Time to Get My Points Pressed

So I mentioned about these massages that I started getting for my migraines. I was a little skeptical about them at first to be honest with you. But I’m willing to try anything at this point to get rid of these headaches. And you know what, not to jinx it, but for these last two weeks since the massage, I’ve probably only had like 2 headaches! That’s really good for me, trust me. The massage is called trigger point therapy. And it’s the only massage I’ve ever gotten, but I’m guessing this isn’t the wonderful massage that most people talk about….this shit hurts! But if it helps, I’ll keep going :p In fact, I’m going today.

The way it works is that the massage therapist finds these trigger points in your back, neck, shoulders and head and works on them. Think of them as little balls of muscle that just continue to twine themselves together. Over time, they get bigger and can cause dibilitating migraines and can also cause lack of movement in the body if it gets serious enough. She finds these trigger points and then applies a LOT of pressure to them. And it hurts bad! But I have to say that aside from the soreness for two days, it feels really good afterwards.

The first day I had the massage I felt sick after and she told me I probably would. The trigger points hold in toxins in the body, so she basically released them all by doing the massage…she told me I’d feel like I had the flu, and I did. I know this all sounds miserable, but two weeks without many headaches is worth it! So that might be something to look into for all of my fellow migraine sufferers. There’s a chain called Massage Envy that does them. They’re a national chain, so you can look them up and see if there’s one around you. They’re very affordable too! Much cheaper than the pain meds that I usually have to consume every day almost!


Doesn’t look like many more people are going to enter my trivia giveaway from the other day, so I’ll go ahead and just award Nymeth the prize who got 30.5/32 possible points! Let me know if you want A Monster’s Notes, Nymeth, or if you’d rather something else! Debi came in second with 18 points, so I’ll have a little something for you in the mail too Debi 😉 I’ll post the answers this weekend for those who were curious!


Friday Fill Ins

1. When I heard that David Eggers has a new book coming out in a few days all about Katrina called Zeitoun AND a furry edition of The Wild Things I had to preorder both 😉. You should too!

2. Laughter is the best medicine. Cliche, but it’s so true.

3. It’s late, but I’m up, so I’m blogging! Hell, it’s only 12:40 am, it’s early for me!

4. There are far too many things in life that end in always.

5. My eyes have seen things that no human should see…and that’s just at my job :p.

6. I agree with Nymeth strongly.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing with a book probably, tomorrow my plans include working half a day and then celebrating the fourth with the family and Sunday, I want to do whatever I damn well feel like doing!


12 Responses

  1. I know what you mean about those massages hurting! JB used to experiment on me when he was learning acupuncture, using pressure points to ‘help’ me. OACH. But you’re right, it works. Recently I’ve been concentrating on relaxation to get rid of the headaches from hell. It took me a whole day to conquer the one that struck me on Wednesday, but I did it, with only one dose of painkillers. W00t!
    Your Friday fill-ins always make me giggle 🙂

  2. Oh wow Chris! Really glad to hear you have found something that helps your migraines!! Since there is nothing that really “stops them” I still think they don’t know what really causes them. Obviously it can be more than one thing. I would live to try accupuncture on my back to relieve some pain.. I hate constantly taking meds. Doctors give you a pill and forget about you. Many times that is not the cure-all ! But it’s their easy way out of digging deep enough to find the real cure.. if there is one that is.

    I think my blog fell off the radar (must have been too many bird pictures) my site meter now says I get an average of one person a day.. I find it strange because it pretty much always said 75-125 and now one? duh. oh well.

  3. Glad to hear the massages are helping your headaches.

  4. So, you’ve discovered massage, huh? Good for you! I get a weekly one for a variety of things and I sure can tell when I miss an appointment. And good massages often hurt for the very reason you mention – releasing points that have gone haywire! I hope your therapist tells you to drink lots of water to wash those toxins out once they’re released!

    Also, minor point, I know but with my shift work it’s an important one – 12:40 a.m. is the wee hours of the morning (that would be 40 minutes after midnight). Noon is p.m. Like I said, minor point but it’s one of those ‘things’ with me.

    I hope you have an excellent weekend, headache free with lots of fireworks!


  5. Massage therapy is wonderful! My aunt is a professional maseuse (sp) and has gotten rid of my headaches like that, too. It’s wonderful!

  6. I haven’t had migraines but work with many people who get them and I can certainly understand trading a smaller amount of passing pain for eliminating the more major pain. I hope they keep working well for you and that your migraines become less and less frequent.

    Congrats Nymeth on the quiz! You gonna post the answers, Chris?

  7. Did they tell you to drink lots of water to flush the toxins out? Because you should…drink lots of water afterwards, that is.

    Gah, I feel like the water police.

    Glad the headaches are decreasing…that’s awesome news!

  8. Stormfilled, I just got home from the massage and my head is KILLING me now 😦 But she told me that sometimes pressing on the points will actually cause the headaches. So I just took some meds…Glad to hear that you’re able to knock yours out with relaxation! What do you do? Meditation? I’m all ears for new stuff!

    Deslily, I’m thrilled that it’s working! I wish you could get acupuncture for your back pain! This massage is actually very similar to acupuncture. I agree with you about the meds like we’ve talked about before. They throw them at you for everything and before you know it, you’re taking 40 pills a day! You’re not the only one with concerns about blogging numbers by the way. Somethings been up lately and everyone’s stats have been really weird!

    Vivienne, Thanks! I’m glad too 🙂

    CJ, I actually discovered the massage originally because of you! You suggested that I try it a while back when I was complaining about my migraines. So thank you! It really is wonderful. She did tell me to drink lots of water, but I’m a bad listener 😉 Oh, and I know that 12:20 AM is 20 after midnight 🙂 I’m a night owl and posted this in the wee hours of the morning, so that’s what I was talking about. I normally don’t go to bed until like 4 AM which is why I called 12:20 early. Hope you have a great weekend too CJ, though I’m sorry to hear you have to work 😦

    Amanda, That’s really cool! I wish I would’ve discovered this earlier!!

    Carl, Right now I have no desire to go back to the massage therapist :p I just got home and my head is KILLING me because sometimes the trigger points will actually induce a migraine. But it’s nice to know that it’s working! I’m going to post the answers to the quiz this weekend!

    Softdrink, They did tell me to drink a lot of water…but I’m a bad listener and water drinker :p So it’s my own fault. All you diet people are turning into the water nazis!!

  9. I can’t believe how many of us get migraines! I was down two days this week, literally laying in the fetal position. I HATE them! I’ve tried massage too, and it has helped reduce them. I noticed that I have a weird food issue that triggered mine. I had been drinking lots of Crystal Light, fruit punch. (You know, in a round-a-bout effort to increase my water intake, but in a more tasty way!) Well, I don’t know how I put two and two together, but I figured out that things that had red dye in them triggered my migraines. Come to find out, food dye is a big trigger in lots of migraine sufferers. You might just check that one out? I’m obviously still suffering from them, but thankfully figured that one out to cut them in half!

    So glad you found massage as a technique! You know, we should keep posting about this. If you find anything else that works, let us know!

  10. Chris,
    Sounds like you might be on your way to finding something that will help these migraines go away. My brother suffers horribly from them. Once he had to go to the ER because he was so disoriented. I’ll have to pass this info along to him!! I do understand the stress points hurting after applying pressure because whenever I can con my son into rubbing my back he hits some sore spots but after he’s done they feel so much better!! I might look into this for myself!!

    Have fun this weekend and enjoy the holiday!

  11. Mmmm. Massages… *wants one for her shoulders, but probably just needs to work out and build up some muscle instead* I’m glad to hear it’s helping you with the migraines, though! Hopefully it’ll continue to do so and that with more time passing you’ll find that it hurts less to get massaged (and still keep those migraines at bay, of course)!


    (And congratulations, Nymeth!)

  12. I’ve never heard of this kind of massage therapy, but wow, am I excited that you found something that helps!!!!!!!! I hope it not only continues to, but ends out wiping them out altogether. I know that right now 2 migraines in 2 weeks sounds pretty damn good to you, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that number to drop to zero very soon!

    And hey, NO WAY! Don’t you dare send me anything for your quiz! Unless it’s a patented sweet Chris letter, that is! 😀

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