Let's Talk About Books!

Just as I felt myself starting to fall into a funk again, the lovely Pat (Deslily) gave me a call and pulled me out of it. That goes to show how wonderful these friendships we make online are. To anyone who says that blogging friends are not the same as “IRL” friend, I challenge that notion! Seriously, from our little 30 minute conversation about all sorts of topics, books included, I feel totally refreshed…thanks for reaching out Pat πŸ˜€

So let’s talk about what we’re reading. I’m afraid I’m in over my head right now :/ I used to be a one book reader…I was always only buried in one book. Now, I can’t remember the last time that I was only reading one book. The good thing is, I’m knocking stuff off of the TBR pile quicker and I’m reading such a variety of subjects. Right now I have 4 books going, so I thought I’d talk about them.

I’m still working on Let the Right One In and it really is fantastic. It’s a vampire love story in a way, but this is NO Stephanie Meyer book!! I saw it at Barnes and Noble today in the “staff recommends” section and the guy who recommended it wrote “Vampires! But not the angsty, sparkly kind” I laughed out loud in the middle of the store. This is a dark book, a book full of murders, vampires that can be pretty, but not all the time, evil evil people, and just a hugely engaging story…I’m loving it.

Second on the list is an ARC of Spiced by Dalia Jurgensen. I’m reallly enjoying this little book too. It’s Dalia’s memoir of becoming a pastry chef. She leaves her job as a publishing agent to pursue a life in the culinary field. And her first job is as a pastry chef at New York’s asian fusion restaurant, Nobu. She writes so well and I can just picture myself in the kitchen with her as she learns her new trade and I love reading about the nights spent after work with the restaurant gang as well.

I’m about to start Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark, so I guess that one doesn’t really count yet πŸ˜‰ It’s the first novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Another vampire book that takes place in Louisiana and it looks great!

Finally, I heard an interview with the publisher of Charlotte Roche’s Wetlands and knew I had to have it. He equated it somewhat to American Psycho from a female perspective, but he described it as so much more than that. I was never in love with American Psycho, so that alone wouldn’t have made me buy it. What made me buy it is that he said he’s very hard to shock and this book shocked him! And I love to be shocked πŸ˜‰ It’s about an 18 year old girl exploring her sexuality, it’s about feminine heigine, it’s about her identity as a woman…and it is shocking! The book starts off with this line: “As far back as I can remember, I’ve had hemorhoids.” And it only gets more graphic :p This one is DEFINITELY not for the easily offended…I can tell just from the first chapter that this is going to be a very in your face novel…and she likes the “p word” (referring to the female genetalia) quite a bit. We’ll see how I feel about this one when all is said and done. From reviews I’ve read, it seems to be a love it or really really hate it book.

So that’s it for me…what’s everyone else reading right now? Do you have more than 1 book going? Have a great weekend everyone!

22 Responses

  1. Sounds like you have a good group of books going right now! I just gave up on one that just wasn’t doing it for me right now (Fiction, by Ara 13). I have several that are “due” for publishers but I decided to put them off a bit and read what I REALLY want to read – The Lost Men: The Harrowing Story of Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party. I’ve been staring longingly at this book for months and finally put everything else on hold to dive into it.

    I’m also reading Evelina, by Fanny Burney. It’s a book from the 1700s and it is old-fashioned and quite amusing.

    Maryland has great weather coming this weekend so I’ll be outside as much as possible. I hope you get to enjoy the weekend as well!

  2. Chris, thanks for putting Spiced on my radar! My husband’s a chef and Nobu is his idol. I’ll take note of that book for sure. πŸ˜€

  3. I just read Dead Until Dark and really enjoyed it as well as the next in the series. I have number 3 waiting for me. I hope you like it too!

  4. gosh *blushes* thanks baby boy!

    I sent you an email.. check it out!!!

    and I can still tell you… office “politics” can stress out anyone!! I just wonder why it doesn’t seem to bother those who makes like miserable for others????
    go check your email!

  5. I’m reading way more than I should be too. I think there’s probably 2 books in every room that I’ve got going. It never bothered me much before but now it seems like it’s taking forever to finish them. The hubs teases me, calling me an unfaithful reader who has commitment issues πŸ™‚

    I really need to clear my reading pile and start Let The Right One In. I bought it weeks ago, but then my son stole it – he called it “the ultimate anti-Smeyer vamp love story with sh*tloads of giallo-worthy violence” (o.O) I should really get him to write some reviews πŸ˜€

    Wetlands eh? I picked this one up when it came out here in Canada. It was shelved in the erotica section, where I don’t believe it should of been. It was a very shocking book, but it was also enjoyable once you got past the stomach rolling bits. Everytime I try to write a review though I can’t find the right words – I seriously am DYING to read your review!! Beneath all the grossness there is so much going on … but I worry that I’m looking too deep, if you know what I mean.

  6. (((((HUGE HUGS))))) to Pat! Thank you for saving this sweet guy from a funk!

    And Chris (((((HUGE HUGS))))) to you too…I’m so glad it’s been averted! I feel myself headed that way, too, but I am fighting it with all I’ve got! You unknowingly helped by that surprise virtual hug I just got at my blog…seriously, I wish I could express how that one sweet, surprise gesture so totally lifted my spirits!

    And now, on to books…I am soooooooo intrigued by Wetlands! I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! I like to be shocked, too. And from what Joanne said, it sounds like it’s not all just shock for shock’s sake either, which makes it even better!

    I’m also eager to get my hands on Let the Right One In now! Haven’t really been a big vampire gal (well, I totally loved Dracula), but I’ve been resisting the huge swell of vamp books lately. But this one, ooooooh, it sounds like something I would really, really enjoy!

    Hmmm…I feel like I should go count all the exclamation points I used here, but I may not be able to count that high. πŸ˜‰

  7. Heather, Good for you for reading for fun’s sake πŸ™‚ I’ve learned to do that recently and I wish I would’ve figured it out sooner! I’ve also recently learned to give up on books that aren’t sucking me in, and I’m soooo glad that I have. The weather here is beautiful too…I just wish my head didn’t hurt so much that I had to bury my eyes from the lovely sunlight 😦

    Claire, I think your husband would LOVE Spiced then in that case! It’s fantastic so far and I’m only about 60 pages into it. I can see how a chef and someone familiar with restaurant kitchens would enjoy this even more than I am.

    Meghan, Awesome! Good to hear that you enjoyed it so much that you’re whisking through the series! I’ll definitely be starting that one later tonight.

    Deslily, But thank YOU ma’am πŸ™‚ I won’t let those office politics get me down…I’ll remember our conversation everytime I let them start to upset me. And I just saw your email!! Awesome!!!

    Joanne, LOL..I love your husband’s comment :p You sound like you’re worse off than me! What stresses me out more than anything is that I have so much out from the library that I have to get back soon! I know I’ll never read them all. You’re sons notes on Let the Right one in are RIGHT ON! Wow…he needs to review! Tell him I demand he starts his own blog πŸ˜‰ And you’re right about Wetlands, it definitely shouldn’t be shelved under erotica because it’s not in the least bit. It’s even more in your face than I expected though! I love disgusting stuff/shocking sex stuff/etc. in books but this is throwing even me for a loop and like you said, making my stomach roll around :p But it’s really quite a sad book when you get down to it…I think so much of the book is her confusion about who she is and there are definitely a lot of trauma issues. I actually see a good deal of behaviors like this in our trauma program at work…it’s hard to not let my emotions show on my face sometimes :p

    Debi, πŸ˜€ Thank you right back for that hug. I hope you don’t fall into a funk Debi…do you think the read-a-thon had something to do with us feeling this way? That’s what I’m suspecting…I know I had Dewey on my mind a LOT that day and I’ve been just kind of down ever since then. I guess that would make it natural for us to sort of shy away from blogging. I’ve noticed the whole blogging world has been a little more quiet since then…but I think I’m ok now. Anyway, yeah, I’m very impulsive and all of a sudden I thought “Debi should have a hug” so I went over to your blog and gave you one πŸ˜‰ Honestly, I think you’d enjoy Wetlands. Having said that, I’m almost embarassed to even recommend that book to anyone! lol…It’s extremely graphic in a sexual nature. It doesn’t bug me, but I know it may bug others…aside from making your stomach churn though, I don’t think it’ll bug you πŸ˜‰ It is a much deeper book though than what it looks like on it’s surface. And Let the Right One In is RIGHT up your alley!! It almost doesn’t even read like your traditional vampire book…it’s like a crime/thriller/mystery/coming of age/madeofawesomeness novel that just happens to have a vampire in it, lol. You’ll really like it. And now that I’ve written comments that are longer than my post probably, I’m heading away πŸ™‚

  8. I used to have a one at the most two book policy, but lately I’ve been reading half-a-dozen or so at a time.

    I haven’t been in a reading slump this week–then again I like to be contrary–but I was in one heading into the read-a-thon.

    I’d like to read books *only* for fun. But made a list of books I *have* to read in May. I hadn’t realized til just now I’d signed up for four book tours in May.

  9. Right now i’m working on 2, 1984 by Orwell and Many Waters by Madeliene L’engle. I am glad you’ve liked Let the Right One In. I read it over 2 days i loved it so much. Definitely not sparkly! did you see the movie?

  10. Becky, Oh I know there’s no way you’d be reading just one book at a time :p Not with the amount of books that you put away! I’m not really in a reading slump…in fact, I did pretty good for me this month…it’s just a plain old emotional funk! But it’s getting better. I know what you mean about reading committments…I have two tours that I signed up for in may and even just those two stress me out! lol…we’ll get them done though!

    Melanie, I LOVE 1984!! Hope you enjoy it. I also really like L’engle, but I haven’t heard of that book! Look forward to your thoughts on it! If I had more time, I would’ve read Let the Right One in over 2 days! It’s definitely one that’s hard to put down…I’ve just been so busy 😦 I haven’t seen the movie yet…I want to finish the book first and then I’ll be seeing that!

  11. Oh man I always have to have a couple of books going. But I tend to neglect some of them… not so good.

    I have the movie version of Let the Right one in in my Netflix queue. Unusual for me as I am NOT a horror person, but it had such glowing reviews… we’ll see!

  12. I am actually not engaged in anything specific at the moment. I finished the book I had on the go before I went out and haven’t been home long enough to dig through my book pile for the next book! I think I might actually have the day to myself tomorrow, and if that works out for a change, I plan to have a reading day. I have some library books that are due back next week that I cannot renew, I have to start Charlaine Harris’ book, and then there are a few books that I own that I wouldn’t mind reading. I actually used to read a few books at a time, but I find that I don’t do that so much anymore. Actually, the month of April has been disorganized reading all around. I am hoping May will be more productive. (See, I have read plenty of library books, but my TBR pile is not getting any smaller…)

  13. Man…I don’t know where I’ve been lately, but I haven’t even heard of Let The Right One In. And you KNOW it’s my kind of book!! I’ve put off reading the Sookie Stackhouse books. I’m not really sure why. I think I have the first 4 books in the series or so. But now that I absolutely LOVE True Blood, I guess it’s time to dig them out and give them a go.

    I’m reading my first ever graphic novel!! Aren’t you proud of me?? I started Preludes & Nocturnes last night. (and since I’m figuring on liking it, I also grabbed the Fables, Vol. 1). I’m about finished with Fablehaven #2. I’m enjoying it….the story anyway. For some reason, there is just something about the writing that I have problems with. I know it’s YA, but it just seems so elementary. As soon as I’m done, it’s on to the Graveyard book. I also started The American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. I haven’t gotten far enough to make a decision about it yet. So, see? You aren’t the only one with more than one book going!! So funny, I was just aobut to make a post just like this one!!

  14. I’m trying to clear my decks and get the Mortal Instruments trilogy finished. I didn’t really mean to, but it started to irritate me, and my family is away. So I can read all day without my book being pinched.
    I’m probably going to finish the third one tonight, then I’ll need something for tomorrow.
    Funny, I was in a reading funk for a while then too. But I think I’m coming out of it now. Hope you enjoy your books πŸ™‚

  15. How does one qualify ‘more than one book’ anyhow? Because that always confuses me. (I’ve started a few books I’ve not yet finished, for example, but I wouldn’t say I’m actively reading them. Non-fiction. *pokes it with a foot*)

    Pat is an absolute love. That’s so sweet of her and yay for you being pulled out of that funk! (And the friends I’ve made over the internet are some of the best friends I’ve ever had, so I share your sentiment there.)

    I currently have Reel Music and When Dreams Came True partially read (but I’m avoiding them because I have too many fiction novels) and Random.org decided yesterday that my next read should be A Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy. (I guess that teaches me to put reference books under ‘unread’ tags.) It then decided that the read after that should be The Alchemyst, but I promised a friend to read some Peake, so Titus Groan is probably going to find its way into my bag for train journey reading tomorrow.

    Or I might decide to pick up something else entirely… Have a lovely weekend!

  16. I’m actually trying really really hard to just read one or two books at a time. It’s not easy. I’m so ADD I usually move from book to book until I’m close to finishing one.

    I’m so glad Deslily called you. I must be antisocial, even via the net. Nobody ever calls me on the phone. Not that I’d answer. I’m pretty bad about just ignoring the phone and letting the machine pick up.

    I laughed about that “not the sparkly angsty kind” comment. Hahaha! Love it!

    Spiced is great, isn’t it? Fun book! I finished it in Costa Rica and just wrote a mini-review, yesterday.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  17. I always have multiple books going at one time. I want to break the habit but I can’t so I just don’t fight it anymore. πŸ™‚ I’m reading Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi right now ( read half of it last and then stopped for NO good reason so I’m attempting to finish it now. I’m also reading Star Trek Voyager Full Circle by Kristin Breyer, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and try to get caught up my never ending stack of comics.

    I’m glas Deslilly gave you a call at the right time. Sorry I haven’t been around in forever but I always love readig what you have to say on Carl’s blog. You’re a great guy my friend!

  18. I like the sound of wetlands πŸ˜› It was suddenly really popular in our bookshop about a month ago and it has a striking cover, but now you made me really curious!!

  19. I popped over here from Deslily’s blog. She’s mentioned you on more than one occasion, but I’ve been trying not to add reads to my RSS list. Sigh! But you seem too good to pass up. Thanks a lot Pat!

    Currently I am reading one book at a time, but that’s not always so. Often I have a photography or graphics book I am reading in addition to whatever fiction I have going…. and I’ve been known to have a couple of fiction books going in the past, but not so much since I am mostly home now.

    I liked Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark. I liked it enough I just picked up the 4th book in the series and added to my TBR pile. I read the 3rd one as one of my Quest books for the Once Upon a Time III challenge. If you like quirky books and vampire books, you are in for a treat. Pay close attention to the myriad of characters… they tend to pop up later and be important.

  20. Hey! do I get a point from bringing a new reader over here??? huh? huh? huh?

  21. Thanks so much for the hug the other day, Chris. It really made me smile. I hear you about the semi-funk. Except for me it’s an actual one…I hadn’t felt this blah in a long while. But I’m not here to be a downer. Hopefully my life will be back on track soon. It was very sweet of Pat to “save” you. Online friends really ARE real, and I shall cover my ears and go “la la la la la” if anyone tells me otherwise πŸ˜›

  22. Kim, About to watch Let the Right one in on Netflix now! So excited πŸ˜€

    Kailana, I’m with you on that one :/ My TBR pile seems to never EVER get any smaller…it just gets bigger :/ Hmmmm…wonder how that happens? lol. If you want to push back the read of Dead until Dark, just let me know..I actually haven’t started yet despite what my sidebar says :p So I can wait if you want.

    Steph, You would LOVE LOVE LOVE Let the Right one in!! It’s fantastic. My review of it will go up on tuesday. It was so good! And you’re right on about Fablehaven. I like the story itself…the writing is a tad bit juvenille but it’s meant to be. He writes for a younger audience than most YA is aimed towards. I think that his books are more of the elementary level. Grades 4-7 maybe? Just my guess. I love his stories though and they do get better and better!

    Maree, I really need to read those!! I have the first one checked out from the library right now and I know it’s going to be due back soon :/

    Shanra, Sounds like you have a lot going too right now! I consider “more than one book going” as I’m actually reading the book at the time. For instance, right now I have 4 books that I dip into every day…I like to switch up :p I’ll read like 50 pages of each every day…it’s more fun that way, lol.

    Bookfool, I’d call you on the phone if you needed someone to talk to πŸ™‚ I hope Simon comes down here to tour his new book! If he does, we totally still have to meet up and go see him. It would be so much fun to meet you. You only have 1 or 2 books going?! You usually have like 20 going at any given time, lol. I don’t see that lasting long Nancy πŸ˜‰ Spiced really is great so far…I’m learning that I’m a big fan of memoirs and I never thought that I was! I guess it’s just fun to live vicariously through others experiences!

    Jeff, Hey man! Good to hear from you! How’ve you been lately…and hey! Weren’t you supposed to be starting your own blog? πŸ˜‰ Carl! Get on him! lol. I really need to read the rest of the Scalzi books!! Old Man’s War was incredible. I wanted to start Ghost Brigades right away…good news is, I have a copy of it on it’s way to me!

    Valentina, Wetlands was fantastic! But very disturbing, lol. I’ve heard that it’s hugely popular in other countries but it was literally just released here..so we’ll see how it does! I’m actually shocked that it’s as popular as it is!

    Astaryth, *waves* Welcome aboard!! I totally understand not wanting to add to the RSS reader :p I have SO many blogs on there that it becomes impossible to keep track of everything!! lol. I really need to get back to reading just one book at a time…but reading multiple is working for now I guess, so I may just stick with that. April has been a HUGE reading month for me! Can’t wait to start the Charlaine Harris books! Sounds like something I’ll like!

    Deslily, That’s a whole different game my friend πŸ˜‰

    Nymeth, Hey you! It’s so good to see your avatar πŸ™‚ lol. It made me happy to see that big square of purple when I came over here. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been in a funk though Nymeth 😦 Is there anything I can do to help? Let me know if there is. I know that they’re totally no fun. I just hate them. I hope you come out of it soon! I know you’ve been under a lot of stress lately with the read-a-thon and the move. Speaking of, you need to send me your new address so I can update it! Can’t wait to see you back!

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