The Sunday Salon – Readers Against Migraines

So, lots of us readers seem to get migraines. And I mean LOTS of us. I’ve noticed this more and more every time I post about my headaches and make you all suffer through another post of me whining and complaining :p The other day when I was talking about my massages I’m getting, Becky at One Literature Nut made the suggestion that I should keep the topic open for discussion. So I did! I created a page on my blog so that we have  a resource to fight migraines!

So if you want to click on the “Readers Against Migraines” tab on the top of my blog, you can join in the discussion and hopefully find some tips to combat your headaches! It would be great if you could leave tips in the comments as to what you do to get rid of your headaches or at least lessen them. I’ve started it with some of my own tips, but if you want to write your own post, leave a comment, or email me, I’ll be more than happy to keep adding tips to the list and I’ll give you credit!

Lets get rid of these headaches readers! That’ll give us more time to stare at the computer screen and get more headaches :p


4 Responses

  1. What a great idea, Chris! I’ll be interested in seeing what others have to say. Wish I had a magic bullet solution to offer you but the last couple of migraines I’ve had have laid me out. So far the only thing that really works for me is about 12 hours.

    I see you’re reading The Book Thief – does that mean you haven’t read it before?


  2. I’m one of the lucky ones. But I think that’s a great idea, Chris…and I hope you all find relief!!!

  3. What a great idea! I had horrible migraines in high school, that brought on my fibromyalgia, but then they stopped one day. So no advice, but I hope yours randomly stop too!!

  4. Good luck to you all! Sorry you have to deal with them 😦

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