New Camera and OMFG!

So first of all, I got a new camera and I’m in love with it!!! It’s a Canon Powershot SX110is. So much better than the crappy little Sony Cybershot I had before. I wanted something that would take better quality pictures, but at the same time I can’t afford a REALLY expensive camera…and I don’t have the expertise with a camera to justify one. But I’d love to work my way to that point. This one’s a little point and shoot but it has some advanced features and you can adjust many of the settings. It has a 10x optimal zoom with a capability of 40x zoom, but you have to have really steady hands or a tripod for that!

I need camera lessons :p Bookfool, I may be heading up to your house for the weekend to get some camera training :p For anyone who doesn’t follow bookfool’s blog, you really need to. She writes the most fun posts and her pictures are absolutely amazing! She’s a genius with a camera. Here’s some of what I’ve managed to do so far in my backyard:


I really want lessons on how to take good nature pictures. This is really about the closest I can get without the flower becoming blurred. I’ve seen other people take closeups that show detail with this same camera, but I don’t know how to do that :/ I love taking pictures of flowers, insects, birds, trees, etc though.

newcam3This is just a detail of the swing in our backyard and I was just playing around with the camera and for some reason I really loved this pic :p No idea why, lol

And here’s the OMFG part!! So I got this mysterious package in the mail today from the UK and was like WTF? I don’t remember ordering anything from the UK! So I open it and this is what’s inside:

journalI may have peed my pants a little bit :p The absolutely amazingly talented and beautiful Nicky sent me this!!! Along with a lovely handwritten letter. It’s her version of Rorschach’s journal from Watchmen! And it’s spot on!! I still can’t really believe that she sent this to me. As always, it’s beautifully made, fully by hand. The leather smells amazing, the paper is perfect and it has a beautiful silk ribbon inside! I have two other journals that I bought from her. One of them is a quotes journal and the other a recipe book. Her creations are just absolutely amazing! Please visit her blog, her store (Blackthorn Workshops), and her book making blog and show some love!!! And if you have a few extra dollars, support this amazing amazing artist!

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  1. I’m so jealous! =) I’ve been wanting a camera for a long time. I’m definitely going to buy one for my birthday. Have fun trying it out.

  2. Ok….the camera is cool…..BUT THAT JOURNAL!!! That is so awesome!! So, what are you going to keep in it?? Deep dark secrets??

  3. See, I knew you’d appreciate it more than anyone else! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the links. New cameras are always so exciting, I’m still in love with the one I bought last year. Looking forward to lovely shots!

  4. Great shots, Chris! And have fun with the cam! I’ve never really learned how to work my camera technically, I just shoot. Lol. πŸ˜€

  5. I think we may have the same camera baby boy.. i have a canon powershot too it’s a SX10is (not a 110is) any way i love it but know little about how to work it LOL.. i love the zoom (the optical zoon) but can’t figure out why sometimes you can zoom and press the button to focus and you can see it “clear up” and then blur again before it beeps and it beeps when it’s blurred. same thing can happen when you press to use the macro. but i like it anyway… i had missed my normal canan with the 300 zoon that I still have but can’t afford to have photo’s printed up..especially photo’s they “shouldn’t print” but do anyway just to charge you! Anyway..congrats on the camera.. you will love it!!!!!

    How fantastic you recieved such a nice gift from Nicky!

  6. sigh.. why don’t i spell check? “i missed my normal Canon”.. sigh

  7. Canon makes a great camera.

    I once had a powershot A50 fall off the top of my roof of my car going 35 MPH and it still worked for the rest of the vacation with a little tape and some rigging.

    I have graduated from that to a 350 XT and now to a 5d Mark II.

    I have loved them all..

  8. It sounds like you might need laundry lessons, not photography, if you peed your pants just a little. πŸ˜‰ Probably, had I received the same gift, I’d follow suit.

  9. OMFG…even that doesn’t quite express it! What a wonderful, wonderful thing for Nicky to do!!! That journal is so exquisitely beautiful! One of these days, I truly am going to buy one of her journals…most of what’s held me back so far is that I think they’re so lovely that I’m afraid I won’t be able to make myself actually use it. And that somehow doesn’t seem right.

    Well, I don’t know what it is about that swing detail either, but I love it, too! I’m always drawn to those “detail” kind of shots. Just wish I was better at capturing them myself.

  10. Your photos are beautiful (and I love visiting bookfool just for her pictures, too!) I love petunias. They’re growing near my porch and last year I saved some seed, going to see if I can spread them through the yard w/out spending extra bucks at the garden center ha ha.

  11. I used to have a Canon Powershot (still do, I suppose, but it doesn’t get as much use any more) and really liked it.

    Possible tips for you – don’t use beyond the 10x optical zoom. Anything beyond that will be a digital zoom, where the lens itself doesn’t pick up any new information but the camera crops the picture then stretches it back to the original size. There’s no point to this – you may as well use the maximum optical zoom, then crop the image yourself using your computer.

    Secondly, I don’t know if you’ve found the “Macro” mode on your camera yet. That should allow you to take better close-ups of really tiny things like flowers and insects. (Though your picture of the flower is perfectly fine!)

    deslily – I had that same problem with my Powershot. I find that I have better luck with the Macro mode if i’m completely zoomed out. Since the camera is so close to the subject, zooming in doesn’t add much and sometimes makes focusing harder.

  12. Oh, yay for the new camera! One of my friends is taking a course right now and she is making me so jealous!

    and, that journal is wonderful! You are very lucky!

    You like the band Cold? I just happened to notice one of their CDs on your album quilt thing. I have no idea where I heard of them from, but I do like their music!

  13. Vasilly, For sure! You deserve it πŸ™‚

    Steph, Isn’t it incredible??? I’m thinking I’ll use it as a regular journal!

    Stormfilled, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you again!!! Seriously, I’m in love :p I’ve gotten over my “I can’t write in it” thing with the other journals, but I’m having a really hard time putting pen to paper with this one! lol.

    Claire, Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m doing too :p

    Deslily, I don’t know if they’re the same camera or not, but I am loving it!!! It’s such a fantastic camera. I had the same issue with you when using the macro setting, but I’ve found that if you refocus a few times, it’ll eventually focus on what you want it too :p I can’t wait to shoot like crazy!!

    ForestWander, Wow! Well hopefully it won’t be falling off of the car anytime soon, but it’s glad to know that it has a chance at survival if it does πŸ˜‰

    Bellezza, Yes, yes…I think laundry lessons are due :p

    Debi, What are you talking about?? You’re an amazing photographer!! I fell in love with your flower pics the other day πŸ™‚ As for Nicky’s journals, I TOTALLY understand :p I was like that with the first one I bought…I didn’t want to write in it! It was too beautiful! But I eventually got over that and I’m glad I did…now I REALLY don’t want to write in this one :p You should so treat yourself to one Debi! They’re beautifully made and even if you never write in it, you can just smell it all the time like me :p And no, I’m not being freaky, lol…the leather just smells really good!

    Jeane, I hope your petunias sprout up!! My mom loves them…we always have them when they’re in season!

    Lily, You’re a goddess! πŸ™‚ I had figured not to go beyond the optimal zoom, but I had yet to find the macro setting and now that I have I’m taking much better pics! Thanks so much!!! Seriously, you made my day πŸ™‚

    Kailana, I’m loving this new camera! I want to take a photography class so bad…one of these days, I will. Isn’t that journal awesome?! And yes, I used to be a big Cold fan! Still really love their older stuff. I had heard of them when they first came out and I’ve been listening to them ever since! Have you ever heard Wicked? It was their first single and it’s really good!

  14. Oh, how much fun to have a new camera! I have a Canon Powershot and I LOVE it. I have had it for about two years with absolutely no complaints. It takes great photos and is so responsive.

    Close up shots are tough. Have you tried playing around with the macro setting? The symbol for it is usually a flower. I sometimes get good nature shots with that setting, but on a point and shoot camera, they don’t always turn out. Enjoy!

  15. Ooooh! That looks like a great camera to play (and learn) with! Do take a photography class sometime soon, so you can reap the most benefit from the camera! And that journal is gorgeous. And such a sweet, sweet thing to do. (It’s not secretly your birthday and you’re not telling us, is it?)

  16. I love the photo you took of the swing – very nice! And great choice of camera, of all the brands we’ve tried Canon is the best for us, mine is the same as yours and the hubs has the SLR which is sweet.

    Did you get a tripod or holder yet? If not you should check out the Monkey Grip styles – they are so awesome for getting the most whacked out shots since you can attach them to anything. And they are just as steady as a normal pod πŸ™‚

  17. That is so cool, I’m so thrilled for you that Nicky did that. She’s the best, and her work is incredible. I second your recommendation. Everyone should own one…or more…of her journals!!!

    I see others mentioned it as well…you should set the focus on Macro to get some of those closer, clearer pics. I’m happy for your newest treasure and look forward to the pics you snag with it!

  18. Wowee, that journal is gorgeous!! I don’t know Nicky, do I? Is she a book blogger? I should probably know her. I’ve become a terrible blogger, lately.

    You always say the nicest things about me. I’m really a lousy photographer who occasionally gets something right. I need to take another class or read some books (it’s been a long, long time since I really took time learning about photography). You only see the photos that turn out. The rest usually suck. LOL You got some great advice and now I have to go comment on those macro shots. Off I go . . .

  19. I like that swing photo too!!! Have fun with that new toy. The package from your friend…that was wonderful!!!

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