Slowing Down and Some Bad Bloggers

I need to slow down…life has felt like chaos lately. And it’s not really bad…I haven’t been feeling bad, just overwhelmed. Work has been crazy busy lately and we’ve been staying full at the hospital. Good for business, but sad when you look at the reason why they’re all there. There’s good chaos too though. I’m finally starting my private practice in a couple of weeks! Of course that will mean paying rent…when I don’t really need one more bill, but it will be so nice to start seeing patients on a one on one basis again for more than just the initial suicidal/homicidal/psychotic/drug use assessment I do now :/

And then there are books. And my blog. Sadly, I feel like the two afformentioned things have been ignored lately, so I’m going to make it a point to give myself time to blog and read…the two things that I love to do to escape. I haven’t read ANYTHING since the day before my birthday which was May 11th and that’s just sad! So I’m going to go read as soon as I finish this. I also have three different tours coming up. All for books that are wonderful. I mentioned in my last post that I’d like to do more two person reviews and I still want to, but I’m afraid I’m booked until the middle of June…I just can’t committ to anything else right now. I’m so sorry that I haven’t responded to comments yet and for any of you who expressed interest in reviewing with me, feel free to read the book without me. If you can wait until mid June, I’m still more than happy to co review with you…I love doing that!

And now, I thought I’d do a little bad bloggers post because I’ve already had seven books enter my house just since Monday! Here’s what I got:


1. The Photographer – I am SO excited about this one 😀 I pre-ordered it along with the next two books as soon as I heard about it. It’s an absolutely amazing graphic novel (already started it) that’s told in the most unique format. It’s photographs and hand drawn panels mixed together that tell the story of a photographer that traveled in Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders in the 1980’s. Really good stuff!

2. Love Begins in Winter by Simon Van Booy – I’ve been waiting for this one since last year after reading The Dangerous Lives of People in Love. Van Booy’s writing is some of the most beautiful that I have EVER read. I fell in love with it. This is a collection of another five stories by him. And Bookfool gets a point for this one as she will every other book he ever publishes! She’s in the acknowledgments of this one too 🙂

4. The Uninvited by Tim Wynne Jones – This books sounds extra creepy and extra good! I put it on my wishlist after Chelle at Tempting Persephone mentioned it! Can’t wait to read it now! Point for Chelle!

5. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith – I bought this one for myself as a birthday present 🙂 I knew that no one was going to give me books for my birthday because they all think I have too many :p So when my mom asked where I wanted to go for my birthday, I said Maple Street Bookstore, a fantastic little independent bookstore here in New Orleans. And I treated myself to this and the next book. Point to Becky for putting this one on my radar originally.

6. Mother, Come Home by Paul Hornschemeir – This is the second book that I bought for myself on my bday. It’s a graphic novel that just looks great and I hadn’t heard anything about this one before! It’s about a young boy and his father dealing with the grief associated with the death of his mother.

7. The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia – So I’ve mentioned before how special I consider all of you and how I think you are all amazing people and amazing friends. Well this book and the next just proves that. I was totally shocked and surprised (in a very good way!) when these two books landed on my doorstep! They’re from the ever so sweet Shanra at Libri Touches, a blogger that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face! I can’t tell you how sweet she was and how much that meant to me. Thank you Shanra!! Believe it or not you’re the ONLY person who gave me books for my birthday…except for myself, lol! And I’ve really been looking forward to reading this one! It’s a steampunk novel and has one of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen!

8. In the Night Garden by Catherynne Valente – Another one that I’m so excited about!!! This one has been on my wishlist for AGES. I first heard about it from Jenclair at A Garden Carried in the Pocket during the FIRST Once Upon a Time Challenge. Thanks for this one too Shanra…you’re SO sweet ^_^ (that’s a Shanra smiley face). Point to Jenclair!


19 Responses

  1. Ach, you dear thing… Any chances you can take off a few days just for yourself to relax in? *hugs and sends good, relaxing vibes* You do an absolutely amazing job, Chris. Just so you know.

    Ha! Now I know what you got yourself for your birthday! Tim Wynne Jones. Wynne Jones… *checks* Doesn’t seem to be related, but who knows… It’s so confusing when you don’t hyphenate the last names… It takes up exactly the same amount of space as a space and it’s clearer… I know, I know, I’m blowing the whole thing severely out of proportion, but it makes no sense to me. *rambles*

    I’ll definitely have to add Mother, Come Home to my wishlist. One of the stories I’m working on has a similar theme, so it should be good for comparison if nothing else. ^-^

    *ducks head and hides under a blanket, being red as a beetroot* I like giving gifts to lovely people is all… And I’m happy that it made you happy, although I imagine your family’s none too pleased with me. ^-~ There should be books on a birthday or there’s simply something very wrong with the world! (Also, I think you missed giving Carl a point for The Alchemy of Stone. ^-~)

  2. Need I remind you that those who help others need the same help now and then from always being about such need people? I know overwhelming and you’d better Take care of yourself Chris.

    so.. lots of new books (big surprise..not!) lol..

    Hooray for Private Practice!! I could EASILY be your first patient!!

  3. Oh Chris…I’m soooooooooo excited for you! I can’t believe you’ll soon be “opening the doors” with your own practice! I don’t doubt for a millisecond the amount of good you’re doing already in the hospital, but I’m so thrilled about this added chapter in your life. One, because I know it’s going to be much more satisfying for you. And two, because I know what a real difference you’re going to make in the lives of your patients. Do me a favor though…make sure you don’t let yourself get burned out. I know you’re already overworked at the hospital. And adding this…well, you know what I mean…just make sure you save some time for Chris! Promise?

    How very sweet of Shanra!!! She is a doll, isn’t she? She never fails to make me smile, she’s a sweetheart for sure!

    Oh, and The Photographer! This is the first I’ve heard of it, but man, I see a point in your future for that one…it sounds great! Can’t wait to read your review!

    And btw, thanks again…you made my day, and you brighten my life!

  4. Congrats on the new chapter in your life! I hope it is a big success!

    I was looking at the Tim Wynne Jones last night, but the c.c. was very polite in pointing out that I was already holding a book, I really only needed the one, and that the things I actually need (like new windshield washers for my car) were probably more important! I listened… Because, well, the one book was the new Tolkien! I mean, really, did I need any other book but that?

    The birthday books are great! I really really want to read The Alchemy of Stone. It’s been on my wish list for a while! I also really liked In the Night Garden. I really must read the sequel! Then, she had a new book out this year, and I own it. Should read that too!

  5. Whenever is fine for doing a joint review, Chris. I’ve got a decent number of books to get through as well, so it’s not as if it is going to hold up up or anything!

    Here’s hoping the next few days are a bit more relaxing for you. 🙂

  6. Happy belated birthday! 😀

    That must be so exciting and scary opening your own practice; I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully, though. It’s so smart of you to schedule downtime as well!!

    When my internet was gone for so long, I took a long hard look at the amount of time I spend book blogging, and I thought maybe I’d be more ‘productive’ if I just stopped my blog. But then I realised that blogging has enriched my life so much, that my time spent on it is more than productive enough!

    Ok, I’m done rambling now. lol

  7. There seems to be a good bit of burnout going around. Book Nook Les and I have both posted about being overwhelmed and needing a few days off. Several people made really good remarks about the fact that you spend a lot of time helping others and sometimes you just need to do what’s best for you. So true. You need to take care of yourself, as well.

    Congrats on the upcoming private practice!! So exciting!

    And, I’m whooping over the bad blogger point! Wahoo! I’m afraid you’re going to get quite a few points if I get one for everything Simon releases. He’s got quite a few books contracted — good news for those of us addicted to his writing! 🙂

  8. As I was telling Debi, I know the feeling exactly 😦 I’ve been going through that myself, and no matter what I do I just can’t seem to get my life back on track. It’s not that anything much is different (other than being in a new house), but it feels different and overwhelming and like more than I can handle for some reason. I am not usually prone to stress, but lately the stress is killing me.

    Anyway…awesome loot! And Shanra is SO sweet 😀 She’s one of those people I just want to give a hug to for no reason.

    And congrats on starting your private practice!

  9. I think we all need a break every once and a while. Take a deep breath, smell the roses, and enjoy your books when you come back.

    I’m waiting to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but it seems to be a very popular book at my public library.

  10. Chris.. belated happy happy birthday! I did read your post but was too preoccupied that day. We are on the verge of a move so I’m feeling a bit pressured with all my reading commitments this month.

    Wishing you all the best in starting your practice. You are doing such a wonderful job. There’s nothing that compares to helping others out. You may not have the most easy, nor the most glamorous, job, but certainly the most fulfilling.

  11. That’s such an exciting piece of news! 🙂 And, as I’m always late to the party, a belated happy birthday to you, too!

    That’s my very first bad blogger point! Woo-hoo! I’d love to co-review The Uninvited with you, whenever you get a chance. Certainly no pressure (I haven’t read my copy yet, either, and probably won’t be able to for a bit, but anyway.) Let me know.

    Wishing you a moment of calm!

  12. So exciting to hear you’ll soon be opening your new place. I can imagine it must be stressful as well. Take some time to relax- and if you’re off reading books we’ll totally understand the silence here for a while! Just tell us all about ’em when you revive.

  13. The Alchemy of Stone is such a gorgeous cover!

  14. Oh shoot…I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday, Chris! I hope things will settle down for you soon. I completely understand that feeling of chaos, as I feel the same way right now. The stress of starting your own private practice will be a much better kind of stress because it will be something you’re choosing to do. It’ll feel so much better because you know you will be making a one-on-one difference in people’s lives! Good luck to you as you make that change! *hugs*

  15. In the Night Garden is such a lyrical and fantastic book. I think the sequel In the Cities of Coins and Spice is just as good. You should definitely read it if you enjoy the first. Its not so much of a sequel as a continuation of the stories started in the first one. They all come together so movingly at the end. I can’t wait to hear your take on them.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday Chris! And huge congrats on this new step in your career. It must be exciting (and a bit scary) for you, but I’m sure everything will be perfect for you.

    Slowing down, taking a breather and finding our own pace is the best way to refresh ourselves. It’s when we don’t give in to the feeling that things can become too much and people lose themselves in the rush.

    Lately my life feels like that scene from a movie where a person is sitting on a park bench, watching the grass sway in the wind slow motion style, while all around the people and cars and everything else is madly racing in fast forward. (geeze maybe I need to visit you when your office opens :P)

    The Photographer is on my list of need to reads! I’ve been reading Bang-Bang Club – about photojournalists in South Africa. Their story is heartbreaking, makes you really think about the people behind the front page photos.

  17. TAKE SOME TIME OFF TO RELAX. If you can find a way to do it, lol. Everyone needs a break, especially in your field. I understand how it feels to be totally overwhelmed, I’ve been feeling that same way lately.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! Take some time off and relax. We all understand. My life is hectic right now with school so I know what you’re going through. Take care.

  19. Private practice, eh? That is so awesome. I’m very excited for you. It has been so hectic for all of us lately, hasn’t it? Life seems to be rushing ahead at full speed necessitating breaks from some of the things we love just to keep from getting overwhelmed. I think the break is what we need to do sometimes though so that things we love to do don’t become chores, obligations, or burdens. It seems like we are never done ‘growing up’ and the responsibilities that come our way sometimes take a bit of time to get a handle on. Believe me, we…I….understand what you are going through and I’m here if you need me for support, etc. Just ask!

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