The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

5hungergamesThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
374 Pages

I finished this book at 4 o’clock on Sunday morning! Seriously…it was unputdownable! Suzanne Collins is a new to me author, and I didn’t think I was going to like this book for some reason. However, I should’ve known that I could trust all of you wonderful bloggers out there. It was amazing.

The Hunger Games takes place in the future after most of North America has been destroyed. All that’s left are 12 “districts”, each with their own role in the remaining world, and the “capitol”, the one place left where people live the life of luxury. Katniss lives far from the life of luxury. She lives in district 12 with her mother and little sister where every day is a fight for survival. Every year, the districts hold something called The Hunger Games. It’s a reminder of what the rest of the continent has been through. For the Hunger Games, one boy and one girl are chosen from each district to be placed in a surprise environment and fight it out to the death with only one remaining survivor. Of the 24 who enter the arena, only one will survive and be declared the victor. That person is assured to live a life of comfort for the rest of their lives. The two who are picked to enter the games are chosen by a lottery. When Katniss’ little sister is chosen to be the girl, Katniss chooses to go instead in her place.

As you can tell from this summary, this is intense book! To add to the intensity, Collins pairs Katniss with a boy named Peeta who once saved her life as a child and the two form feelings for each other. But they both know that only one will live through the Games. This book had everything in it. It was heart-breaking, pulse throbbing, and excrutiating at times, but it never ceased to have me hooked. I cannot WAIT for the second book to come out.

Which leaves me with the only thing I didn’t like about it and the reason why it lost half a point in it’s rating. The ending! My God, the ending! How can you do that to us??? I’m glad I read this relatively close to the release date of the second book. I couldn’t believe it ended where it did. Seriously, 50 more pages and I would’ve been more than happy to give this a full 5 stars. But I guess Ms. Collins has her plans :/ Seriously people, if you haven’t read this yet, go get it now!

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OK, My fingers are getting tired :p You can go to the Google book blog search to find more (many many more) wonderful reviews of this book!


18 Responses

  1. I just posted my review of this this morning. I wish I’d known we were reading it at the same time!

  2. I have had this on hold at the library for the past 6 weeks! I am hoping it becomes available in time for the read-a-thon. Your review has made me even more anxious to read it.

  3. Great review! I enjoyed this book too, even though I went into it very Battle Royale fan-girl pissy (lol) But I ended up being very pleased with the direction Hunger Games took. The ending was my only peeve also, about three quarters of the way through you could almost smell a sequel.

  4. It sounds way too familiar- like a reality/survivor tv show- but all the great recommendations are piling up- so I feel like I need to add this one to my TBR NOW.

  5. I can see why the ending would drive you nuts! It would have me as well. The premise sounds interesting but not something I would want to read over the course of more than one book. It is too bad she couldn’t have couched it all into one story.

  6. I want to read this now, it sounds so intense. I know I will love it.

  7. It’s such a good book, isn’t it? 🙂 I’m going to have to get a copy of the sequel shipped over, as I’m not sure when we are getting it. The Hunger Games only came out in Jan over here.

  8. I have been resisting this one and I’m not even sure why. I guess I’ll wait until the sequel is out to read it 😛

  9. So, so envious. I’ve got this one on my wishlist. Did you buy it or snag it?

  10. I love this review! Unputadownable? I have to start using this word! *laughs* I’ve been saving this for the read-a-thon. I think it will get me through the wee hours. Here’s an award:

  11. Great review! I’ve got this one to my list and you only make me want to read it more

  12. Lu, Your review was fantastic! I wish I would’ve known that you were reading this one too…it would’ve been fun to review it together!

    Molly, It really is a fantastic book! I hope you can find it in time for the readathon!

    Joanne, Oh yeah…I definitely knew there was going to be a sequel. When the pages were thinning I was getting upset knowing I wouldn’t get my satisfying ending.

    Jeane, The games actually are televised in the novel! So it is a reality tv show :p

    Carl, I can stand it when people do that!! You’re right..they so should have made this into one book…I really feel like these days authors are stretching out their novels for money purposes sometimes when it would be so much better if it were just one book…oh well.

    Vivienne, I’m sure you’ll love it! It’s a fantastic read.

    Bart, Yeah you’re definitely going to need to get it shipped :p Let me know if you want me to pick it up for you when it’s released! I’d be more than happy to.

    Nymeth, Resisting?! Why resist? It’s amazing!! You need to read it!

    Bookfool, I snagged this one at the library! I wish I would’ve bought it though…I’ll prob end up buying a copy anyway :p

    Vasilly, Yes, unputdownable…my new favorite word :p This will be great for the read-a-thon!

    Kim, You’re going to love this one! I just know it 🙂

  13. My son LOVED this book. Every single kid that has checked it out of the library raves about it. While I, being the slow one here, still has it sitting in the pile beside my bed. I think I should move it up a notch or two dontcha’ think?
    Great review Chris!

  14. Sometime in this century this is going to come in for me at the library!

  15. The end! I know! I didn’t realize there was a sequel when I finished and I was furious, kind of NOOOOO you can’t end like this. Can’t wait for Catching Fire to come out.

    Glad you enjoyed it too

  16. This just may be my middle of the night read-a-thon book. 🙂

  17. I’ll read it eventually,only waiting for the right time:P I guess it hasn’t been sitting there for long enough, lol.
    It sounds intense, but also kind of cruel, I don’t know if I could handle it now!

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