The Bad Bloggers Post From Hell

First of all, thanks so much to everyone for the warm welcome back 😀 I’m happy to be back…really happy. So yesterday, I mentioned that my Bad Bloggers post had slightly over 20 books to be mentioned….well, it turns out there are actually 30 books that have been acquired since my last Bad Bloggers post :/ You may just want to turn your head in the other direction…seriously….you’ve been warned, ok?

Books Received as a Gift


Books Sent For Review


Books Mooched


Books Bought



So THATS why I’ve been so broke this month…..

1. Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender – I got this one in the mail yesterday actually and thought to myself “hmmm…it’s getting bad…I don’t even remember ordering this one.” And then I found a lovely little note inside telling me that Bellezza had sent it to me after she knew how much I wanted to read it after her review!! Point to Dolce Bellezza!

2. The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale – I’m actually really excited about this one!! Believe it or not, I’ve never read anything by Shannon Hale but I’ve heard nothing at all but good about her. And I believe it made Natasha at Maw Books cry, and she doesn’t cry very often during books 😉

3. Back Creek by Leslie Goetsch – I have to say that this was the most thoughtful request for an ARC I’ve ever gotten. The book is published by Bancroft Press, a fantastic small publisher, and I could tell by the request that they had researched my taste in books and had actually looked at my blog. Can’t wait to read it! It’s up next!

4. Gone Away Into the Land by Jeffrey B. Allen – You’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what I’ve thought about this one because it’s a book tour review!

5. Life After God by Douglas Coupland – Just because it’s Douglas Coupland

6. The Book of Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick – Point to Bart for this one! He’s a big Sedgwick fan and I’ve read exactly nothing by him….I love Bart’s taste in books, so I figure I’ll enjoy these!

7. The Plain Jaines by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg – A point to Carl for this one as it’s been on my wishlist for a very long time since he reviewed it, but a big thanks to Bart for letting me mooch it from him!

8. The Dark Horse by Marcus Sedgwick – Another point to Bart for the same reason as above!

9. The Chose One by Carol Lynch Williams – I could blame all of you for this one, but the original blame lies on Natasha at Maw Books, so she gets the point. I couldn’t believe that I actually mooched a copy of this one!!

10. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini – Becky, isn’t this your fault?? Well, I’m saying that it is :p Point to Becky!

11. An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks – We all knew that it would only be so long until Nymeth’s name showed up on here 😉 After her wonderful review of this book, I mooched a copy of this one!

12. Midnighters Book 1 by Scott Westerfeld – I’ve had this one on my wishlist for awhile too and it was Lightheaded’s review that put it there! Point to her 🙂

13. Angel of Darkness by Charles de Lint – This is one of de Lint’s horror novels that he wrote under the pen name Samuel Key. I first heard about these books after Darla D. wrote a review of this one. She’s a huge de Lint fan and it’s one of the things that made me first notice her! Anyway, this one sounds amazing! Point to Darla 🙂 (Did you know her name’s not really Darla, btw?!)

14. The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland – Once again…just because it’s Coupland

15. Airborn by Kenneth Oppell – For the Printz Challenge

16. The Misfits by James Howe – This one is dear Dewey’s fault. I picked it as one of my original challenge books for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge. Can’t wait to read this one and think of her. Point to Dewey!

17 & 18. The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd Books 1 & 2: Eight Grade Bites and Ninth Grade Slays (respectively) – I read the first book in this series and reviewed it already and went out and ordered the second and third right away! The third is actually not out yet, but comes out very soon. Awesome series, and the covers are what totally sucked me in on these.

19 through 23. Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley – All I will say for now is that these books are MADE OF AWESOMENESS! But I will save my ranting and raving about them for the review 🙂 I’ve nearly finished the whole series so far by the way.

24. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn – So this one was already on my wishlist, but then Nymeth reviewed it and I went out and bought it right away :p Point to Nymeth again!

25. Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine – Another fantastic series. I just love the Morganville Vampire Series. It’s one of those series where you just feel like you’ve become friends with the characters. This is book 3 of the series…I finished book 2 – the Dead Girls Dance during my forced break from blogging.

26. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters – What the hell, let’s keep giving Nymeth points :p How could I not go get this one after reading her review? Seriously. I’m so freaking excited about this one…it sounds amazing.

27. Carmen Dog by Carol Emshwiller – Want another point Nymeth? You’ve got it! I should really make Nymeth take the blame for all four of the books I bought from Small Beer Press but I won’t 😉

28. Kalpa Imperial by Angelica Gorodischer (translated by Ursula K. Leguin) – Another one from Small Beer Press. Just look at that last author (the translator) and you’ll see why I bought it 😉

29. Mockingbird by Sean Stewart – I’ve been on a voodoo kick lately and this one has some of that in there!

30. Trampoline: An Anthology by Kelly Link – There’s a story by Christopher Barzak in here that sounds really good!

That’s all! That’s enough!

One last note…I’m freaking loving all of the Nerds Heart YA reviews that are coming out now!! Can’t wait to get to the finals!

26 Responses

  1. So, the cover for “Gone Away Into The Land” by Allen really grabbed my attention. I’ll be awaiting your review.

    And, welcome back!


  2. I’m speechless…
    really, I am !…
    I’m speechless..
    ..and you’re darn lucky! lol

  3. Excellent, you’ve got some Sedgwick, you’re going to enjoy them I’m sure.

    I could go though a bunch of the above books this time and comment on them 😀 But I’ll just say, make sure you have a mooch in place for Skybreaker, because the first is so much fun, you’ll want to meet Kate and Matt again.

  4. Erm…

    I should point out for those that are not a) mind-readers or b) already fans of Oppel I’m talking about Airborn! 😳

  5. I think I should make it a sport to avoid being on your Bad Bloggers list. ^-~ But they’re always such fun to read about! And thirty books?! You really did go for the book-a-day-keeps-the-internetlessness-away, didn’t you? *grins* One day I’ll be able to have a massive, massive bad blogger post like this too.

    I shall be looking forward to the reviews! ^-^

  6. You know how we each bought four books from Small Beer Press? Turns out three of the four are the same ones. 😀 I got Carmen Dog (of course), Mockingbird, and Trampoline, too.

    That is truly one amazing haul, Chris!

  7. ha ha ha ha! I’m so happy I’m not the only one with a stack like that. I refuse to even post it. When am I going to ever read them all? =)I just read Marcus Sedgwick’s My Swordhand is Singing. Enjoyed it.

    Happy reading!

  8. CJ, It’s a pretty cool book that deals with the subject of abuse and fantasy as a means of escape. There were things I wasn’t 100% crazy about, but it was a worthwhile read.

    Deslily, You know…after typing up this post, I was a little speechless myself :p And I’ve been wondering where the hell all of my money went this month!

    Bart, LOL…I’m glad you clarified that because I have to tell you, I had no idea what you were talking about either :p Looking forward to that one!!

    Shanra, Oh fear not…you’ll eventually be adding to the bad bloggers list I’m sure :p I do like that, lol “a book a day keeps the internetless away” :p

    Debi, I just knew we bought the same books from Small Beer Press! LOL…don’t they all look fantastic??? I’m really excited about them! What was your fourth book?

    Vasilly, Oh come on!! You have to post it now, lol. You’ve peaked my curiousity way too much!! Sedgwick really sounds great! Can’t wait to finally read him.

  9. You received so many wonderful books!! I too received Back Creek from Bancroft and feel the exact same way you do about how personal the request was and that they (Harrison) actually read our blogs!! You’ll enjoy this one! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on all the lovely goodness that you welcomed into the house this past month!!

  10. Wow you’ve got some great books on here!

  11. Looks like fun!!! Do you have built-in bookshelves? How are you storing all of these books?! I think that’d be a great photo post. 😉

    I’m totally reading Bad Girls Don’t Die for RIP this year. It looks so delicious!

  12. Oh, my. I think this may be why I love you so. You make me look so much less guilty. 😉 I only bought 4, this week.

    So, so glad you’re back.

  13. To say I envy you is mild compared to what I am feeling right now!


    Mondays: Musings/Mailbox/whereabouts

  14. What a great list of books! I loved The Chosen One and The Actor and the Housewife. I just picked up the Vladimir Tod book not realizing it was the second book. Need to go get book 1. I saw your currently reading Catching Fire. So envious!

  15. Staci, I’m really excited about Back Creek!!! I’m off to start it right now actually 😀 Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    Amanda, Thanks! I’m very happy with them 😉

    Eva, First of all, I love your new picture! It’s beautiful 🙂 As for all of the books, I’m afraid they’re mostly in boxes right now, lol. I just couldn’t look at the TBR pile anymore and we’re moving in August…they’re quickly filling up the shelves again though :p I do have three bookshelves full though with books that I’ve already read.

    Bookfool, Now I just need to find someone to make ME feel better, lol. I don’t know if anybody will ever beat this post though, lol. Pretty bad, huh? At least I read a good amount over the last couple of weeks…I feel a little balanced…well a little less unbalanced I should say. I’m glad to be back!! I missed you so much!

    Gautami, Really, you don’t want to be in my shoes, lol. I have WAY too many books!!

    Debbie, I’m really looking forward to The Chosen One and the Hale book. They both look fantastic. Vladimir Todd is a lot of fun 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy it. And I just finished Catching Fire!! It was a-maaaaaaaaazing!

  16. Well, that is indeed a lot of books~ wow. Good luck reading them all!

  17. Claire, LOL…I need more than lock I’m evil twin would help…

  18. Wow, that is a LOT of books, Chris! I will be very interested to hear what you think of the de Lint, which is quite a bit different from his other books. You have lots of books on there that I have on my TRB pile (and the same bad bloggers are to thank, darn them!) 🙂

  19. Well, that’s a lot of books… I am so happy that you are enjoying the Morganville Vampire series. I have to read the fifth book one of these days. Happy to see all the Coupland on there! I haven’t read The Gum Thief yet, but I did read Life After God. I have decided to stop saying what I think until I reread it. It’s Nymeth’s favourite. 🙂

  20. I think you may have to search hard to find someone who can beat that number, although . . . you know, I kind of spread out the mention of my book acquisitions. It’s very possible that I have you beat. I refuse to look at my log to find out, though. LOL

    Oh, we’re just having a love-fest, aren’t we? Big, huge hugs to you ’cause I feel so gushy about your return.

  21. Darla, I read one of his Key books…I’ll be Watching You. That one was pretty darn good, but like you said, really different from everything else I’ve read of his. I think we all have a lot of the same books on our wishlist, lol…I just actually buy them :p

    Kailana, The Morganville series is great! I didn’t realize that you had read the first four already!! I think there are TWO new ones coming out this year. Can you believe that I keep buying all of Coupland’s books even though I’ve only read 1 :p

    Bookfool, I really don’t know if anyone will ever catch up with me on these book acquisitions :p Although I have to say that these were acquired over a few weeks :p It’s still really bad though! Huge hugs right back to you 😀

  22. I’m glad it arrived safely (with your other nine million books)! 😉

  23. Wow! Just wow 😀

  24. I’m going to have to make puppy dog eyes at my friends and family to get me books for my birthday now and see if I can beat your post now… But that might be cheating. ^-~

    And darn you for not accepting my challenge! (Also, I announce with some trepidation that I’m going to pick up Voodoo Season soonish. I say with some trepidation because I always feel that way about friend-recommended books and because of my continued reading troubles. It’s been lying there, on top of my bookmark treasure box, since it entered my room. Staring. Enticing. Commanding. Going ‘Read me. Read me.’…)

  25. Glad to see you back–sorry the computer was giving you such troubles! I place much of my book blame on Nymeth as well–actually, I bet most of us do! 😛

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