The Sunday Salon: Birthdays, Pink Dolphins, and Friends

The Sunday Salon.comHello Saloners and regular readers. How’s everyone doing today? This is just going to be a little mishmash of a post, so feel free to skip if you want!

First off, Birthdays! Jill at Fizzy Thoughts is hosting a mini-challenge for the Dewey’s Books Reading Challenge that’s all about birthdays! Why? Because she’s celebrating the big 4-0 this year. Happy early birthday Jill! She wanted us all to just write a post about birthdays. It can be anything you want. For me, birthdays are not the greatest. I’ve always thought I was alone in this but it seems this happens to more people than I thought! I can remember a few really great birthdays! My 21st birthday is one that I barely remember, but I do remember it being a blast :p We had a huge party in my backyard with tons of beer and crawfish. All of my friends were there. That one was great! And I remember one when I went out with a bunch of friends to a favorite restaurant down here called Port of Call. But overall, for some reason my birthday tends to be like the worst day of the year for me! I don’t understand why? I’ve gotten in big fights with my ex on my birthday, had my house flooded with 4 feet of water three days before my birthday once, and just miscellaneous other crap…does this happen to anyone else out there? Maybe it’s the expectation that it’s going to be a great day that assures a let down, or maybe it’s just the fact that deep down inside, I know I’m only 2 years from 30 :p Who knows….Anyway, I hope everyone else does this mini challenge too! I’d love to hear your birthday stories!

Pink Dolphins…ok, so you’re thinking what the hell could this possibly be about, right? It’s about real pink dolphins! Well, one in particular. Louisiana has it’s own loch-ness monster now! It’s the flourescent pink dolphin! Only it’s not possibly a’s real. It’s been videotaped. Apparently, this dolphin is about 2 years old and was born an albino. So what makes it pink is the fact that you can see it’s blood cappilaries or something like that. So cool! I love dolphins. I swam with them when I went to Mexico and got a kiss from them…and let them drag me around the pool with their fins. They’re such sweet animals. Here’s a picture of Pinky:

pinkdolphinFinally, Friends. I had the pleasure of talking with Pat (Deslily) on the phone today!! She’s such a super sweet woman and you can just hear in her voice how wonderful of a person she is! I felt comfortable talking to her right away and now she has me wanting to read 100 Cupboards even more than I did before! Favorite quote of the conversation “You need to stop buying books” :p LOL…isn’t that the truth! Wait til you see the mailbox monday post tomorrow :p Have you met/talked to any book bloggers before? It really was so nice to speak with Pat and I hope there are many more phone calls in the future! *hugs*


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  1. I love the pink dolphin! Oh, you are so lucky! I was kissed by a killer whale at the San Diego zoo, and the dolphins used to come swim by our boat when we were sailing – i loved those moments. Thanks so much for giving us a picture of pinky!

    I’ll save my birthday post for closer to my birthday in May… sucks that so many times have not been good on your birthday, though, Chris. It should be a day to look forward to! It was the day you were born, angels singing, all that! lol

    And I’m so glad you finally talked to your ‘mom’, too! I haven’t talked with her yet, but we are emailing too, and I sure wish she could feel all the love and care we have for her in the book blog world. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about her on some level, and hope she’s ok and nothing more bad has happened in her neighborhood as she packs to leave. I haven’t had the joy to meet any bloggers yet after my plans to meet Geraniumcat and Rhinoa didn’t happen in London due to family obligations. Next time, though, and there are tons of bloggers I want to meet one day! Including you πŸ™‚

    For a mishmash, this was a fun post, Chris!

  2. So, last weeks Mailbox Monday, going to pale in comparison this weeks is posted then? πŸ˜›

  3. Awwwwwwwww love the albino dolphin!.. and she/ he really is albino! Red eyes and all.. poor thing can’t see “color” :o(….

    it was great talking to you too Chris! you have a great accent! Love it! hehe.. after we talked I went to the “renter” next door and she was showing me her new computer with Vista… oh gawd.. I do NOT want VISTA!!! Everything I tried to help her with I couldn’t find on Vista (but of course knew right where it was on XP!) I spent over 2 hrs there and we got very little done because of that!!! But I did get an old copy of paint shop pro on her computer for her!! so that was something anyway!

    yeah yeah read 100 cupboards.. AFTER PERN! (I will always put Pern first!!)

  4. Oh Chris.. My ex dumped me on my birthday. So there you go. Lol.
    I’m glad about it though, because I’m now married to the most wonderful guy.

    I found Pat’s blog through you, and see in her posts how sweet a person she is. πŸ˜€

    And I love dolphins too! I’ve never swam with them but they used to swim along
    with us when we go out boating in the Pacific when I was a little girl. Pinky is so
    adorable, I want to kiss her!

  5. Susan, Kissed by a killer whale?! How cool is that!! I would love to have that’s hilarious down here…everyone is going boating to try to get a glimpse of Pinky :p I’m convinced that this birthday is going to be a good one!! I’m going to do everything possible to make it so, lol. Pat is such a sweet person. Her voice radiates kindness πŸ™‚ She’s one of those people you could just talk books with all day.

    Bart, Not quite as bad, only 13 books this week :p

    Deslily, Isn’t that dolphin cute! It does have very red eyes…a true albino! It was so nice to talk to you too πŸ™‚ Yep, I have the typical New Orleans accent. It comes with the territory, lol. We call it the Yat accent down here. It comes from people saying “Where Y’at?” We put in apostrophe in between any two words, lol. Ugh…I HATE Vista!! Isn’t it awful. I’ve only used it once and I couldn’t stand it…they should get rid of it and put XP back on computers! And I promise I’m going to read Pern! It’s right on my nightstand.

    Claire, 😦 I’m sorry…that’s a horrible thing to do on a birthday!!! What was he thinking? Glad to hear you’re in a good relationship now though! Glad you’re enjoying Pat’s blog…it’s a good one. Isn’t Pinky cute? And you really should swim with dolphins! It’s a fantastic experience!!

  6. She’s beautiful! I would love to see her IRL! Pat looks like a sweetheart, glad to know that she truly is πŸ™‚

  7. Pinky is adorable! I love dolphins. Sadly I haven’t had the chance to swim with them yet, but one day, one day!

    That’s so cool that you got to talk with Pat on the phone! If I weren’t such a wuss, I’d say that we all should have a skype conference call someday. Or maybe I’ll say it anyway, under the condition that I be allowed to listen without saying a word πŸ˜›

    As for birthdays…I hate mine. Sorry that you’ve had to go through some rough stuff on yours 😦

  8. Possibly the gayest dolphin of them all! How random, love it. Glad you had a good chat with Pat πŸ™‚
    Birthdays are a bit hit and miss for me too. My last one was great but this yearI turn the big 3-0 and am really not looking forward to it. I may make sure I am out of the country somewhere relaxed and warm so I can pretend it hasn’t happened. The plan is to be 29 for anothe year and then start aging backwards again!

  9. A pink dolphin!how cool is that! I get so overexcited when I spot them at sea, it’s always a magical experience. I’d love to see a whale one day!!

    I’m gonna be 30 this year. I can’t believe I’m saying that. I’ve decided to start thinking I’m already 30, so that I won’t be that shocked when it’s actually true. But I still get ID’d in pubs or clubs so it doesn’t show at all:P
    I have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. I mean, I love the presents and the attention,but sometimes the day itself doesn’t turn out like I wanted it to be, so I know how you feel!

  10. Oh what a cute pink dolphin! (how girly was that statement?)
    I’m not a fan of birthdays either. When I was a kid we always had snowstorms on days I had parties planned. ugh!

  11. I could have sworn I’d commented on this post already-I think I’m going crazy! :/

    Let’s see…bad things on birthdays…at my ten-year-old party, my sister’s parakeet died of shock when one of my friends let in this stray daschund we’d been taking care of until we could find a new owner for it and bit its wing. And the very next year, my sister’s new parakeet died of pneumonia on my birthday. Oh, and when I was six or seven I wanted to have a slumber party, but my birthday was on Easter that year, so we had to have it on Good Friday…which was a little awkward, lol. (Christ has died! Happy birthday!)

    Generally, though, my birthdays have ranged from lowkey but satisfying to awesome (my thirteenth one was in Paris!). I think it’s because I always expect them to be not-good (I don’t like getting older) and I’m always pleasantly surprised, lol. And, I haven’t been in a long-term enough relationship to have multiple birthdays with one guy, so they’re always on their best behavior during that one! πŸ˜‰

    I’m turning 23 on Saturday, and I’m DREADING it. I haven’t felt this strongly about not having a birthday since I turned 20, lol. It feels like once you’re 23, you’re really not college age anymore, so you have no excuse to not be successful. And I’m losing my military dependency status, which means no more awesome free healthcare. On the plus side, my parents are giving me salsa dancing lessons, which should be fun. Trying to stay positive…lol.

  12. Birthdays are generally pretty low key in my family. Except I’m a little put out this year by my mom’s suggestion that we combine my birthday lunch with Mother’s Day…which is three weeks after my birthday! Hmmph.

    Here’s hoping YOUR birthdays improve with age!

  13. That’s awesome that you got to talk to Pat on the phone!

    haha, you know, a couple years ago my problem was that I needed to buy less books, but now my problem is too many books from the library! I am trying to work on that at the moment…

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