Of course, I’d managed to make it to the O’s (and 29 books) before pulling the plug.

  8. I’ve got T.S Spivet and it’s a gorgeous looking book. I’ve yet to read it though.

    I made the mistake of looking at Bookcloseouts didn’t buy anything, because I’m in the wrong country 🙂 But if I was over there, I could would have spent a fortune!

  9. I didn’t even look at the BookCloseouts sale, since I knew I would be sorely tempted and I’m just not up for sore temptation right now. Sigh. Where were all these awesome sales when I was buying books indiscriminately?

    As far as BookMooch goes, I generally just cancel and leave neutral feedback if the person never responds. I don’t like how it looks on my profile, but I figure that most users realize that those situations do happen from time to time.

  10. I broke down…okay, it wasn’t really a breakdown…and picked up a copy of the special edition of Coraline today. Going to watch it with my daughter tonight. It is rainy, cloudy and chilly…perfect weather for watching this film.

  11. I met the author of Circle of Souls at BEA after the book blogging panel….I really need to get to that book! I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

    And thanks for the big box of books coming my way…should probably send a bunch of them onto you anyway!

  12. I’m not going to Bookcloseouts. I’m not going to Bookcloseouts. No, no, no.

    Hey, I just got A Circle of Souls, today, too!! Yay!

    I just bought A Little Stranger for a group read. It sounds so good. And, The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet has the coolest cover. I’ve been admiring it for a while.

    Actually, I never got a single book from Bookmooch because people weren’t sending the books I requested, so I unmooched myself. I only use PBS. And, it has its problems — but I’ve had much more luck with Paperbackswap, so I’ve stuck with it for . . . oh, about 2 years, maybe? I’ve been swapping for a while.

  13. Never used bookmooch, but paperback swap is great. When you request a book, the requestee has a couple days to say if they can send it and then another 4 i think to mark it sent. if it’s ignored and times out you get a message that it can’t be sent and you get your credit back. fast!

  14. Rhinoa, It’s a really great magazine! Check it out if you can find it 😉

    Nymeth, It’s VERY dangerous :p I did end up taking your advice and cancelling all but five of the mooches. All of the ones that I had requested in April or March even. Sad…That’s been happening more and more lately with Bookmooch and it’s really disappointing! Bookmooch used to be really good. Now it’s really hard to find a good mooch.

    Debi, I do know what you mean! I have to say that I smiled the whole time I read the issue because I was thinking of Dewey doing the same thing. Thanks so much for this gift that’s more than you imagine 🙂 You know…I’m thinking that I should’ve ordered those 9 books 😦 But I’m sticking to my guns!! I’m not going back, lol. Oh, and you should totally take Circle of Souls!!

    Bart, You’re right…T.S. Spivet does look beautiful. I love the design of that book! You’re also right about being lucky not to live here as far as Bookcloseouts goes 😉 I seriously think that half of my TBR pile is made of their books :p

    Memory, That’s what I ended up doing…I just cancelled those mooches and left neutral feedback. A big part of me wanted to leave negative feedback though!! lol. It gets so aggravating.

    Carl, Oooooh, I want it so bad!!! I’m thinking that when my paycheck comes I may end up picking up Coraline and Watchmen…the special editions of course 😉 Enjoy them!

    Amy, That’s awesome that you met the author of Circle of Souls!! It sounds like a fantastic book! And I wouldn’t mine if a box of books showed up at my door, lol. You picked up a whole bunch didn’t you?

    Bookfool, So did you go to bookcloseouts? 😉 lol. The Little Stranger sounds really cool!! I think it may be my next Sarah Waters book. It just sounds so cool. I love ghost stories and with the setting of England after the world war, it sounds over the top! Isn’t the Spivet book gorgeous? I’ve flipped through it and the whole book is presented as nicely as the cover. I should switch to PBS myself :/ I’m just so damn committed to Bookmooch. I really like the site, I just hate the non-sending of books sometimes.

    Melanie, Another Paperback Swap fan! Lots of people use that one. It really does sound like a cool site…I may end up switching.

  15. I totally understand your frustration with Book Mooch! There’s a book I really really want and my request got accepted over two months ago. I’ve sent reminders twice with no reply… I don’t mind it being canceled, if the other person would just communicate with me about it! It’s also harder and harder to find books I want on Mooch. I joined Paperback Swap a while ago, and am much happier with it. They have stricter requirements- there’s a standard condition books have to meet, and you’re required to send your books out in a timely fashion- so I’ve been a lot more satisfied with it…

  16. You know, I’ve actually been quite lucky with Bookmooch lately! I managed to mooch Kindred, Purple Hibiscus, Nick and Norah, The Firebrand, Alias Grace…I’m nearly out of points, actually. I hope you won’t abandon it, as Paperback Swap is US only and makes the rest of the world cry 😦 I know not everyone on Bookmooch sends internationally, but the Angel Network does a wonderful job getting books to places in the world where they’re not widely available. That and the charities alone make me love BM ❤

  17. Okay, okay I won’t abandon it! (were you talking to me, or Chris?) It’s just strange- I have tons of points on BM and can’t find anything to mooch, and only a few points on PB Swap, where there’s lots of books I want…

  18. Looks like you’ll be seeing your death match–DYLAN vs. CHARLIE. I wonder if the two characters actually fought which one of them would win?

  19. Oh my God, I’m one of those BookMoochers you hate. I listed a bunch of stuff and then got like 40 requests in three days and accepted them and sent half, and the other half have been sitting forever in my (now old) apartment. I smooched points back to the requesters with little notes of apology, tho, and if I don’t send them this Saturday, they all have permission to come after me with torches and pitchforks. (Hot tar and feathers will be provided.)

    Anyway, yeah, I doubt cancelling them reflects badly on you. I dunno how closely people really look at those statistics before sending requests in the first place.

  20. Jeane, Doesn’t that drive you nuts?! I think I’m going to stick with Bookmooch though…like Nymeth said, it does have it’s pluses as well as it’s minuses and I think that’s every site. I do hope you get your book eventually though!!

    Nymeth, You have been lucky!! I won’t complain too much because I had that streak where I was REALLY lucky with Bookmooch 🙂 I’ll stick with it 😉

    Drew, Thanks for stopping by man!! Seriously, this is my all time worst case scenario. I think I’ll be crushed and elated at the same time regardless of what book moves on..and um, sorry, but I totally think that Dylan would kick Charlie’s ass 😉 LOL

    Scott, You know…as much as I complain, it just took me a month to send out two books :/ I should think before I type huh? LOL…I do hate it when you list a bunch of stuff and then they’re all snagged up in 2 minutes. In fact, I have like 30 books sitting on my couch waiting to go up on Bookmooch and I’m scared just because of that. It was very nice of you to smooch people though! And you’re right…I don’t think people pay that much attention to the amount of cancellations…I know I don’t.

  21. I only peeked a little at Bookcloseouts and then I said, “Stop! Close window!” and I did. I’m very obedient.

    You know, I think it’s good to stick with Bookmooch if you’ve had some luck in the past. When I tried Bookmooch, I’d already been using PBS for a while and part of the reason I decided to give up was that it seemed silly and pointless to swap at two different sites — better to have all your points in one basket.

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