I'll Take Them All! A Book Coveting Post

Debi‘s hosting a fantastic mini-challenge this month for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge with a prize of a copy of a subscription to Bookmarks Magazine! How can you pass that up? The mini-challenge is to write a book coveting post. I don’t know about you, but Dewey’s book coveting posts were always some of my favorites of hers. They were just fantastic and I usually ended up coveting all of the books that she did as well :p So I thought this was a fantastic way to remember her. I actually did a book coveting post not long ago which you can read here. But I’ve added quite a few “yet to be released” titles to my list since then. Here they are:

1. The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan – I thought that The Forest of Hands and Teeth was just amazing! So I can’t wait for this companion novel to come out! I don’t think it comes out until 2010 though 😦

2. Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini – I heard an interview with Isabella Rossellini about this one! I’ve always thought that she was a fantastic actress and I just love her accent. Well now she’s writing a book too! It’s a non-fic book about the sex lives of animals and it will come with a DVD that has a number of short films about the sex lives of animals! They’re all acted out by her and they’re directed and produced by her too. Sounds strange, but tres cool! It’ll be released on September 22nd.

3. Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica – I like to read sports books every now and then and this is a young adult book by a fantastic sounding author who writes young adult sports stories! I just bought a box set of his that has three books in it…two about basketball, one about baseball. Million Dollar Throw will be released on November 3rd. Heard about this one through shelf awareness.

4. Undiscovered Gyrl by Allison Burnett – Another one that I heard about from Shelf Awareness. I saw the trailer for this one and it looked really cool….can’t really tell what it’s about entirely, but it has something to do with a girl in chat rooms and looks like it may be a little creepy. This one comes out on August 11th.

5. A Monster’s Notes by Laurie Sheck – This one looks so cool! And I adore the cover. It’s a journal type book told from the point of view of Frankenstein’s monster. Pretty nifty, huh? Heard about it from The Book Design Review. Great blog by the way that focuses on cool book covers…you should add it to your reader! It comes out on June 23rd.

6. Crash Into Me by Albert Borris – This one is about a group of 4 teenagers all determined to die and deals with the topic of suicide.Β  There is a sad story behind the author. Apparently he’s struggling with some bad health problems and there’s a big push to have this book do well. It does sound good! Comes out on July 7th.

7. The Hurricane Party by Klas Ostergren – A new book in the Canongate Myths series! About the Norse gods, specifically Loki! I’m so there. This one is released on August 6th.

8. Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby – Need I say any more? It comes out on September 29th.

So that’s enough for now, huh? I’m sure I’m missing like….thousand of more books that I’m going to want! But here are 8 that are on my radar in addition to the ones mentioned in my last book coveting post. Take a look at all of the pretty covers:





So what are you waiting anxiously for right now? And what am I missing??


20 Responses

  1. I have heard of zero of these, but I will make myself better by reminding myself that I rarely know about books prior to their release, and none of the books you are coveting have actually been released yet! They all sound really interesting, and I would absolutely pick up A Monster’s Notes simply on the basis of how GORGEOUS the cover is. πŸ˜‰

  2. Juliet, Naked has also been on my most coveted list for months now. I can’t wait!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. Steph, I never knew about books that weren’t out yet either until I started blogging 3 years ago! Then when people started getting ARCs, I was constantly adding books to my list that weren’t out yet. Isn’t that cover to A Monster’s Note awesome? I love The Book Design blog…I’ve found many a cool book by judging them by their cover πŸ˜‰

    Claire, I know! I can’t wait for it!!

  4. Can I just give you and Nymeth access to my wishlist? you might as well just add them straight in there for me! :p

  5. Dead Tossed Waves is at the top of my list too! Million Dollar Throw is one I am offering in my Penguin Reality Prize Pack. I haven’t read any Mike Lupica and am not that into sports stories, but I think the premise is a great one, especially in these tough economic times.

  6. shockingly the one book there that sounds interesting is A Monster’s Notes. I have no interest in Frankenstein but I the Historian keeps rolling around in my head and when I read the description on amazon of this it does sound interesting… if you get that would you read it for Carls Halloween challenge?

  7. I should have known this book coveting idea was a mistake! Seriously, when Dewey could have me adding four books to my wish list with every book coveting post, what did I think was going to happen when everyone wrote a post like this?!!

    I will definitely be getting Green Porno for Rich!!! That is so his kind of book. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I should worry about how much he reads about animals sex. πŸ˜‰ He’s currently reading The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution…sex and evolution, it’s like he’s died and gone to heaven.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful week, Chris!

  8. I’m limiting myself to my TBR stack this summer. It’s grown to fill up three entire shelves and needs to be reduced. I am looking at Bolano’s 2666 but I have an unread copy of The Savage Detectives in my TBR stack already. I must defeat the stack.

  9. Definitely will be looking for the Hornby book. I haven’t read one in quite awhile. I think it’s time to fix that!!

    The only one I can say you forgot is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins out Sept. 1st!

  10. Chris, you’re EVIL. The only one I’d heard of was Juliet, Naked. But now I want a bunch of the others. Debi, this really was a dangerous idea πŸ˜›

  11. In the opinion of my students, Lupica is such a treasured YA author. I have most of his books on my shelves in my classroom and just found out about his newest one a couple of days ago. Of course I’m going to get it. LOL. I wouldn’t be a good LA teacher if I didn’t right? πŸ™‚

    Crash Into Me sounds superb. I am definitely adding that one to my list.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Is the Green Porno one the same thing that’s playing on Sundance? they are pretty funny. and weird. but interesting! I personally have been coveting George R R Martin’s A Dance With Dragons for oh, umm, like 2 years? i must keep remembering Neil Gaiman’s advice “writers aren’t my bitch”!

  13. Bart, You know that’s really not a bad idea πŸ˜‰ I should do that myself, lol.

    Lenore, I thought about signing up for the reality pack giveaway too but figured I’d just go with the fantasy giveaway. There weren’t that many in the reality pack that I wanted and I figured someone else would be happier getting it! Can’t wait to discover Lupica though!

    Deslily, I think I’ll be reading that one for sure for the RIP challenge…if I can hold out that long, that is :p It does sound really good! Every now and then a book comes along out of your comfort range and really surprises you!

    Debi, LOL…it kind of was a bad idea, wasn’t it? lol…but a brilliant one too!! These posts have really worked a number on my TBR shelf. I think Rich is going to love Green Porno! Don’t you just love the title of that one? And I could make a really crude comment on the book that Rich is reading right now and how it should affect you…but I won’t :p

    CBJames, I actually just bought 2666! I bought the three volume version because it just looks really cool. I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from. I’ve convinced myself that my TBR pile is just a thing that will sadly never be tamed :/

    Steph, Oh trust me, I didn’t forget Catching Fire! That was in my last book coveting post. These are ones that have been added since then. But that is probably my most coveted book right now!!

    Nymeth, Sorry :p But you know you do the same to me, lol. I love how we’re adding books that we haven’t even read yet and haven’t been released to each others wishlists :p

    Christina, you know I still haven’t even read any Lupica but I’m very excited about discovering him!! Glad to hear that the kids in your class like him so much!! His books really sound fantastic! Crash into me definitely sounds great!

    Melanie, It is! I haven’t seen any of them yet, but they sound fascinating! And they do sound quite funny. I know what you mean about A Dance With Dragons…I still have 2 more books to read to catch up in the series, but I’ll probably be coveting it then still, lol.

  14. You can actually watch most (all?) of the Green Porno short films on the Sundance Channel’s website (http://sundancechannel.com/greenporno/). They’re a combination of hilariously bizzare and horribly inappropriate – which didn’t stop everyone here from watching them at work… but then we work in a biology lab, so it’s more or less par for the course. πŸ™‚

    I didn’t know she was writing a book, though. I’ll have to check that out!

  15. A Monster’s Notes really appeals to me too, and I even picked it up the same place you did. One great book design site! Email the publisher about an arc? That is how I received mine. Been flipping through and it really is amazing. The voice and sensibilities of a poet offered in prose. Hope the reading process goes as smoothly for a continuous read as it has in bits and pieces so far. Happy reading!

  16. I am looking forward to the Carrie Ryan book!

  17. Haha, Fyrefly beat me to it! But yeah we watched the Green Porno vids online after seeing some of them on the documentary and discovery channels – they are so awesome!! I need to add the book to my wishlist now πŸ˜€

    Dead Tossed Waves – ughh I don’t think I’ll last til 2010 – really it’s less than a year but it feels like forever. I’m also lusting after Undiscovered Gyrl πŸ™‚

    And I’ve now added Crash Into Me and A Monster’s Notes to my “wantwantwant” list πŸ˜›

  18. I’m looking forward to “Crash into me”. I love Carrie Ryan’s book cover, but I have yet to read the “Forest of hands and teeth”!

  19. A Monster’s Note is officially the coolest looking cover I’ve seen in a while. Undiscovered Gyrl looks good to me. And I saw something on Green Porno, too, but I can’t quite wrap my brain around it. I think I need to look into that just to see how exactly she does this and how it is so cool.

  20. I’ve read an ARC of Crash Into Me and loved it. If you want to know more about the author and the book–we are running a series of interviews with Albert’s publicist, editor, and agent here: http://community.livejournal.com/classof2k9

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