Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

catchingCatching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins
400 Pages

Spoiler Free Review!!!

I think it would be fair to say that Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, the sequel to The Hunger Games is probably the most anticipated book of the year. A lot comes with this kind of anticipation. We always hope for the absolute best but can’t imagine how it could possibly live up to the original. We risk our hopes being crushed by a book that’s less than stellar. We just hope that the book doesn’t turn the wrong direction. I can assure you that you need not worry with Catching Fire. In my personal opinion, it surpasses The Hunger Games.

The most I can tell you really about the sequel without giving away anything from the original is that it takes place shortly after the conclusion of The Hunger Games and there is another games. Like the first novel in the series, this one is tragic at times. Heart breaking really. In some ways even more heartbreaking than the first. There are characters that we love dearly that are tortured throughout this novel both physically and emotionally. The scary thing about this novel is that it echoes so much of what’s going on in the world today as we see countries that suffer under a dictator continue to live in misery.

Collins has given all readers a true gift with this series. It’s a feat not easily accomplished to write something so powerful. I really haven’t seen this kind of comraderie with a series since the Harry Potter series and it’s refreshing to have it again. And I have to say that I love these novels and the characters as much as I did the Harry Potter series. I just wish it were going to be 7 books long rather 3 :p

I don’t know that there’s that much more that I can tell you about this book, except for that I don’t see many people being disappointed when it’s released. It has everything that the first book had, but it also has more substance and more emotions put into it than the first. I didn’t have any qualms with the ending this time. I loved the ending actually. My heart did not stop beating for the last 20 or so pages. Truly an amazing book and I can’t wait for all of the reviews of it to start pouring in.


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this post, Chris! And I’m so jealous that you’ve read it! Now it has made me more impatient in getting the book!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. You are so lucky to have a copy of this!!! I can’t wait. The Hunger Games has been one of my favorite books this year and I think you’re right in saying Catching Fire is one of the most anticipated. I’m looking forward to it so much.

  3. Ack, every time I see another review I feel another stab of envy. I’m so glad to see so many positive reviews though. Sometimes it is hard to follow up an already great book.

  4. Dammit, Chris. I told myself that I wasn’t even going to read this book when it came out. Not because I didn’t love the first one…I did! Very much! But, and I know I seem to be totally alone on this, I thought it ended perfectly. I loved the questions that were left unanswered. I loved being able to imagine what Kat’s life might be like now that she was home. I really didn’t want to be told what happened next.

    But now you’ve gone and made this one sound so damn good that of course I’ll have to go buy it come September. Thanks. *said in that dripping with sarcasm tone*

  5. I’m totally excited to read your review….for more reasons that just one! I can not wait to read this!! I have a hard time believing this could actually TOP The Hunger Games, but if it does, Collins is going to move up fast on my favorite authors list. I figure one might be a fluke. But 2 great books….wow!

  6. And look…I’m not Spam any more!

  7. I can’t wait to read this. I read The Hunger Games after reading your review. I also went out and bough Voodoo Season after reading that review too. I have to say I have loved both.

  8. I haven’t read Hunger Games…yet! But I am going to get it done soon….you’re one lucky reader to get your hands on this one! My son Marc loved Hunger Games and he’ll devourer this one when it comes out!

  9. Glad you enjoyed this. I do look forward to reading it! I really should review The Hunger Games.

    So, all good for starting The Book Thief or should I wait? Email me or Twitter because I might forget to check back here.

  10. <<<< Is Jealous.

  11. I read a few pages of The Hunger Games and decided it wasn’t the right book for the moment, but I don’t feel bad about waiting (even though I bought a hardback — which always makes me feel like I should sit down and read a book right now) because I’m afraid I’ll want to move right on to the next book. Has Catching Fire been released or did you manage to acquire an ARC?

  12. I’m green with envy that you have this book. So. Not. Fair. I’m really excited for it – glad it lives up to its predecessor.

  13. totally agree and great review!

  14. Love the spoiler free review. πŸ™‚ I’m waiting for this to end up in my library so I’ve got a while. But this review scratched my Hunger Games itch a bit in the meantime!

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