Tuesday Thoughts

Currently listening to The Cranberries. I haven’t listened to them in AGES! Sorry, this will be a very random post if you can’t tell already :p The Cranberries were my first concert experience in 1995 or 94…can’t really remember. But they were my favorite band at the time and I was beyond thrilled to see them! They’re one of those bands that just instantly brings a sense of nostalgia over me. I’m waiting for them to turn up on VH1’s Where Are They Now? any day now :p Don’t know why I decided to share this with everyone, they just make me happy 😉

Topic 2, books. Because that’s what we’re all really here for, right? Sadly, I don’t have much to say on the topic. See those 4 books in the sidebar? I’ve been working on those same books for about 2 weeks now :/ And they’re all fantastic! But I got put on the day shift again this week and I’ve had migraines like every day lately, so I haven’t gotten more than like a chapter a night read in each. But the good news is, I’m coming to the end of all of them now and soon I’ll be able to mix things up! I’m thinking I’m going to read Dragonquest, the second Pern book after this. I can just hear Pat right now screaming FINALLY!

I also kind of forgot about Mailbox Monday and Bad Bloggers 😮 When I started this Music Munday thing, I didn’t even think about it replacing my favorite weekly meme! So I’m thinking that I’ll just move Bad Bloggers to a different day of the week…that should work. Believe it or not, I’ve only gotten like 7 books in the mail in the last 2 weeks! That’s shocking for me…It’s usually like double that in one week :p And I only have one point to hand out, which is for King Dork…that point goes to Becky. I’m thinking it’s time to wrap up this first week of Bad Bloggers soon…gee, I wonder who the worst blogger will be? lol…Nymeth, you might as well just let me know what book that I’ve read that I can throw onto your TBR stack…mwuhahahaha…yours shall grow too!

Finally, I discovered the best tv show that’s just made of awesome. So Renay over at YA Fabulous and Bottle of Shine is a really cool girl…I mean really cool. So she mentioned how much she loved Glee today on twitter, so I decided to see what it was about. I’ve seen the commercials on TV and it didn’t do all that much for me…though I did enjoy singing along to Don’t Stop Believing. But I figured that if Renay liked it, there had to be something cool about it. And there is! It’s such an incredible show! I mean, maybe not incredible…that may be pushing it, but it’s fun…and awesome! Seriously, it’s like an hour long YA book. Did anyone else see it and feel this way? I mean I really felt like I was watching a John Green/April Lurie/Drew Ferguson novel. Did you miss it? Or is it not available yet on TV where you are? Have no fear…you can go watch the pilot episode on Fox.com! And then you have to wait until Fall to get more 😦

19 Responses

  1. HA HA! Converted!

    That’s why I was excited to watch it. Like a YA novel, WITH SINGING AND DANCING. Recipe for success! I’m glad you liked it, but am sad it doesn’t start airing until this fall.

    You know…feel free to watch Merlin when it debuts in June, too. 😉

  2. I’ve never heard of Glee but I do watch Don’t Forget the Lyrics, lol. Cranberries is one of my most fave bands ever. I was even thinking of playing along your Music Mundays and doing them first, but have been very busy so just happy to see them here over at your blog. 😀

  3. hm, I will have to look up this Glee thing!

    I was thinking I was going to have to wrap up my bad bloggers, too. You have a typo, btw, you say ‘the first week’, when, I think you mean a longer period of time. 🙂

    I started Starfinder, but have not finished. Really must because I am supposed to review it on the 17th!

  4. I used to love the Cranberries! I would listen to them endlessly in my car. Thanks for reminding me – shall dig out my CDS to listen to.

  5. I hadn’t thought of this replacing that meme either, Chris! (But then I made the conscious choice not to participate in it and just mention things when they arrive.)

    And you poor thing! Do you know why you’re getting the migraines? Since it sounds like the shift is the problem, can you arrange it with work so that you don’t have to work that shift? You’re no good to anyone if you have migraines all the time, after all. (I know, I know, you’ve probably thought of all those things before. Humour a concerned friend?)

    *prods Fox* I want to see-hee! Stupid US-only thing. People get by those on proxies anyhow. Er, at least the more techie-savvy people do. Er, at least it’s one less thing to get addicted to? This is a good thing, right?

  6. Hmmm…sorry to hear about the migraines. I feel your pain, really I do. I’ve had a lot of headaches the last few weeks too. Not quite migraine material, but enough to make me feel pretty lousy.

    The Cranberries, huh? Never a huge fan, but I don’t dislike them either. I guess I just haven’t listened to them enough.

    I was on a reading tear there for awhile. I did one review today, and will have one more tomorrow. Right now, I’m reading Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson. And it’s kind of slow going. Not a bad slow, but I just can’t seem to read more than a little at a time. I also picked up the next Sandman, so I’m hoping to start it tomorrow. And I’ve also got a book mark in my first Non-fiction read this year….Stolen Innocence.

    I started watching Glee the other day, but honestly, it just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t really like the characters all that much. But to be honest, I wasn’t all that focused. I had some things going on around me. And I didn’t finish it. Maybe I should give it another shot.

    Hope your tomorrow is better!

  7. I’m like Shanra….can’t watch Glee 😦

    And yay, I get to pick a book soon 😀 Hmmm, Dylan Fontaine or Charles the Second? It will be one of those two, but I need to think.

  8. Wish I had a magic migraine ass-kicking miracle for you! I’m so sorry they’ve been so bad lately! 😦

    And can I just tell you how incredibly old you just made me feel? My first concert was in the late 70s (AC/DC–don’t laugh!) That’s before you were even born, isn’t it? And I’ve never even heard of Glee. Oh well, you all may make me feel old, but you all make me a mighty happy old woman. 😀

  9. We do two Cranberries songs at our shows: Zombie and Dreams. They are such great songs, and they always go over great!


  10. AHHHHH!! I almost missed your blog forever! I’m a feed reader and didn’t catch the moving post and couldn’t figure out why you were posting anything? But, I found you!! You can random post anytime, I think it allows us to get to know the blogger better =) My first concert was Janet Jackson in 1998 and Usher opened for her. I didn’t know who Usher was at the time….and I really didn’t like him lol. I love looking back on firsts! Sorry for the long comment….just glad I found you!

  11. The Cranberries are great! So cool that you got to see them in concert.

    I have been reveling in the fact that the only show right now that I am keeping up with on prime time is Deadliest Catch. My time in front of the television has been spent getting caught up with How I Met Your Mother (LOVE IT!) and finally watching Dr. Who. Just about through season one of that. And Big Bang Theory as well.

  12. I loved Glee, and I’m mad FOX is making us wait three months until we get to see new episodes.

  13. Love The Cranberries, too! My first concert was Janet Jackson when I was in 6th grade. Haha! 🙂

    Ohhhh, not another person talking about Glee 😛 My coworkers are all raving about it, but I’ve been kind of excited that the shows are over for the summer. Going to resist for just a little bit longer…

  14. Renay, I hadn’t even heard of Merlin before!! I may have just let out a loud noise that made me sound like a preteen girl…just maybe…

    Claire, You should TOTALLY do a Cranberries Music Munday post 🙂 They would be perfect!

    Kailana, Um yeah, definitely not the first week of Bad Bloggers :p I’ll have to fix that. I have to finish Starfinder too!! Mine’s due in like 3 days!!!

    Vivienne, I think I have more memories associated with the Cranberries than anyone else! Such an amazing group, huh?

    Shanra, No idea why I get migraines…sadly, no one knows 😦 they’re a mysterious thing. Trust me, I’d do anything to have my work schedule make more sense!! But sadly, that’s not going to happen 😦 We’re too short staffed. That sucks that you can’t see Glee! Maybe youtube has it?

    Steph, Any kind of headache is miserable! Hope yours get better! Monkey Beach sounds so good!! I’ve heard so many good things about it! And I didn’t think Glee was going to do it for me either at first, but by the end I loved it…it just reminds me of a YA book on screen!

    Nymeth, That’s so sad that y’all can’t watch Glee 😦 I’ll have to find another source for you. And that is such a tough choice!!! I seriously won’t be surprised if we’re reading one of those books for the finals of the Nerds Heart YA tournament…

    Debi, I would love for you to kick my migraine’s ass, but that would involve kicking me in the head which wouldn’t feel all that well probably :p AC/DC is a great first concert 😀 Nope, not born in 74…I didn’t come to being until 81 :p And you must go watch Glee!!

    Lezlie, I didn’t know you played in a band!! What do you play??

    Kristina, Hey! *waves* I’m glad you found me 😀 This is now the second time I’ve moved my blog in 3 years :p I promise to stay put now…for awhile at least 😉

    Carl, It was a great show! I still remember it! The Deadliest Catch is an awesome show…really like that one. Are you watching the new Dr. Who series or the old one? I haven’t seen the old one, but the new one is fantastic!!! Seriously like one of my favorite shows. I own the first season on DVD…I like the new Dr. better though.

    Jessi, Totally with you there! I can’t believe that they’re making us wait that long!!

    Trish, Janet Jackson huh? lol…Can I tell you a secret? I had the biggest crush on her when I was in 8th grade when her Janet album came out. Glee is really cool..you should check it out.

  15. Dude, you need to get those migraines outa your life!

    And I love random posts. They always appeal to my wandering mind.

  16. Renay got me hooked on Glee too. Blasted TV!

    And now she mentions this Merlin thing? *sigh*

    Glad to see I’m not the only one she hooked though! 🙂

  17. Nice, something to occupy my downtime with! I might save Glee for a boring night after work.

  18. Chris,
    I enjoy reading your random thoughts!! Cranberries…love her voice!! I’m still on the same book for over a week…why can’t I get through it????? I’ve not heard of Glee but it sounds fun 🙂

  19. I am a big fan of the old Dr. Who series starring Tom Baker, but am currently watching the new one, starting with season one when Christopher Eccleston was the Dr.

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